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Production Workshop Minutes

7 may, 2006

In attendance: Blair, Alana, Brian, Alex, Kaya, Justin, Allison, Elliot, Todd, Andrew, Sarah, Tara, James

Visiting: Adam Keller, Nick Leiserson, RISD film student, people on Vespas

Beauty Queen:

  • Alex= lights, Sarah (with Tess mentoring, some Violet, and maybe a little Leah)= costumes, Jon Roberts= sound, Andrew=makeup, Ross=ME.
  • Dry Tech on Friday, May 19. Will be out in time for the BBQ, so we're keeping it that Friday at 6 pm.
  • Runs Wednesday-Saturday, including a Thursday midnight and a Friday early (about 4 pm) to accommodate Campus Dance. Design run Tuesday night, all invited.

RISD film student:

  • needs a girl and guy to act in his film, preferably today from 6-9 pm, and if not sometime later in the week. Sarah takes his name and offers to ask TA116.

Beauty Queen part deux:

  • Todd, Allison, and Andrew explain to Alex how to make and light the effect of rain running down a window, using two panes of glass and a motor from Michael's or a pet store.

Skin of our Teeth:

  • Cast will return on August 26 with a meeting that night and rehearsals beginning the next day. TD and PM will return on the 25th, crash on Dan's floor.
  • Still need a costume designer
  • Add yourself to the commencement housing list if you're not already on it and need commencement housing! Do it now!


  • Glengarry is performing at 2 and will strike today. Alana will tell them to leave all the seating plats except the most downstage right. Also leave the round table. Take down the lights, but leave them in the space.
  • Piano policy: Make sure you lock it up (which keeps the keys covered, protected), cover it with cloth, don't put anything on top of it, move it carefully if have to move it at all. We'll leave a key in the UpSpace booth.
  • General note: keep all boards covered, and don't have drinks in booths.
  • There's a mystery unlocker. Maybe the janitor? A rogue key? The ghost? Be sure to check for taping when checking locked doors.
  • Will do Olive Thief let-ins over email. We're unsure if they found puppeteers.
  • Art House paint party on Saturday after Olive Thief strikes. We'll push the piano into the elbow and block off the whole area with sheets.


  • If there's anything you want, price it out yourself THIS WEEK and email it to the board. We'll compile the list and make final decision at next week's meeting.
  • Washer/dryer, platforms are special projects that don't need to come out of wishlist fund.
  • Some items that were mentioned: extra shirts (, liquors, fog machine, projector, wrenches, flat black paint, tape measures, gels, other electrics equipment.
  • Blair will get the plans from Maya, and Andrew and Blair will make a duv shelf over commencement.
  • Kaya will research the rules of Calvinball. We will turn the BBQ into jobs and mini-vision meeting.

Summer Studies:

  • Sarah will sign up for HazMat training.


  • the shop door needs to be fixed

Grants: tabled

Piano: tabled


  • Still outside and unmovable right now. Blair will talk to Chris about it, and to Benry about getting the theater van.

Matt Forkin/plats:

  • Blair will get his phone number and call him. If he wants to keep them through Commencement, Beauty Queen doesn't need them, but we will get a $50 deposit.



  • says something strange about bananas


  • 2 of our cubes are missing, so move them if you see them. Also, any metal folding chairs in the building belong to pw. Grab those, too.
  • Todd, in a Forrest Gump moment, names many types of crap.


  • We hold a discussion about strike. Some of the opinions voiced included:
    • As a board we should be paragons of theater who everyone should look up to (echoes of Immer). We need to pull our weight and set an example for everyone else.
    • Strike also needs to be fun. The whole experience should be fun and social, not just drudgery. Be encouraging. Learn names and reach out to people. Don't yell at people. Maybe play music in the hallways. People don't come to strike for the pizza!
    • Cast events and pizza should come nearer to the actual end of strike since we lose so much momentum after that point. Maybe also keep people with the promise of a BBBOOOAAARRRDDD SSSHHHOOOWWW???
    • The phrase “Fake it til you make it” gets bandied about.
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