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Production Workshop Minutes

14 may 2006

The Scene: one box of munchkins, one full box of donuts, and one erotic empty box of donuts

In attendance: Brian, Kaya, Blair, James, Ross, Elliot, Alex, Charly, Sarah, Allison, Justin, Andrew, Tara, Alana

Visiting: Dan Rogers

Beauty Queen:

  • Ross will drive Jenny where she needs to go. We are impressed by Ross' mom.
  • There's a design run tomorrow and everyone's invited
  • Dry tech on Friday, Wet tech on Saturday
  • Need a wood-burning stove, and Blair will put out a call in the email since we have no idea where to find one.
  • There's talk of eye ulcers and striking Violet. Apparently, pw has a thug: Andrew Sabielli (sp?)
  • Todd, update the website. Dammit. Yeah. And tell us when you're not coming to meeting, Kaptain Klezmer.


  • Paint party was great, and they're coming back at 2:15 to keep cleaning.
  • New reservations policy: we'll only open the first half of the upcoming semester during the previous semester (ie, September and October will open in the Spring), and then open the second half on the first day of classes. This is to encourage people to fill up the earlier dates so that the Upspace doesn't sit idle, and also to give transfers and first-years a chance to reserve space. Since we already opened the Upspace this semester, this policy won't take effect until next semester.
  • SotG needs to talk to Kaya ASAP about booking the fall festival.
  • We need to have a larger discussion about how to draw people into the space/encourage artists. We'll do this at the BBQ/decision meeting on Friday at 6 pm. Justin will get a $40 req to East Side, Brian and Blair will get the food. There's talk of grilling in the vestibule should it rain.

Skin of our Teeth:

  • Got an application for a costume designer with his own company, and that confuses us. Our policy is to not pay for work on a pw show.
  • Make sure you have commencement housing! Talk to Todd/Nick if you don't have it confirmed!
  • Cast is great, table talks going great.
  • At Commencement strike the show will get one key to use over the summer.
  • New key policy: we will forge a fourth key out of the fires of a noteworthy volcano and give it to the director as well. So, the LD, TD, SM, and director of a show will all have keys. This way directors, such as James, can feel free to come into the space and cry on their sets whenever they want. At least, that's what they do in Charly's head.
  • Elliot will let Dan into the furniture and costume rooms sometime this week. New furniture policy: NO MORE STAIRS! There are so many stairs in the furniture room that we'll have to start building pianos out of them.

Space Maintenance:

  • Alex had an anxiety dream about the lights, but in real life things should be okay.
  • Shop door still broken.
  • Blair will check on 24-hour card access for Sarah.
  • PW will get a microwave on June 1. There's excitement about selling concessions at intermission, and about the “plan” to put a Bagel Gourmet in the lounge.


  • $30 to Bookstore for office supplies (including single air freshener for furniture room).
  • $100 for electrics
  • $150 for paint supplies. Well, maybe tack on another two cans of paint to cover the UpSpace and DownSpace.
  • We rediscover that our rooms are not aptly named (ie Box Office, Green Room, Hot Room), and that Spike is a real survivor.
  • New: Andrew will price out plywood for the duv shelf and tell Justin ASAP. (We couldn't find the right scrap, though we did find the brackets.)
  • Any leftover money should be used on Wenger replacement parts and possibly a box office printer. Tod(d) and (Just)I(n) are on the Wenger subcommittee.

Loaned Stuff:

  • Blair talked to Matt Forkin and the platforms are stored just fine. She's getting the deposit from him soon.
  • Bar still there.

Summer Studies:

  • meeting upcoming. Sarah figures out 2nd job stuff.


  • Ross checks; it's still there.

Paint Part Two:

  • Elliot will get the paint for the UpSpace plus all the other stuff on the painting wishlist that Kaya will send to him.
  • There is a long roller debate during which Alana grows irate when some people tease her preference for small rollers. “You can't switch rollers halfway through a paint party!” she hissed ferociously. In the end, we reach the conclusion that there are needs for rolling apparatus both giant and small. The Internet tells Blair that 'apparati' is NOT the plural of apparatus, but rather 'apparatus' or 'apparatuses' is the plural of 'apparatus'. Blair needs to leave the SciLi now.
  • Andrew will hold a magic show on Tuesday night, and we'll all attend and then stay after to paint (around 10:30 pm).


  • We give $5 to Andrew for his magic show.



  • Faunce's management policy is restructuring into cells. Intense. Point is, there will now be a TF Green associate manager (5 hrs/week) subordinate to the TF Green assistant manager (10 hours/week), reporting to a Head person. The associate will become the assistant when the assistant graduates. It's a lot more like when Blair held the job, and less like the 30 hours/week and Faunce responsibilities Ross has now. So, pw board members should apply for both of these jobs, including an interview. Talk to Ross to learn more.
  • It's Mothers Day; call the moms.
  • At that precise moment, Blair's mom calls and she asks her to call back in twenty minutes.


  • Recounts the tale of how McGarty learned how to attach things to emails through sending Lizzie McGuire's “I'm a Star” to Lowry.
  • Brian recounts the most recent meeting on the corner of Charlesfield and George.


  • James has news.


  • Phillip knows that at some point a washer and dryer were purchased, but has no memory of the details.
  • We would need upkeep by a university plumber, so we should get started on official channels. Tara will talk to Phil O'Hara (SAO, first office on the right) this week about it.
  • A new shirt slogan is born: “Brown University: We've Got More Than Just Plumbers!”
  • Blair feels Todd should be our plumber, dressed as Mario.
  • Duv shelfage post- this meeting!

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Andrew Evans, Allison Grubbs, Alana Jacoby, Todd Lipcon, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Tara Schuster, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Tess Lantos (on leave), Hannah Lewis (on leave), and Emily Drumsta (on leave)


Taken by Blair, wiki-fied by Todd.

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