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pw board meeting minutes 16 september 2007

in attendance: albert, alexio, kaya, alexa, justin, jessie, mazer, daria, paul, charly, allison, alana
missing: tara, andrew
visiting: max
passing through: james – with a dagger

1st slot:

  • people are coming! squeezing people in behind the cactus and everything.
  • we got a $2 bill in the cash box. it might be fake.
  • strike on monday!

strike jobs:

  • running strike: alexio and allison
  • electrics in the space: justin
  • electrics room: alana
  • upspace: paul
  • shop: andrew
  • stair chacker: mazer
  • costume/greenroom/dressing rooms: alexa
  • booth: paul
  • box office: daria
  • props: tara
  • furniture: albert
  • paint: kaya

2nd slot:

  • auditions went well, the show is cast!
  • the rights woman asked for “whatever we can spare” so we decide on $125
  • waiting for the official letter to arrive but she said it's ok
  • open readthrough tuesday at 7:30 - all are welcome (put in email)
  • cast and crew will be there for strike
  • still looking for: sound designer, props designer, stage manager
  • we have someone who will either stage manage or do props, probably
  • if it's not set by the end of the day tomorrow, board should fill spots
  • allison, paul willing to mentor
  • daria will email the tech list and talk to some people
  • allison will talk to the mf board
  • production meeting on Wednesday


  • 2 submissions already, scripts are due tomorrow
  • some professors even made a submission mandatory. some kids hate us.
  • committee decision meeting thursday night
  • still looking for directors – applications due september 26th
  • still need lighting designer and stage manager


  • we think mazer might be dealing drugs in the middle of the meeting but he's actually just picking up a wobble board from james which he proceeds to play with for the duration of the meeting

3rd slot:

  • dan, rachel, brendan and mazer are proposing
  • people are having trouble filling staff positions, try to help
  • decision meeting on saturday – we won't even have to break for lunch!


  • matt's show is on thursday
  • tara and jd will use the space to rehearse this week most likely
  • charly will reserve 112 for saturday's decision meeting
  • mf might do a cabaret on friday night
  • 7 people wanted the upspace, there were 5 slots
  • the week after 3c2c is open, wait list will be contacted
  • upspace orientation after the meeting at 3:00

space maintenance:

  • first we think there's nothing.
  • albert says: “there is that door.” thanks albert.
  • someone's supposed to be fixing it but nothing's happening?
  • albert says: “it's still pretty uncool…can we talk about it?”
  • albert and jessie will try to fix it
  • don't leave stage weights and boom bases in front of doors
  • we should make sure people stop propping the front door to tf green


  • emily is doing the real inspector hound in the upspace, applying for grant to get rights

new members:

  • applications due october 31st
  • decision meeting november 3rd
  • we'll keep the board buddy system because it was awesome
  • albert and alana are new mems people
  • we'll email past show staff and cast people
  • alana is the only person against the word “schmooze”
  • alana is writing the minutes and can write whatever she wants
  • albert sucks
  • haha
  • wednesday the 24th will be the schmooze. we'll get pizza and wine


  • allison has a magical calendar with all the theater dates in the world

seating platforms:

  • shapes were made for the show and we'll keep them in the hot room
  • we'll hold off on new seating platforms for now


  • we bought a dimmer rack for about $500
  • it's super-heavy
  • probably $1500-$2500 to install
  • we'll go to ufb to ask for money for the installation since we paid for a lot already
  • hopefully they'll be put in before 2nd slot but if not it'll be over winter break


  • check!
  • mazer is probably the piano person
  • we're working on selling a piano


  • albert

meeting next week:

  • same time same place


  • james returns his keys



  • tells the house manager speech story from friday night
  • vibo the clown makes an appearance on the pw stage! and $5 does too
  • “now THAT'S karma”
  • we got a big contribution but now vibo is missing
  • albert: “maybe they karma-ed themselves”
  • !


  • a plea for the old calendar system
  • 1st slot rushed, 3c2c rushed, proposals for 3rd slot are really soon
  • harder to get freshmen involved in 1st slot this way


  • “references” was supposed to have blue christmas lights but they came too late
  • if they won't refund them, might try to sell them. there's like, a lot of them.
  • alana wants to buy a strand!
  • mazer and kaya might decorate their house with them
  • pw could use them too


  • lots of posters getting ripped down if they're not on official poster spots
  • got a copy of our constitution from the sao
  • 1978 was the last time it was updated so we should fix that
  • alana wants to wait until january so we can celebrate 30 years of…inaccuracy?
  • we decide to update it at our next vision meeting


  • we're going to challenge brownbrokers (et al.?) to laser tag in december


  • forgot to bring the fun.
  • kaya and mazer will “joint”ly bring the fun next week


  • the consortium wants to play capture the flag with us


  • mf is giving us a money order

the end.

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