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  • We need House Manages for Friday @ 8:00 and Sunday @ 8:00. Please sign up despite Spring Break festivities!
  • We need people for ADOCH!
  • Bring calendars next week; meeting's at the regular time.


April 6, 2008


Friday @ 8:00: Jessie and _
Saturday @ 8:00: Drew and Alex
Saturday @ 11:00: Sophie and Arik
Sunday @ 8:00: Justin O and _
Monday @ 8:00: Tara and Adam and Justin S

Seating plats tomorrow @ 11:00 (send out a separate email about this)

Commencement Slot

Auditions: weekend of the 19th & 20th
still need a TD
Commencement Housing due the 18th, so if we can get the crew on that list before the 18th, that’d be good. We’ll try to squeeze in actors after that.
Rights are a-ok!

1st Slot

Not really sure who is going to end up proposing now.
Decision meeting on the 19th


We should get MF in here next week to talk with them. Have Aaron Malkin come in. Drew is going to email him.


Upspace this week—Reckless.
After that, Eva Hamden has staged readings. Will be a relatively light week with space for some rehearsals.

Space Maintenance

The VIP of something nixed the idea of us getting a new dumpster. We need a bigger dumper! We should be calling before every strike to get a big dumpster. If they start complaining about us filling it up, we can deal with it then.

Smelly PW. Tara is going to call it in again. Phil knows about it and he keeps giving work orders, but Facilities sucks arse.

Someone who is going to be here next year needs waste training—Albert has!

BUGS & BOP—claim to have a ladder that they’re going to bring back.
Should we toss sketchy brown?–>let’s throw away the orange ones. Many people love sketchy brown like a baby blanket. Let’s mount it on the wall, please. A plaque: HERE LIES SKETCHY BROWN. THE BEST OF ALL WORLDS.


MAX???????????????? Appraisal????????????? Thieves! Justin doesn’t ever want to hear about the appraisal again. They were going to give us a marble set for the piano. The working piano we have is worth 60,000 or 70,000.

Next week’s meeting

Sunday @ 1:00 PM, despite Spring Weekend.


Phil plaque—would be cool to do it after a show. How about Monday, right before strike? OK.
PHIL PLAQUE: Monday before strike. We aren’t going to tell him what the reception is for. WE WILL WINK AT HIM—LIKE THIS eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
Andrew is going to ask him this: We’d like to do something that includes you, what would be a good time to do this?

Softball—coed isn’t only mid division anymore. Andrew is going to have a chit chat with some softball lady. Our next game is Thursday at 5:00. We have a better idea—how about we are a guerilla softball team who just runs through and fucks up everybody else’s games! We could perform Damn Yankees, dammit!

Calendar—What should we think about for next year’s calendar?

Barbecue—know when you’ll be free in the last few weeks of May.

ADOCH: Wed. 16th from 12:00-1:30. Our barbecue is Wed. 1:00-3:00.

Capture the Mammoth needs to happen again. Everyone bring calendars next week so we can schedule all these things.

Also should schedule year-end barbecue and visions meeting.


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