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Production Workshop Minutes

19 march 2006

In attendance: Justin, Todd, Alex, Elliot, James, Sarah, Brian, Kaya, Charly, Allison, Andrew, Tara

Visiting: Amanda Glassman (Salome), Briel (relay for life benefit/MF cabaret night), Matt Gelfand (WITS), Pete and Caitlin (Kaitlin? Kaitlyn? Kate-lynn? K8ln? I really don't know) (upspace cafe show)

Special guest minute taker: Alex. Yell at him if things suck.

Eternity Placement Opportunity:

  • Matt says it's good. I agree, it's quite good!
  • Brian will table slip the V-dub 11:30-noon tomorrow
  • Strike is tomorrow (Monday) at 8:50.
    • Running it: Ross and Alex (when he's done with housing lottery) (the floor does not need to be painted-see Salome section).
    • Electrics in the Space: Justin
    • Electrics in the Room: Alana
    • Witchcraft in the space: Andrew (will perform miracles and see to it that duv stays where he wants it for Salome. I also have that he should email Kaya if he needs stuff-I think that's set stuff to be in the space when MAP may be).
    • Hot Room: Blair
    • Shop: Sarah and James
    • Paint: Kaya
    • Box Office: Brian
    • Booth: Brian
    • Furniture: Elliot
    • Props: Tara (and she'll grab two people from the space who will make friends helping her clean the prop room and will eventually get married…choose wisely.)
    • UpSpace: Kaya (will rehang rep plot-just hang a bunch of lights that point toward the wall at various angles and it should be fine.)
    • Costumes: Blair
    • Green Room: Allison
    • Empty Space will be the last thing done (or at least once everything that could hurt pictures has been moved out of the space). Kaya will get hooks from Reslife.


  • Briel: Relay for Life benefit and MF Cabaret Tuesday night 8-10pm. Todd will let them in at 7pm to set up and Elliot will monitor for them. The first hour is Ursa Minors, physical theater, and other stuff, and the second hour is MF (unless no one shows up for that part, in which case the second part will be nothing. They're asking for $10 as a suggested donation for the Relay for Life part. Todd suggested that they won't need a keyboard because of the nice piano, which is slightly out of tune but still a nice piano.
    • Blair-Briel will be sending you a blurb about the event to stick in the weekly email.
  • Pete and Caitlin: Have the upspace reserved all day Wednesday and Thursday. They will be putting on a 25-30 minute play that takes place in a café, then filling out the rest of the night with singers and monologues and such! Kaya will let them into the space on Wednesday at noon, and they'll email her on Wednesday when they know when their let in for Thursday will need to be, but Justin says he's free all day and can probably do it. James will monitor the show from 9-11:30pm.
    • They want to hang themselves. Todd intervenes.
    • They can hang whatever lights they need up there so long as they strike those lights (but not the rep plot) when they're done. Dan Rodgers will be helping them with that.
    • Need 10 round tables. MF has 4 in their cage-they should contact Briel or Allison about that. We also have a few that they can use in our furniture room. They can use any chairs from our hot room so long as they strike them in the end.
  • Kaya: explains how the upspace works to the new members. Here's the basic gist: people rent it with a $50 deposit, which they lose if they cancel within 3 weeks of their reservation date. Which is such a good deterrent that no one actually has cancelled within that period for as long as the deposit has been in effect. We don't give them keys, so we have to arrange amongst let ins to the upspace and whatever other rooms they need. The way a let in works is you meet the people at the appointed time, unlock the door, prop it open, and relock it, so that once closed it will be locked (that way we don't have to come back at the end and lock it ourselves). Also, be sure to tell them to turn out the lights, and don't be afraid to be hardassed about these things. We've had issues with people leaving lights on and doors open and GIANT FREAKING KNIVES in the space recently. Monitoring is simple-we just have to have a member present at all shows in the upspace, to make sure they're not blocking aisles or doing anything silly like starting fires, and just being a resource to them to help out and help them deal with whatever problems may arise. If you're monitoring a show you get in for free even if they're charging admission (like the Relay for Life benefit). It's still good to give to charity though. Also, if you're monitoring, again make sure that the doors are locked and lights are off at the end. I kind of embellished a ton on what Kaya said, so if I got anything wrong or left anything out, please somebody correct me. This is the sort of thing that could go up on PWikipedia.


  • Hasn't had a production meeting yet, but there will be one tomorrow where they will work out MAP's use of the space over Spring Break.
  • Can they use live animals, namely a caged bird? Blair, is there some adult communication we have to do about this? Health inspection or something? Avian flu? I don't know.
  • Originally Mustafa wanted to release 5 doves and have them die at the end of the show. That idea was already shot down though. Like the birds would have been. Actually, someone said something about plugging their buttholes to kill them, but I was distracted by Todd having some sort of seizure next to me at the time. I have a pet bird at home. He does a trick-just ask Alana. I'm sure this would have come up had she been at the meeting. Mustafa can't kill my bird.
  • Can attach a swing to the grid-it just can't support sideways movement, according to Todd. Two shows last Spring used swings, so this is definitely doable. Maya is good at rigging swings, if you need someone to consult.
  • Fire is cut.
  • Doing a 5th show is completely their call. That Sunday is Easter Sunday, so it wouldn't make sense for a matinee. Mustafa was thinking of cutting Sunday's show out of respect for Easter, but I think it's still being done anyhow.
  • The script is done being cut, and an approximate anticipated run time is 65 minutes.
  • Finding good projectors: Justin and I found out that UFB may have a deal with Media Services to rent things out to student groups for free. However, the consensus is that media services' projectors are not so great, though they'd probably be better than what Salome has now (15 year old projectors…I didn't know they had projectors back then…ok, yes I did). Top of the line projectors cost an obscene amount of money though which would definitely be out of the show's budget.
  • They want to use a hazer. Mustafa and Jon should capilitalize on their department connections and talk to Tim Hett about using the Hazer (which Hungry Woman won't be doing, since it's in Leeds which can't be hazed). Todd also offers to talk to Tim about it though.
  • There's an issue regarding finding rehearsal space for tomorrow. The people to talk to regarding space are Phil O'Hara in the SAO and Mary Sullivan.
  • The PW board will have a painting the downspace floor party on Sunday April 2nd at 8pm. We'll need to buy paint for that. I can probably do that when I drive back up-I'll need a recc for Adler's though, Justin. Not sure how much the appropriate amount of paint costs-any ideas?
  • Salome wants to use MF's mics, but Briel wants Todd to teach them/Jon how to use them right and possibly sign a contract. They want to extend the mics to actors' mouths, which they can achieve with floral wire. Todd will help out with this sort of thing. The mics and receivers and everything are back in the MF cage, though the box is missing its back, a cheap part which mainstage should pay for if it doesn't show up because of Hair.

Commencement Slot:

  • Up to 7 proposals currently on the possibility radar:
    • Austin Campion with “Beauty Queen of Leenane”
    • Secret proposal. i.e. Elliot with Pillowman
    • Jen Silverman with her senior thesis play that involves puppets. She's still looking for a director…anyone? Her other alternative is Rites and Reason, but she has no time in their space before her show goes up, which would really limit what she can do.
    • Emily Drumsta and Emily Pudalov with “The Melancholy Play” by Sarah Ruhl.
    • Jose may propose “Endgame” but has not contacted me
    • Briel keeps telling me that Melissa Kagen may propose, but she hasn't emailed me yet.
    • Natalie Kotin? I'll ask her about it at the Red Herring dinner tomorrow night.
  • Alex suggests postering encouraging people to sign on to work on commencement slot, but with Spring Break timing is such that that wouldn't really make sense. So instead we'll do it for…

First Slot:

  • Proposals are due April 12th. Tara will design a poster to entice designers, tech crews, actors, etc-everything and anyone who could possibly work on the show. Possible proposers:
    • Dan Rogers with Skin of Our Teeth
    • Ariel Engelman

Space Maintenance:

  • Wasn't brought up, but I'm unaware of anything that needs fixing. Email me if you know of anything.

New Members:

  • Yay! This is their first official meeting as board members!

SAO stuff:

  • lounge: TABLED!
  • induction lights for downstairs space: Alex and Justin are going in to UFB on Tuesday at 8pm to talk to them again about the 3 way split between us, them, and the SAO of $1500 each.
  • Meeting of all UCS organizations on April 13th from 6:30-7:30 in Macmillan 117. Alex and Justin will go.
  • SAO awards banquet. We'll nominate ourselves for awards and nominate ourselves to be on the committee to decide who wins the awards. Doesn't get better than that.
  • Blair, perhaps ask people in our email list to nominate us? I think that's a joke. That would be pretty presumptuous. Ah well, PW is better than you, after all.
  • ADOCH stuff: Todd registered for the activities fair, but we also want to register on the calendar for a barbeque on Wednesday, April 19th. We'll work out the specifics later, but apparently Andrew might have a grill or can breathe fire or something and there are gorillas at Ross's ex-girlfriend's house. I don't know what to make of that. But we need lighter fluid, because we didn't have that last time.
  • Piano stuff: Ricky doesn't think that our old piano is ours, but we do. This is creating some tension of sorts. We feel like we're doing the university a favor by stashing their huge piano in our space though, so we don't want to give up our old piano. This wasn't a trade. The SAO is willing to pay for piano tunings though, so we'll take them up on that.


  • No new grants.
  • Hey Todd, seeing as how my father and Elliot's mother read the online minutes, if they ever go up could you cut that last thing? I wouldn't want Elliot's mom getting jealous. Leave this part though, so the future and my father wonder what I'm talking about. Hi, dad! uh, sure -TL
  • Brian wants everyone to buy his new shirt
  • Brian is a poetry god!

Empty Space:

  • Kaya will buy hooks and the pictures will be hung at strike. Thus ending the fourth era of man.

Brown Student Productions:

  • Todd: Was sent an email by Ariana Nobles about BTV, PW, and other groups that put on productions forming some super group to do…something. There's a meeting on at 1pm Friday April 14th in the Situation Room which Elliot and Todd both want to go to.

PW History:

  • New chapter of TF Green renovation put off until Blair and Alana come back.
  • Todd (and Garland?) will work on PWikipedia. There will be board only sections.
  • The PW epic: Everyone except Todd wants to be involved. This may be a problem-James is worried about it sucking. James is also worried that we're out of fun and suggests buying more Cheerios. I'm optimistic that we can find a way for everyone to be involved in the way they want to be and it not sucking. Todd suggests that if it's a PWikipedia thing anyone can go in and change verses. Anyhow, here are ideas to get this puppy rolling:
    • Contact Richard Foreman
    • Email the P-Wam list (alumni email list, apparently
    • Immer wants Tara to ask him stuff…
    • Sam would also like to be involved
    • Let's keep it as an agenda item and discuss more in depth when it's not an 11pm meeting.



  • Asks James for feedback about how the board could have helped more with “Twelfth Night”. James will think on it, and we will ask Briel, but a big issue was lack of help for builds and hanging lights.


  • Will be moderating a meeting of hopefully lots of student groups to discuss UFB on Monday, April 3rd in Peterutti lounge. Come give moral support/make it seem like lots of people care. Andrew says he'll come, Justin might be able to.
  • Has new found appreciation/pity for minute takers


  • Meeting with MAP, in PW, 6pm on Thursday.


  • Explains softball team to new members. It turns out that there are no balls or strikes, so as long as their pitchers are not good enough to throw the ball into our bats we'll be able to filibuster our games, which are capped at 1 hour.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Andrew Evans, Allison Grubbs, Alana Jacoby, Todd Lipcon, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Tara Schuster, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Tess Lantos (on leave), Hannah Lewis (on leave), and Emily Drumsta (on leave)


Taken by Alex, wiki-fied by Todd.

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