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"Production Workshop Minutes"

6 may 2007

In attendance: me, Lube, Daria, Paul, Todd, Hannah, Alana, Rose, Elliot, Ross, Mazer, Jessie, Albert, James? who am I missing who was there? hm. (Justin adds: me! I think I came late though, so I guess you're excused)
Visiting: Rowan, Drew


  • Rowan: has a grant application. she and her co-puppeteer want to take off time from school and bike to Ausitn and be traveling puppeteers. They want money for supplies.
  • Grants subcommittee will meet.


  • Drew: not much. Performance dates figured out:

Wed night, Thurs matinee, Thurs night, Fri matinee, Sat night

  • should we pay for the 177 copying fee? we will talk later.
  • Adria painted the spiral, and they will collapse the ladders. ok, great!


  • Had a read through.
  • Lube: “this shows gonna be soooo good, just saying”
  • *Daria: *the earliest charly wants anyone is august 24. find out if dorms are open then? if not, there are enough people with houses.


  • Andrew = magic. and amazing. Huge audiences too!
  • there was a brazilian show the day we had this meeting.
  • Upcoming week: music installation. not sure about let-ins yet. same on-call thing as with Arvid. this show will be soothing and quiet, shouldn't interfere with rehearsals.
  • Reservations opened on Tuesday. 5 people emailed Rose.
  • One slot still open: Sept 1-6. hm, this is before classes start Elliot says. *Alana* will advertize for this slot in the weekly email, but we agree it's a difficult slot to fill.


  • Front door was sticky, back door broken
  • Front trash is rank. *Lelio *will call his mom.
  • No sprite in the Temple. *Lelio *will plea with the gods.
  • Fridge = gross. Daria took bleach to it. It's still gross. And slowly

freezing itself to death. Mazer might have one. Albert might too, but we reject his. Gross.

  • Drew is bringing us some furniture. We establish the Drew Madden Couch Fund

(D.M.C.F.) yeah, say that five times fast Todd!


  • should meet. we met after this meeting actually. agreed to give some funds for puppet supplies. anything more on this *Hannah?*.


  • DID 'EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • “couple weeks', “not too long” to get here. oh, wait, THEY'RE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Todd says we need to buy a rack. Not a stripper rack, he says.


  • Todd is an 'uckface.' We'll get it soon.



  • in two weeks we need to put up plats for commencement. before then Rose and Allison will attack plats.


  • Lelio *will take the plaque and *james* will take the empty space.



  • Brown New Music has a sweet concert on May 18. They will be performing the piece she wrote her thesis on. Could they borrow costumes/props? yes, we say


  • can he borrow sound stuff? *Paul*, as the sound guy for Park Play, will check with himself.
  • Why don't we have routers for wireless? *Paul* will apply pressure. *Todd and Paul* will hack into some mainframes together.
  • Should we get a projector? sub-committee formes: Paul, Rose, Todd, Alana, Albert!


  • has anyone seen my lost notecards?


  • commencement housing: they need to get it in. Drew will email Daria. And a wrench was found in the red couch. who? Daria? Lelio? I don't know…


  • we need more drill bits. best to go to home depot, we say. Home depot trip with Rose? Contact MF for cash instead of a card- *Allison: *could you do this?
  • need: drill bits, wrenches, tarp, no balloon (says james), re-threader, trunion screw. they will look at the slab of wood in the shop.


  • bbq ON SUNDAY 13TH 4PM!
  • We move lazer tag to the eve of the 20th maybe? 17th still maybe? Date TBD. We decide to see when Jose Macian is available.
  • We sort of cross off 6 flags…. sad…

Award Ceremony:

  • Sarah, Ross will go. Rose will already be there for UFB. We

will dress up like we're going to prom. hoorah! and we did! and let me tell you, the food was soo good!

  • We move lazer tag to the eve of the 20th maybe? 17th still maybe? Date TBD. We decide to see when Jose Macian is available.
  • We sort of cross off 6 flags…. sad…

  • When we announce second slot proposal dates we will tell people that they have to have rights beforehand. Either the mentor/ rights person if we make it a job gets rights, or if the show wants to do it they can. But we have to have proof.
  • second slot mentor: if there's not one already = Maxer. yep.
  • Park play copies: we will pay the full amount. We debate whether to make Drew pretend that we are only paying 100. we decide to not pretend.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Ross Cowan, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Elliot Quick, James Rutherford, Jessie Hopkins, Alana Jacoby, Adam Mazer, Alex Rosental, Justin Spiegel, Andrew Evans, Allison Grubbs, Albert Huber, Alex Lubensky, Paul Meier, Daria Marinelli, Kaya Schmandt (abroad), Tara Schuster (abroad), Charly Simpson (on leave) and Tess Lantos (on leave).


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Taken by Sarah, wiki-fied by Justin.

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