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Production Workshop Minutes

12 march 2006

In attendance: Justin, Todd, Ross, Alex, Elliot, James, Sarah, Alana, Brian, Kaya, Blair, Charly

Visiting: Laurabeth Greenwald, Mustafa Samdani, Andrew Evans, Briel Steinberg, Matt Gelfand, Matt borrowing platforms


  • Laurabeth is putting up a solo show from April 18-22 about how bodies become gendered and racialized and more, including conversations with Frida Kahlo. She needs some technical help – minimal lighting, so mostly help with sound clips and video. She'll ask for more board help after Spring Break.

Matt's Plats:

  • We say that they can use 3 or 4 of our 4×8 plats (Salome would probably only use one). We tell them to screw them into the ground or to cross-brace them if they're over two feet tall for stability. He'll be in touch with Alex about it.

Twelfth Night:

  • [Side note: I tried to anagram this for last week's email, but there was such a shortage of vowels, all I could really spell was “Twelfth Night”.]
  • Someone tipped over a chair last night off of the second lowest platform. We decide to screw 1x into the sides of the plats instead of badgering “Charlie” who works in “Prince Lab” who will “make anything out of metal” if you give him “schematics” and who may or may not be “Todd's roommate”. Todd and Justin will also look into getting replacement parts for the plats as the Liaisons to Not Getting Sued. In no way, shape, or form is Immer right. I'm not sure why he's not, but this seems to have been an important point. Maybe look into replacing the three most broken plats?
  • The sound board should be moved to the booth for Eternity.
  • STRIKE JOBS! Strike is at 10:45.
    • Running it: Alex and Ross
    • Electrix in the Space: Justin
    • Electrix in the Room: Alana (who will make sure people cable nicely)
    • Hot Room: James (who will get help getting the ladders out of there first, even if he's a little shaky at that time)
    • Shop: Sarah (who will round up a crew of people for help)
    • Paint: Kaya
    • Box Office: Charly (even though Garland~E came and cleaned it today?)
    • Booth: Brian, Todd
    • Furniture: Elliot
    • Props: Blair
    • UpSpace: Kaya
    • Costumes: Blair (and Sarah when the shop is under control)
    • Green Room: Charly

Eternity Placement Opportunity:

  • Todd: please add the old minutes and Growing Born to the website, and change it to ETERNITY Placement Opportunity.
  • We can strike the side plats, but leave the center. Ask before moving any duv. We okay a 66 seat house.
  • Matt will take care of printing programs. He'll get the reserves to Ross by tomorrow, who will get them to Todd in time for the Blue Room. Dress is on Thursday, and run time right now is perhaps around 25 minutes.
    • Friday: Blair, Brian (Team “We Are Older Than All Of You”)
    • Saturday: Charly, James (Team “We Are The Youngest Board-Wise For Another Couple of Days”)
    • Sunday: Alex, Justin (Team “We Were the Triplets Until Alana Dropped Out”)
    • Monday: Todd, Ross, Elliot, Kaya, Sarah (Team “Elliot Beat Us Out For HMing”)


  • Potential props people: Eva Hamden and Emma Lipkin.
  • Andrew Evans will TD/set design. No resolution on lighting designer, though Alex, Elliot, and Brian offer to help hang and focus
  • Mustafa and Blair will work out how to use incense/flames during the show with the Fire Marshall.
  • We can use MF's wireless mikes. There are six, and they go through a 9-volt battery about every 3 hours. We'd also need to build booms to get them close enough to people's mouths to pick up whispering. Alex suggests $100-150 for sound. Mustafa will email and she'll set us up with the mikes.
  • Can Manton Ave use the space during Spring Break? We give a tentative yes – the only thing we'd probably have in the downspace are some drums. Kaya will begin the conversations with Amana (PM), Mustafa, etc about working this out.


  • Nothing this week, though people keep trying to break in. The Relay For Life Benefit/Cabaret is post-WITS, and Todd promises to NAG THEM into dealing with the piano before then – at least getting it upright and playable. James laughs at the thought of bringing a piano into a space that already has TWO pianos!
  • We didn't end up loaning out the light board, just some gels.

Commencement Slot:

  • Alex is the mentor. He suggests we begin these processes earlier to be able to give more feedback on proposal drafts to directors and to have more transparency in our decision-making process. Elliot: “giving too much feedback could be problematic, too, since no one person speaks for the whole board.” Sarah: “has seen two board members passed at decision meetings, possibly because they were better able to anticipate the questions.” Kaya: “just make it clear you're reading drafts as one person.”
  • Potential proposers: Elliot with a secret play (Ross and James celebrate), Jen Silverman (know someone who wants to direct? Tell Alex!), and Austin with Beauty Queen.
  • Charly wants to APM, Sasha wants to SM.
  • ResLife: Todd will try to argue them down to $25 like every other year.

First Slot:

  • Sarah is the mentor. Blair will include both of these slots and due dates in the email.


  • we ain't broke.


  • We pass $115 for Alice's project. There's $85 left in grants.

Empty Space:

  • The pictures are foam-cored and spray-adhesived, and Kaya glued Todd's fingers together. Todd will figure out how with strings and squares to get them up.



  • When does softball start? We have no idea.
  • After seeing next year's budget, we'll discuss not having shows pay for rights out of show budget, but rather from pw.
  • Alex will accompany Justin to the meeting.


  • Todd, give her the damn piano tuner's number.
  • Wants to clean some of the rank costumes over Spring Break. But, since we don't know how much cleaning costs, we suggest some money be set aside for shows to clean whatever costumes they'll use.
  • We blew another dimmer in the DownSpace.
  • Sarah solicits notes for Hannah – the abroad email is about to go out.


  • Will ask Benry about maybe getting the theater van to get back our bar.


  • Let's start inviting show staffs to the meeting after their show closes to offer us feedback on the process and how it could be improved. We think this will be more effective than for asking for feedback in writing.


  • The UpSpace booth is way messy. Remember to clean up and to cover the boards! Todd didn't hear any sound problems during Twelfth Night.


  • Art House paint party is May 13! Half the board gets super-excited, and the other half wants to invite Immer back to sit in the booth and get huffy. We will hide the piano well.
  • Remember to be helpful and friendly at strike.


  • Gives us the thrilling final installation of Muncha, Muncha, Muncha!

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Todd Lipcon, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Tess Lantos (on leave), Hannah Lewis (on leave), and Emily Drumsta (on leave)


Taken by Blair, wiki-fied by Todd.

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