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Production Workshop Minutes

5 march 2006

In attendance: Blair, Justin, James, Sarah, Charly, Kaya, Todd, Elliot, Alex, Ross

Visiting: Matt Gelfand, Allison Grubbs, Briel Steinberg

Next meeting: next Sunday at 11 pm in the UpSpace. Sound good?

Twelfth Night:

  • Good tech, including a run (about 2:15).
  • Posters will be paid for with a req, and programs will be paid for with show budget until they run over.
  • Tableslips:
    • Thursday lunch Ratty: Sarah
    • Thursday lunch VDub: Briel
    • Thursday dinner Ratty: Blair
    • Thursday dinner VDub: (show staff)
    • Friday lunch Ratty: Blair
    • Friday lunch VDub: James
  • Benry's on photo call. Elliot will post on the Jolt. Briel took care of slides.
  • MONDAY AT 11:15 – SEATING PLATFORMS. Briel and all will make sure the room is cleared when we get there.
  • Cast/crew reserves will make their way from Briel to Ross tomorrow, and Ross will include Todd so he can set up the Blue room.
  • If Twelfth Night wants to paint the floor, it comes out of show budget. We recommend mopping.
  • Ushering!
    • Friday: Sarah, Charly
    • Saturday: Kaya, Brian
    • Sunday matinee: Blair, Alana if possible.
    • Sunday: Alex, Todd
    • Monday: Elliot, Ross, Justin


  • Great cast, and it includes Benry!


  • Needs staff in a serious way so it doesn't fall to the board next week. Blair will email what they have right now.
  • Jenny Filipetti, Andrew Evans, Byron Asher? Kaya will send Blair the Activities Fair sign up sheets.
  • Auditions this week. They need a casting board and someone to run the table. See the weekly email for audition times/locations. If you can go, please email and cc: Blair to let them know you're coming.


  • Byron and Kaya had a talk about the This Is Our Youth process and discussed the value of a PM.
  • Briel and Matt will email Kaya when they won't need the UpSpace during the day so she can schedule some people in the space.
  • Relay for Life/MF Cabaret on March 24. Will include the Ursas, silent auction, and more. We say don't charge admission; make it a suggested donation. $15 is high.
  • Manton Ave needs people, so if you're here over Spring Break, please help! Kaya will email a blurb to Blair for the email. Kaya, Brian, and Sarah are on the MAP subcommittee. Sarah will email Jenny expressing her interest. Blair will ask Salome if MAP can use the DownSpace over Spring Break once there's a cast and a TD.


  • The inside doorknob of 112 fell off earlier this week, but now it's fixed. Brendan almost got locked in there with an auditioner.
  • Ricky will talk to David Greene about this, but now they're saying that Facilities, UFB, and pw could each pay for a third of our new lights.


  • will be done over email.


  • Todd is on it.

Empty Space:

  • tabled.

New Members:

  • due at 5 pm on Wednesday. Meeting is at 9 am on Saturday, and Todd will email us before then.



  • Todd will give Sarah the piano tuner's phone number for the sake of West House's Ben ~Qn' Jerry's piano.
  • Brian will probably show Sarah how to use a sound board. Board opping in Ashamu means just pressing play, we believe. We suggest having a workshop at the end of the year.
  • Andrew from Twelfth Night will email Todd if he has questions about the sound board.


  • Justin has not yet received the Daily Jolt (I think that's what he said) invoices yet.


Alternate title: Why late-night meetings are fun.

  • Everyone talks over each other for a while.
  • James expresses anxiety over tableslipping.
    • James: “I don't know how to do it!”
    • Ross: “James doesn't work with his hands.”
    • pw: (laughter)
  • Justin makes some joke about Benry needing to be lit with a 50 degree. Some laugh, others pretend to get the joke.
  • Blair panics about staff and, Cassandra-like, tells people to get in gear or they'll have to become show staff. Ha!
  • This Is Our Youth thought we were mad at them, and we thought they were mad at us. Now we're all friends again, even if Charly made things worse with an awkward phone call. (I tease.)
  • We explain Relay for Life:
    • Justin: “Wait, is someone really walking in a circle for twelve hours?”
    • pw: “It's called a relay, Justin.”
  • Charly and Elliot crack an S&B joke. Someone tells them to leave.
  • Alex is the only one who'd be able to escape 112 in the event of a fire.
  • We're sad to learn that we're not high up on Facilities' priorities list. Or, at least we aren't until the lights physically break. BETTER THAN DINNER PRACTICE IN THE DOWNSPACE!
  • Todd talks about spraying pictures and inhaling the fumes in McGarty's studio. Briel goes megalomaniacal and assumes all the pictures are from her shows. The name of the Empty Space installation: “BRIEL”.
  • Ross pulls his back while sneezing.
  • We fear for a moment that Sarah is offering us West House's piano.
    • James: “We should just accumulate pianos! We should turn every room in pw into a piano bar!”
    • Briel: “I've never seen James really laughing before. This is interesting.”
  • On The Wave of the Future:
    • James: “Does the computer suck?”
    • Todd: “No. You're just bad at it.”

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Todd Lipcon, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Tess Lantos (on leave), Hannah Lewis (on leave), and Emily Drumsta (on leave)


Taken by Blair, wiki-fied by Todd.

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