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pw minutes Sunday, 9 september 2007

In attendance: Daria, Andrew, Kaya, Tara, Jessie, Allison, Alexio, Alexa, Mazer, Albert, Alana
Visiting: Hillary, Nina, Drew
Visiting briefly and running away: Todd
Missing: Those kids in wet tech

We have a couch that is far too nice to be a pw couch. Shhh, don’t tell it.


Drew: Is working on trying to find a dimmer rack!

  • The dimmers are rectangular and need to go in an enclosed metal rack.
  • Got quotes from two companies, and will email the information to Justin, who will keep us in the loop.
  • The smallest rack is probably $300-$350.
  • Thinks we should get a slightly larger rack though so that we could have drawers/storage space in it as well, and have room for expansion.
  • We should order this asap since it’ll take a week or two to get the rack here, and we’d like to install the dimmers between 1st and 2nd slot.
  • The board decides to go with the 27u rack.
  • Alexio suggests asking UFB for funding since they said to come back to them when we know specifically what we need.
  • Because of tech, we’ll go to the UFB meeting a week from Tuesday.

Nina: Says we’re all adorable. Aww shucks. She’s here to watch the meeting! Yay.

1st slot:

  • Wet tech going on right now!
  • Seating platforms 11pm tomorrow (Monday) night.
  • The gun needs to be locked in the box office each night
  • We should be safe and careful whenever using weapons in shows
  • House managing:
  • Fri 8: Tara, Allison
  • Sat 2: Alexa, ?
  • Sat 8: Mazer, Alexio
  • Sun 8: Jessie, Kaya?
  • Mon 8: Alana, Albert, Andrew
  • We need someone else for Saturday 2:00 and maybe Sunday 8:00!
  • There will be some setup for house managers since there’s will be stuff going on in the lobby
  • Andrew’s mom will figure out how to dispose of sand so that we don’t break garbage trucks.
  • Talk up first slot! It’s gonna be rockin

Money we’re owed:

  • The mf cash box should be arriving this week

2nd slot: The Verge, Directed by Hillary Dixler.

  • Auditions will be this week
  • Monday, 6-10 and Tuesday, 6-11
  • Callbacks Wednesday, 6-10 or as needed
  • Hillary will accommodate people if rosh hashana is an issue
  • A copy of the play is in the Becker so people can read it
  • Hillary created a facebook event for auditions
  • Alana will send out info in the email today
  • Daria and Hillary postered
  • Tableslips will go out tomorrow
  • Hillary will send an email to us so we can sign up to help
  • If someone can help set up for auditions on Monday at 5:45 please go to the cave
  • If anyone has free printing/copying please talk to Hillary about printing audition sides
  • Talk up auditions, because they’re happening quickly
  • We have rights
  • Hillary promises no one else is doing this play anyway
  • Show still needs a stage manager, sound designer, props designer
  • Hillary will email the tech list
  • The board can set people up with mentors
  • We’ll try talking to people in relevant classes
  • Alexio says we should make a pwiki page about running auditions
  • Make sure cast and crew know to come to strike on the 17th
  • Bozo: we need a bozo. Someone please bozo.


  • Alexio put together a list of playwriting classes
  • We’ll take tableslips and go to playwriting classes to advertise
  • Submissions are due next Monday at 5:00
  • Reminder for Alexio: contact the 3c2c playwrights from last year

The fun:
Mazer forgot to bring the fun. He left it in his room. Mazer says we can go back to his room and have fun after the meeting. It’s awkward.

3rd Slot:

  • Charly is the mentor
  • Rachel, Dan, and Mazer might be proposing
  • We should poster
  • Proposals due Wednesday september 19th


  • Looks amazing with a fresh new coat of paint! So flat…and black…
  • Reservations open Tuesday at 11:00 for 2nd half of 1st semester
  • Reservation for week after next is being cancelled.
  • We should make it clear that reserving the upspace is a commitment.
  • Collect the deposit?
  • Not let people who cancel use the space again?
  • We will contact Matt Sledge and see if he’s still interested
  • If not, maybe an mf cabaret night, or a magic show

Space maintenance:

  • None


  • Will go in the email this week


  • Check

Report from the queen and princess:

  • We might need more ventilation in the shop.
  • We should get Darren’s help with sand disposal and just in general if we need it



  • Someone wants to give us money
  • Alexio says this is the thing we were supposed to remember from last year
  • The “new money” committee: Tara, Charly, Jessie, Alexio, Alana, Albert, Kaya
  • A student-written slot?
  • “Be Brave, Anna” needs a stage manager, asms, and a lighting designer
  • Show is October 6th and 7th


  • Those people who send us emails of interest through mygroups
  • Alexio will take care of emailing them and adding them to the email list

Andrew and Albert:

  • Are having a baby?
  • Nope, they’re building a brick oven grill pit/pizza oven!
  • Kaya says “no,” but it’s just an expression of disbelief and amazement, and means yes.
  • A _ thrust grill pit? No, dangerous to have it against the wall
  • We’ll have it in the round instead
  • Where should it be? Right out the back?
  • No, that’s where fire engines park apparently.


  • Doesn’t get emails from Mazer when they’re sent to the board
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