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Production Workshop Minutes

3 september 2006

In attendance: Fuckface, Elliot, James, Tara, Justin, Andrew, Alex, Ross, Scampen, Alana, Kaya, Allison, Charly, Hannah, i.e. all of us.

Visiting: Nick


  • shop was a mess. but now, organized chaos has been approved.
  • seating plats are in the space. waiting for justin’s ok to put them up- we’ll do it after tech weekend.
  • costume designer is looking for places to find costumes.
  • a light bulb works.
  • they will get their props the fuck out of the upspace. by 1pm tomorrow.
  • they will need help staining frames. they will let us know when.
  • they are pretty sure they have an ASM. patrick-lastname.
  • they might paint the floor of the downspace.


  • 1-4 tomorrow
  • an email needs to go out tonight with day in the space/ 2nd slot info. Alana!
  • Todd is bleeding (Todd: “oh, I’m bleeding!”)


  • Ross will speak for PW
  • we need to get there at 8:15 to make really cool nametags (says Elliot)
  • Alex will make one (1) sign.
  • kaya is good with the freshmen.
  • guys dressing room is quarantined. don’t bring people in there tomorrow.
  • wee men and ewe womyn used the girl’s dressing room for beauty queen.


  • the date they are due is odd. we will: let people know that we will be flexible- if they get cast in Much Ado and want to withdraw a PW proposal, we will allow that this time.
  • we decide not to poster.
  • decision meeting will be at 9 am Saturday Sept. 9.


  • oh, it’s me. I will talk to Brian/Immer. Set deadlines for plays, director apps, etc. It’s coming up quick!


  • we should eventually call facilities about replacing the lock on the box office.


  • Alex was “looking at the Wanger website this summer. You should really see the pictures”.


  • Tara will do more about this.


  • Alex needs to “inherit the wind”.
  • We decide to open the upspace for reservations for the first half of spring semester on All Hallows Eve.
  • Alex wants to publicize this. He will meet with Kaya.
  • Only When Alex is “crippled” or “dead” other people will do let-ins.
  • Todd will put soundproofing back on his agenda.
  • Ross punches Sarah’s leg. She screams like an angry cat. She didn’t really think Ross would do it.


  • Costume room needs an “organizational sea-change up in that piece”. Hannah, Tara, Sarah will attack the costume room.
  • Cleaning day pt 2: people who can will come at 12 tomorrow pre-‘day in the space’ cleaning.
  • Cleaning day pt 3: Next Sunday post 1pm meeting.
  • Lights in the downspace need to come down. We decide to do some of that during day in the space and send freshmen down.
  • there is a paint scandal. Elliot will send an email. We decide it is preferable to set up a communal paint sharing thing.
  • Justin suggests setting up an email list with groups that use TF Green.
  • Justin: next week we will figure out when we’re going to do new members.
  • Andrew: the grill is here. It has traveled 3,000 miles.
  • Allison (and other people in charge of the shop) will meet with the SoOT TD to talk about making the shop better.
  • Recruiting freshman strategy: RC’s are a good contact. Face to face is good.
  • Pig’s Nose is here.
  • Found a spatula downstairs but never going to use it. James: “A spatula is one of those things that PW IS”.
  • Brooms, we need them. Elliot/James/Ross will get brooms. We decide to get a pool-cleaning robot.
  • Elliot is “used to being paid in singles”. He confesses to being a male stripper.
  • Charly will be at the Black Rep every Saturday night.
  • We should figure out what of PW’s MF can use for their shows.
  • Tara wants to make new posters. edgy posters.
  • Alana will put something about grants in the email.
  • Hannah: we should make the 11pm meetings as infrequent as possible and meetings as efficient as possible.
  • Todd built a combination footrest and shelf for the booth.
  • Todd’s keys are still missing. He needs new ones.
  • Charly will email out the jobs list.
  • Elliot’s mom needs to go on the website as dumpster boy.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Ross Cowan, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Elliot Quick, James Rutherford, Alana Jacoby, Alex Rosental, Kaya Schmandt, Tara Schuster, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Andrew Evans, Allison Grubbs, and Tess Lantos (on leave).


Taken by Sarah, wiki-fied by Justin.

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