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Present: Allison, Andrew, Lube, Rose, Daria, Paul, Charly
Missing: Tara, Justin, Alana, Jessie, Kaya, Adam, Albert

Audition Workshop/Day in the Space

  • will be 9/8/07, same day as 2nd slot decision meeting and References dry tech
  • Day in the Space will start at 1:00pm and end around 3:00pm
  • the Audition Workshop will start at 3:00pm
  • Pizza!
  • can we ask McGarty about getting a shout-out in morning mail regarding Day in the Space

Theater Orientation Meeting

  • Wednesday September 5th at 9:00pm
  • Charly is going to sing a Dreamgirls song with the MF boys.
  • PW wants to do something “memorable”, perhaps with inaccurate but impressive statistics. We'll chat at the next meeting

1st slot

  • going well! the board is kind of the production staff
  • first design run is Thursday 30th at 8pm

2nd slot

  • Hillary Dixler and the Verge
    • still looking for an LD and an SM
    • there is some freshman that only wants to SM, let's find him!
  • David H. is apparently interested in proposing again but has only contacted Andrew…
  • decision meeting is Saturday Sept. 8th. Time TBD.

Space Maintenance

  • “that's two!”
  • the lock for the shop door is horribly sticky
  • the double doors to the second floor are still not working
  • the Futon and couch by the coke machine have been trashed…SAO person should contact Ross and see how he handled this stuff
  • Charly is going to call Ross/Elliot/James about the stuff in the elbow

The Temple!

  • there is a new temple! it's very high tech
  • subcommittee on reprogramming the temple for cheap beverages will be formed in the near future


  • tabled


  • the Music department is having a campus wide piano moving day and their piano tuner/the department (it was a confusing conversation…) is interested in talking to us about potentially buying broken piano


  • Todd and Alex weren't able to install the dimmers without angering the electricians
  • need to buy a rack
  • Todd is going to talk to an electrician very soon
  • going to try to make this happen before References!

Seating Platforms

  • subcommittee - rose, lube, allison, andrew
  • meeting at 6pm after mondays rehearsal (this didn't happen)

3rd slot

  • mentor - charly!


  • paint the walls!
  • reservations will open Tuesday the 11th at 11pm
  • check days for MF cabaret night
  • will be having an upspace orientation soon


  • who does the couch in the Girls DR belong to? Allison/Justin or does PW get it?
  • we should dispose of the red couch
  • Andrew
    • we should ask Todd about the gift cards in the box office
    • does an impression of Bruce Willis from the whole nine yards
  • we painted the walls of the downspace! they are very pretty.
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