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Production Workshop Minutes

10 september 2006

In attendance: Tara, Charly, Allison, Hannah, Justin, Elliot, Kaya, Alana, Todd, Scampen, James, Andrew, Ross the Belated

Visiting: Nick, Steven Cole a.k.a 'Sweet freshman'

James enters holding Todd’s shoe. Todd: “I left it somewhere along the way.”


  • Cast/crew reserves and house count due this weekend.
  • Seating plats- we will put them up next Monday.
  • They painted the seating plats! yay! They will paint the floor! yay!
  • Light hanging this week- every day post 11pm


  • tara screams.
  • they will schedule auditions soon.
  • looking for a ME, LD co, sound designer, TD


  • brchristian -at- gmail -dot- com. Just in case anyone else wants to get in touch with BC…
  • Sarah will get her ass in gear.
  • 3C2C goes up is Oct. 28 weekend. publicity for play submission- they should be in Wed after SoOT – that would be Sept. 27. subcommittee meets sept 29 or 30. Director apps due Oct. 3, subcommittee meeting will be that night, auditions will be that Wed 4, Thurs 5.
  • as publicity various people will go to various playwriting classes.
  • Alex, james, charly- if her play isn’t chosen, sarah, kaya temporarily = subcommittee.
  • play submissions: 3 paper copies of script. anonymous submissions. + envelope with author and play name.
  • Ross will whip out a poster. and table slips. pronto.
  • Sarah will send Ross all the information.
  • tara is the minister of anonymity.


  • Elliot will monitor for cabaret night. 8pm. he will be voyeuristic.


  • we have a screw in our box.
  • the floor is bulging in the hallway in front of the empty space
  • Sarah will hang a giant picture of herself there.


  • Nov. 8 new members apps due.


  • tara is in touch with important people in the industry


  • people going abroad will get buddies.
  • next decision meeting date TBA
  • Trinity might not loan us stuff anymore. SoOT has or will return the cupboard and stove.
  • Immer says we are all gay in the pejorative sense.
  • Todd’s keys are still missing. He is taking ours. Or Blair’s.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Ross Cowan, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Elliot Quick, James Rutherford, Alana Jacoby, Alex Rosental, Kaya Schmandt, Tara Schuster, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Andrew Evans, Allison Grubbs, and Tess Lantos (on leave).


Taken by Sarah, wiki-fied by Justin.

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