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pw minutes Sunday, 2 september 2007

In attendance: Andrew, Paul, Justin, Alex, Allison, Kaya, Mazer, Albert, Alexio, Alana, Mammoth Head, Jessie, Charly
Missing: Daria
Sitting in the corner: Dinosaur Head

Pre-meeting notes: Andrew will have a ball pit in his room! Come play.
Alana has had her ears pierced since she was nine.

2nd slot:

  • Mazer realizes he is the slot mentor
  • He will contact Hillary about proposing
  • Alexandra Z might propose a play she wrote but probably not yet
  • Dave H also might be interested in proposing
  • In her absence, we confirm that Daria is the rights person
  • We may have found a LD team – Drew and Eric – for Hillary
  • Proposals are due this Wednesday
  • Decision meeting is on Saturday – Charly, Alex, Justin and Paul won’t be there

Saturday, day of Madness:

  • Whoa whoa whoa we have a lot going on. Recapping times for Saturday the 8th:
  • 9:00 Decision meeting
  • 1:00-3:00 Day in the Space
  • 3:00 Audition Forum
  • It’s also 1st slot dry tech.
  • Let’s reconsider:
  • “Evening in the space” on Friday night?
  • The third time Kaya suggests moving the decision meeting to Friday evenings, we hear her. And think it’s a very interesting idea.
  • After much deliberation, we decide to stick with the original plan
  • Which should come first, day in the space or the audition forum?
  • Wait…who’s running the audition forum?
  • Mazer volunteers to run the audition forum!
  • Mazer: “Wait, what time is it?”

Activities Fair:

  • Andrew has registered us for the fair! Hurrah.
  • Justin asks Andrew and Albert to make out
  • Mazer specifies: right now.
  • Andrew will make a tableslip/flyer thingy
  • Kaya says: don’t forget the big ugly wooden sign
  • Anyway, the fair is 7:00-10:00
  • Who will be there? Andrew, Paul, Allison (1/2), Albert, Alex, Jessie, Kaya (?), Alana
  • Who will ACTUALLY be there? All those people. Good.

1st slot:

  • Charly wants to make sure blankets and pillows are on the prop list
  • Alex has some stuff to show Charly
  • There will be a talkback after the Friday show, yay
  • There will also be stuff going on in the lobby for ambiance
  • Design run on Tuesday at 8:00, the board is welcome to come
  • The last design run was awesome
  • Justin wants to buy star gobos; Alana supports this idea wholeheartedly
  • Justin explains to Andrew how to make a gobo, Andrew waves his hand a little
  • Allison has bought paint to repaint the downspace walls, Jessie will make sure she’s reimbursed
  • Leftover costume budget will go to set
  • There might be props budget left over as well
  • MF never paid us our $300 home depot cards
  • We might get cash, then buy our own Home Depot gift cards
  • Except MF’s cash box is in San Francisco. Hmm.


  • Justin claims he doesn’t have the pw agenda on his iphone.
  • Justin and Mazer almost have an iphone duel. Alana gets sad she’s too poor to buy an iphone.

3rd slot:

  • Proposals are due September 19th
  • People start to panic because that’s really soon but Albert tells us to chill
  • Charly is slot mentor


  • Alexio says 3C2C comes up like a monster in the night.
  • The board is confused until he clarifies that it’s one of the quiet monsters.
  • In other words, proposals are due soon!
  • Alex doesn’t know “when people can’t get naked and do things,” so he wants to form a committee
  • Committee: Alexio, Charly, Alana, Justin, Allison, Albert, Daria
  • We’ll also need an SM (someone really on top of stuff) and an LD
  • By the way, it’s going to be 19th-22nd of October
  • Committee meeting immediately after this one
  • Tagline: “If today was a hammer, its handle would be wooden.”


  • Matt Sledge wants to stage Senator Craig’s interrogation
  • We learn that it is not a good idea for one to offer sexual favors when one feels threatened
  • MF would like to have a cabaret night. Alexio says Friday might be free.
  • Maybe MF could sing Craig’s interrogation?
  • Reservations for the 2nd half of the semester will open on September 11th
  • 11:00pm-11:30pm submissions will be entered into a lottery: 1st draw, 1st choice of slots
  • 5 reservation weekends:
  • –> Monday October 29- Saturday November 3
  • –> Sunday November 4- Saturday November 10
  • –> Monday November 26- Saturday December 1
  • –> Tuesday December 11 – Sunday December 16
  • –> Monday December 17 – Friday December 21
  • SOTG doesn’t need upspace but Bopera does
  • Upspace walls and floor need to be painted

Theater orientation meeting:

  • 9pm on wednesday
  • Charly runs it!
  • Alexio and Andrew want to do the pw bit
  • They will also send Charly a blurb


  • McGarty may have asked Allison out, but it might have been the second half of a simile, or a fig-like fruit.

Space Maintenance:

  • Alexio: (glances around) “Well, here it is.”
  • There are flies here. Jamesflies? Alexio says no, he’d recognize them. Maybe someone left food here. The board decides to blame James anyway.
  • We should, like, throw away food, and stuff. Yeah.
  • Alexio proposes to change space maintenance to face maintenance, and volunteers to be in charge.
  • Someone sat on the futon wrong and it broke. Andrew will email Ross?
  • Kaya suggests the AEPi furniture sale.
  • Allison fixed a lock on a door somewhere
  • Alexio figures out something exciting about a key

Seating platforms:

  • Alexio won’t have time until 3C2C is over, tabled until then.


  • Nothing until after 1st slot. Brown will hire an electrician; Phil will let us know soon how much it will cost us.
  • We need to buy a rack
  • Justin will talk to Drew. He mutters something about random people and random places and says something will happen later


  • Albert beats around the bush for a while and then says Todd is a fuckface
  • Albert: “Somebody knows…more than I do.”


  • Check!
  • Allison says the music department is having a piano moving day (!) and wants to know if we want another piano. (!!) Their tuner might want to buy PianoOnItsSide (!!!)
  • Who’s the piano person?
  • People think it’s Mazer but Mazer doesn’t think so.
  • Alexio says maybe Paul but Paul doesn’t think so.
  • We decide that Billy Joel is the piano man.
  • But who is the piano person? We decide to decide soon.

Next week’s meeting will be at 1:00pm



  • Hung up everything from the floor in the costume room! yay
  • But there’s no room for the new costume racks in the costume room, and no room for the actors in the dressing room.
  • Alexio: “Sarah MUST have had a plan for where to put them.”
  • …right?


  • Announces he has the answer.
  • To what, we wonder?
  • “The piano question,” he says!
  • “Oh!”
  • He says the piano person is: NO ONE.
  • Justin says no, that’s not the answer.
  • Mazer goes back to tapping his chin and trying to look discreet

Back to business:

  • Props room needs serious work.
  • Actually, most things do. We should have a cleanup day before DITS.
  • Maybe we’ll try to clean up a bit during the audition forum?
  • Furniture room needs total overhaul. Albert panics and says he received strict instructions never to throw anything away. I think Albert challenges Justin to a duel?

* Cleaning 2:00 Tomorrow!


  • Says an agenda item each week should be “fun” and every week someone different is responsible for “bringing the fun.” Mazer decrees that this will not be fun. Until he realizes we can try to hotbox the upspace. He volunteers to “bring the fun” next week.
  • What to talk about about at the theater orientation meeting: Audition forum/Day in the Space, 3C2C, 1st Slot, light hanging, 2nd slot, upspace, mailing lists, generate general excitement. Andrew says he’ll bring the excitement. Charly says no fire.
  • Justin and Alexio are writing a pwaq email! They have an outline. Will send it.
  • Speaking of lists, Paul will email the seniors and see if anyone wants to stay on the list.


  • Computer in the box office: hard drive is dying. It might not be with us much longer.
  • Alana will lend another dying computer to take its place until we catch a live one.
  • Allison is working on digitizing the archives. Archive people will do their thing.


  • Sunday series! Noon on Sundays. A different workshop/discussion topic every week, lure people into board meetings too.
  • Suggestions: Audition forums, directing forums, technical workshops, discussions of plays the week after they go up, etc.
  • Committee: Alana, Paul, Allison, Alex, Charly


  • Andrew is still working on fixing the orange ladder
  • Andrew will also hang up the truss part


  • Says there was something we were supposed to remember last year for the first meeting of this year. No one remembers what it is. Alexio remembers thinking that no one would remember.
  • We decide this is a good way to end the meeting.
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