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meeting minutes april 8

here: Andrew, Alex he, Alalna, Justin, Paul, Allison, Alex she, Hannah, Elliot, Ross, Mazer, James

visiting: Aaron. Congratulations!

missing: Albert, Jessie, Daria, Todd

Pillowman yay!!!!

Commencement slot

PM= Alex she and Sophie.

Ross will email Aaron a show packet.

safety meetings. first one should happen this week. Aaron, SM, TDs, PMs, SD. 10 minute boring meeting. hopefully afterwards there will be smaller meetings.

Auditions: Tues 17 5-9, Wed 18 6-10, callbacks Thurs 19th 5-11?

Amanda is trying to get the cave for auditions.

Board member to staff the table? Aaron should send Justin THE BOZO! an email with final audition times. And to Alana so she can put it in the weekly email.

oooh, ellio has argyle socks! So does Allison!

third slot

we have wet tech today

going well

seating plats Monday 11

House managers

Friday 8: Paul, Alex-he?, Allison

Saturday 8: Mazer, Ellio, Hannah

Sunday 2: Alana, Todd

Sunday 8: Rozz, Andrew, Mz. Alex

Monday 8: Justin, Sarah? James?

Monday may be the only day that The Blind people can see it. They get one day of vision.

Elio might not be able to make it to strike. Fucking solo show.

New Directors

Boaz showed up. That happened.

New d's is well attended.

Strike: keep 6 lights up and build a rep plot.

Jinnabah is coming at 8. We'll strike after today's show. Ross will stick around to let her in.


Karin is cancelling and Aja is taking her spot. Also, if she gets passed, Charly might cancel. Ionescapades? Pillowman?

when are we going to open reservations for the next semester? on the cusp of reading period. you know what? let's set a date.

1 may reserve the upspace on the first of may.

around 11:30pm.

Alex he: Tuesday is a good day to open the upspace

Todd he: Wednesday is our normal day to do things.

We reject normalcy.

Todd will plumb Alex-he's server.

Alex –he is so glad to be around human beings. UFB people have no souls.

Alex –he: I like you guys

Justin: does NOT.

ALEx –he wants someone else to work with him on upspace.


didn't give anything to the lit review.

we've given out $140.

should we advertize grants? shua.

Hannah will procrastinate a week

1st slot

four def, five maybe

Kerin K, David H, Charly, Erin Adams

we have to race S&B about references to salvadore dali

meeting scheduling- 3pm recital for Hannah. she and Todd might have to leave for an hour.

we will play by ears.

Space Maint


Paul Brook still hasn't emailed Ross about Allison's hazmat training.

Phil is back in the hospital. He might get out Tuesday. He probably won't be coming back to work this year.

there's a broken door. James doesn't know which.

Also the coke machine. OOOOHHH SHIT!!!!

Is this the beginning of the end of PW?

Alex he thinks they're on a schedule that just isn't quite right for the coke machine.

We agree to refer to the coke machine as the temple from here on out.

Elio will call coke! He gets an L back for that. But he hasn't earned it in the same place. Lelio.

Empty space

plaque: the [empty space] gallery is dedicated to Phil O'hara in recognition of his passionate and unwavering support of Production Workshop. PW board 2007.

Ross will get a heart and a flame engraved. No, the plaque will be constantly on fire. The Phil O'hara eternal flame. Whoever waters Spike has to put lighter fluid on the plaque.

oh God, dimmers!

Todd talked to Wolf. cheap one $13,000, expensive one about $23,000.

There is no advantage, really, to the more expensive ones.

do we know how much installation will cost? Todd thinks he can do 95% of it. Justin thinks it would be better, in terms of liability, to have Dark Star do it. But the university also doesn't keep track of things, it seems. So we don't know.

University electricians are somewhere $60-100/hour. We could order the stuff and go ahead and get it here. we'll need a full dark day to install it. We decide to order the $13,000 dimmers.

Have them delivered here? Justin and Todd will meet and order and figure it out. Also need to get a rack to put the dimmers on.

Todd is now a fuck ace.


Todd has been doing the other one. can only do some things at once.

Seating plats

Alex hasn't heard anything yet. It's weird, what is there deal? For now, we need to just replace or fix what we've got, no silly shapes.

Could we offer McGarty and crew money to fix ours? himinajibs and hoojibahs.

Here's something we haven't talked about in a while: are going to sell that baby grand?

money from it will go to a special fund in the SAO earmarked for PW.

We'll have $15,000 after dimmers.

Ross wants to turn the elbow into a piano lounge.


nothing new.


we only have a few Sundays left. Maybe we could do one more workshop this year? And we'll start full force next fall.


Alex he: saving PW- from Tara. Show the administration that we're the shit. Alex- he has an idea- try to get PW a student award. Get a lot of people to nominate us. Chosen by Ricky and SAO staff. it's due in a week and a half. We agree that we should get people to nominate. Alex said there were 11 shows in the downspace and 19 in the upspace this year. We should write those same correct numbers. Wow, we really do a lot.

Bugs and bop are trying to make Alumnae hall into a theatre space. McGarty is helping them. One possibility is to give them our old dimmers.


new plays wants undergrads to act. put that in the email? we decide no…

but that people should talk up the greenbook. we should put a reminder of that in the weekly email…

we decide we should have a subcommittee for the alumnae greenbook

this could be a way to get PWAM

Justin, Paul, Lelio, Allison, Ross, James


getting paid back? we decide to wait until tomorrow and everyone will get paid back

Summer studies- the new contact woman is awesome. There are two contracts we need. sarah has the one she and sasha signed. Todd hopefully has the one PW signed to let summer studies use the building. Get them to Lelio.


needs to know by the end of this week if she is doing it.

Tara, Allison, Lelio still interested. They could call Tara. James will give Lelio her number. It's a lot of numbers.

strumpet and strumpettee should figure out the schedule for next year


approached by a phd music student, wants us to romantically possibly consider entertain the notion of maybe talking about letting him use the space for his amazing ice melting with things in the ice, dancers, projections, $65,000 music project.

we think if he doesn't have a space in the fall, come to us after we've passed second slot. But it's super unlikely.


could we lend a floodlight to the SAO? for the stupid cityscape mural.yes. write PW on it.

Justin et. al

we need to get a fixed orange ladder.


meetings have been really really long. a lot of it is inefficiency. we discuss.

we decide to give ourselves more time to generate questions at decision meetings. we'll cut the tangents a little shorter. keep the momentum going earlier?


SotG is able to try to use the sewing machine. It's in the shop now. Maybe the green room.

have them email James/Lelio about the chair.

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