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pw board meeting minutes 23 september 2007

In attendance: Kaya, Allison, Alexa, Tara, Mazer, Paul, Charly, Alexio, Andrew, Daria, Albert, Alana
Visiting: Emily, Adria

The fun:

  • Kaya didn't bring the fun because she has to go to lab. Maybe we'll have fun next week. Yes, we will surely have fun next week.


  • Directing “The Real Inspector Hound” by Tom Stoppard in the upstairs space
  • First time directing
  • Auditions were this week, callbacks are this afternoon
  • Need to get rights from Samuel French
  • Make sure they know it's pw and not theater department
  • Ways to raise money: asking people, donations, pw grant, other grants
  • Show will be in November


  • Would like help moving seating platforms to upspace after meeting
  • Albert, Andrew, Mazer will help.
  • (Andrew: Where is the elevator key?)


  • We see our mouse!
  • Albert: We should really do something about that mouse.
  • Alana: Give it a name?
  • Adria will bring a have-a-heart trap

Back to Adria:

  • Where is the duv tape?
  • We discuss layout of seating platforms in the upstairs space, OK the design
  • Adria will cheeseborough some pipe or attach something to the truss to hang more duv
  • Alexio will call Adria when the meeting is over so she can get back to work in here

2nd slot:

  • Budget breakdown is just about finalized
  • Poster costs might come out of pocket
  • Still missing a sound designer
  • Charly will be bozo
  • Design run on Tuesday
  • Allison has the money order from mf in her room


  • The committee picked plays!
  • Scripts are online on the 3c2c page
  • Meeting at 3:00 with writers to go over the process with them
  • Director applications are due on Tuesday 5:00pm
  • Should we give writers the chance to apply to direct their own pieces?
  • Might as well let them apply, see who else applies as well
  • Decision meeting for directions 11:30 pm on Tuesday
  • Auditions are next weekend, times TBA after we have directors
  • Matt Gelfand is designing the lights
  • Still need a stage manager
  • At least a production stage manager during tech week if nothing else
  • We'll work on contacting people we think may be interested

3rd slot:

  • Yay Mazer!
  • Needs staff like whoa:
  • Stage manager, sound designer, co-lighting designer, production manager, costume designer, assistant stage managers, set designer, technical director
  • Tara and Kaya will cobozo
  • Mazer will set an audition date
  • $180 for the rights. Or is it $80? We'll figure it out.

Upstairs space:

  • JD's show is this weekend
  • Adria hung a light plot for it
  • Tara's show is next weekend
  • The space is still empty the week after 3c2c
  • Paul will be point-person for upspace until Alexio is free after 3c2c

Space maintenance:

  • The space maintenance crown is passed to Tara


  • Emily is applying for a grant to get rights for her upspace show


  • Tabled

Phil plaque:

  • Andrew and Tara will get on this


  • Had meeting with the SAO about how space was treated during the summer session
  • They came into the space as if it were theirs and treated it as they wanted to
  • The summer program never signed a contract this year…how did that happen?
  • Would like to integrate pw staff more into the program so not just security guards
  • Are going go try to figure out how to make that job go better
  • We should talk to facilities about soundproofing
  • SAO is helping us get furniture for the lounge and new couches for the upspace


  • Kaya is the new piano person
  • Will work on trying to sell the one we're trying to sell
  • Talked to Todd to get all the pianos straight
  • We'll get the piano tuned before BOP needs to be in here
  • Kaya is the new BOP person as well
  • Normally MF would pay for it but they have no money right now
  • We discuss acquiring MF

UFB subcommittee:

  • Tara and Alexio will try to work on getting funding back for pw and MF's commencement slots
  • Will put together a list of expenses we incur for other groups

Musical Forum:

  • Should we try to help them financially?
  • We decide to figure all of this out eventually, now is not the time…

New members:

  • A few people interested so far

Pile of sand, pile of concrete:

  • Andrew will take care of them



  • Charly and Tara are going to figure out something regarding potential donor


  • What's the next step for projector talk?
  • Will have a subcommittee meeting: Paul, Alexio, Alana
  • We could probably rent it out to groups and make back money very quickly


  • We need to be better about paying attention people during their interviews
  • Alana: Take a running-around-the-building break between question generation and interviews?


  • Props room, green room, girls' dressing room and furniture room are disgusting
  • Alexa actually got stuck in the props room
  • We need to actually do something about it at this point
  • Maybe the Tuesday after a strike in the evening


  • Would like to get a safe for the box office to keep cash box and keys

Next meeting:

  • Sunday 1pm
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