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Production Workshop Minutes

21 may 2006

Last meeting of 2005-06. (sniff)

In attendance: Blair, Brian, Kaya, Ross, Charly, James, Elliot, Todd, Andrew, Allison, Justin, Sarah, Alana, Alex

Beauty Queen:

  • seating platforms tomorrow (Monday) at 4:30. Alex may or may not be there; Blair needs to leave early.
  • Tickets will go online on Monday at 11:59 pm. Elliot/Ross will get info to Todd.
  • There's a new grill! Elliot is the beer AND grill fairy! How manly.
  • Justin will get Blair the req to the bookstore (from wishlists)
  • Elliot will have someone send Blair a blurb tonight/before ten am.
  • Ushering:
    • Wednesday at 8: Blair, Charly
    • Thursday at 8: Brian, Kaya
    • Thursday at midnight: Andrew, Todd
    • Friday at 5: Justin, Alana
    • Saturday at 8: Alex, Ross, Elliot
  • Strike to follow at around 10? Elliot will remind us.
  • Strike jobs:
    • Running it: Sam Kusnetz, Ross, Alex
    • Electrix in Space: Todd
    • Electrix in Room: Alana, Sarah
    • Shop: Elliot
    • Costumes: Sarah
    • UpSpace: Kaya (strike lights?)
    • Box Office: Blair and Brian
    • Hot Room: Blair
    • Booth: Todd
    • Props: Brian
    • Furniture: James
    • Green Room: Blair
    • Paint Room: Kaya


  • Kaya called Dan, who's at a loud concert. They do not yet have a costume designer.

2nd slot:

  • James is the mentor. Proposals due Sept 6. Possible applicants: Tara, Ariel.


  • “It's here.” Thanks, Kaya.
  • Laurabeth on Wednesday filming show, Afreen on Friday with oral history. Let-ins will be done over email. Someone may have to come set up lights/a rep plot.
  • Kaya: “I've been cc:ed on a few emails.” James: “Oh, haven't we all.”


  • Someone get wood glue and fix the futon!
  • We'll move the pipe inside after the meeting.

Loaned Stuff:

  • Todd will ask Brian Knopf (sp) if he has some of our lights. Blair will ask Matt Forkin when he's moving the plats back.


  • Andrew still want to do magic with that $5. Yes, Charly, that means major props.


  • It's still there, though now there's the danger that we'll turn them into grills.



  • The pipe in the driveway is long and hard, just like Alex thought.
  • Is not listening to Justin.
  • Wants us to move the shit out of the elbow after the meeting so the soundproofing guys can get to the door.
  • Suggests we move the tarp back in when it's dry again.
  • Will start talking to Justin again to buy stuff tomorrow. We don't need more adapters because of the snake in the box office. Ross launches into an explanation of “Snakes on a Plane”. Some key movie quotes: “We gotta get these motherfucking snakes off this motherfucking plane.” and “This is some elaborate shit.”


  • Jared Burns '01 will be around for commencement, as will Gayle and Mikey P. Sam Kusnetz is coming, too, and needs somewhere to stay. Will talk to Andrew or Charly.


  • Andrew will talk to Kelly Ma and Kait.
  • We discuss feedback systems after shows, perhaps via the bozo, so issues aren't left standing.
  • Shortage of costume designers on campus. Important to get head seamstresses, assistants, and mentors.
  • Perhaps Skin of our Teeth costumes should be broken up and taken on by many people.
  • We need a costuming banker in the next batch of New Members!
  • Todd suggests we do an all-naked first slot. Blair cheers, heartily. Ross: “Skin of our Skin?” James gets attacked by his own spittle. James: “I don't laugh well.”


  • Blair and Brian ask to borrow two cards for June to be able to get access to pw/campus buildings. Elliot looks like a thug in his license. There are surprisingly many board members who look like permutations of Brian.


  • Saw Harry and the Potters, and one of the Harrys looked like Todd from the back but Justin from the front.
  • “Now that I have the job, I really need to learn how to teach things.” Brian explains how he and Garland taught each other tech things, other board members offer to mentor Sarah. Brian will be reachable in Providence during the first two weeks of Summer Studies.


  • closes the meeting with a group picture.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Andrew Evans, Allison Grubbs, Alana Jacoby, Todd Lipcon, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Tara Schuster, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Tess Lantos (on leave), Hannah Lewis (on leave), and Emily Drumsta (on leave)


Taken by Blair, wiki-fied by Todd.

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