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"Production Workshop Minutes"

29 january 2006

Blair's conference in Venezuela continues, so she passes the agenda-and-minutes baton ever so briefly to Brian.

PW happens in Room 112 today because there's building in the downspace and rehearsing for 1st slot in upspace. Mezcla kindly lets us use 112, which they'd reserved as a “holding room” for auditioners.

In attendance: Brian, Alana, Charly, Todd, Elliot, Kaya, Ross, Justin, Alex, Tess, James a.k.a. Man of La Muncha
Guests: Kathryn Wallem '07, Po-Mo Scavenger Hunt Guy '0?, Jeff Prystowsky '06, Clara Orbe '07

1st slot

  • The set is mostly built. Lots of tech stuff going on, working on scaling things down some.
  • Two ASMs secured but 1 run crew member and 1 sound board op person needed. Spread the word!
  • Looking for a jukebox. Trinity says they've not got one. Can they paint our two old-skool radios? Then we could never get back to the original wood color (read: old-skool flava), so we say no.
  • Wagon brakes (a.k.a. “Those things that come down,” offers Kaya) – we're borrowing mainstages but they don't have enough. They're like $15 each. We made 1st slot foot the bill for the casters, which like the brakes are pretty basic supplies, so we agree to pick up the tab for the wagon brakes.
  • Rope - they want to use as umbilical cord - dye it red? Cover with red duct tape? Alex goes to get the rope and shows it to us. It's gray. We're worried that dying would not be possible and that duct tape would make the rope sticky afterwards and therefore unusable. Can Jesse buy some cheap red rope? If so, sweet. If not, we hestitantly agree to let them do what they want to the gray one.
  • Ross needs reserves info by next Sunday, February 5.
  • Alex wants to see past programs to get ideas for the 1st slot program.

2nd slot

  • Congratulations James!!!
  • Auditions when? James wants to do them before tech for 1st slot, meaning, to do them this week. Hungry Woman auditions are 2/6-2/10. James is thinking auditions this Wed/Thurs/Fri, with callbacks Sat.
  • James has a Stage Manager, Production Manager, Costume Designer, and Lighting Designer. He needs a Set Designer and Technical Director.
  • Hannah Miller '08 has expressed interest in Assistant Stage Managing. Meghan Loucks '08 might be a good person for James to ask about TD'ing.
  • We need a BOard LiaZOn. It's Tess!
  • We discuss spaces for auditions and money for publicity.


  • Karin Freed '09 and Byron Asher '08 are putting on shows in March. Kaya's letting them use the upspace to rehearse as much as they want, so long as no one else wants the space.
  • Byron & Co. will “lose” 2 weeks. We scratch our heads.
  • Let-ins: This week James will do it, he'll already be there. He'll open the upspace and props rooms and prop the prop room open with a prop tonight. Props to James!
  • James & Kaya will talk about 2nd slot auditions in Upspace.
  • “Policy” (?) says no Sunday reservations possible. Byron wants to do a show Sunday though. We say: OK.
  • My notes say, enigmatically, “They're uneasy @ right”. Can anyone remember what this means? Alex replies via email: I believe that's about them having trouble securing the rights for the play. We decided that since we're not actually producing the show, just allotting them the use of our space, it's not our responsibility whether they get rights or not.
  • There's a question from Doug Benedicto '08 about putting a couch in front of a fire exit. Blair knows the most about fire codes so she'll find out and get back to Doug.


  • …is, if the calendar strumpet is not mistaken, 3/17 - 3/20.
  • We choose a slot mentor: Charly!
  • Brendan Pelsue '08 might apply.
  • Deadline is 2/15, decision meeting 2/21 (after pres. day weekend), time TBA

Summer Studies

  • Brian is the go-between between PW and Summer Studies/SAO-as-it-relates-to-Summer-Studies. Anyone else want to help me/him craft the upcoming Summer Studious plans? Drop me/him a line.

Space maintenance

  • Found a crack in the wall opposite the shop, in the drywall. It's called in.


  • Byron Asher '08 and Jess Laser '08 want to apply. Anya Roberts-Toney '06 might apply. Kathryn Wallem '07, on behalf of Brown Opera Productions, might apply (more on this in the Guests section). Jeff Prystowsky '06 and Clara Orbe '07 might apply (more on this in the Guests section).
  • We make a grants subcommittee: Brian, Alex, Justin, Elliot, & Charly!

Empty Space


  • Kathryn Wallem '07 talks to us about the possibility of obtaining a grant for Brown Opera Productions' production this semester. In general we feel weird giving our UFB-granted dinero to other UFB-funded groups. BOP is applying for Category III status from the SAO. They have $500/semester and might get more. There's a meeting tonight which will illuminate some of this stuff. Kathryn and Brian will be in touch and try to work out whether PW feels okay sending some dough BOP's way.
  • Todd and Brian will be in touch about reflexive grammar, Todd says to myself.
  • Po-Mo Scavenger Hunt Guy '0? spent $64 on a laser. He's interesting.
  • Jeff Prystowsky '06 wrote a 15-minute jazz piece and Clara Orbe '07 is choreographing a ballet piece for 3 dancers (herself included) as well as “another dancer Jeff met at a bar in New York City.” Sweet. “It's hard to get a space to do independent work,” says Clara. Sentiment seems to be that many dancers feel similarly. We offer suggestions about ways PW can help: WITS, Upspace, Grants, and reserving the upstairs dance space through the SAO. Clara may try to find other dancers/dance groups and band together to do a combined show.

Show & Tell/Business/Muncha

  • James: Whassup with the piano? Ross: Talked to Phil, will suggest it goes in Leung? But there are parties there occasionally…anyway, I'll tell Phil it has to get out next week, before 1st slot tech.
  • So the farmer builds this fence but the bunnies get in anyway, so he builds this wall, but they persevere in munching his veggies!
  • Alex: From Immer: The Manton Avenue Project. They want to do it over spring break in PW, and are (Brian learns in a subsequent email from their artistic director) looking for 100+ ppl audiences so it seems like the downspace is what they want. Are any of us around over Spring Break? Doesn't look like it. If Sasha does it again (she did it last semester) we'll give her a key. Todd will ask her about it. Otherwise we'll see if any trustworthy Brunonians are involved.
  • Oh, if MAP is in our space in Spring Break then we can't install the lights then. Hmm.. We'll discuss over email.
  • Justin: Let's schedule the New Members meeting soon. (Hey, why aren't there very many '09ers in PW? Encourage freshman to apply and just generally get involved.)
  • Elliot: Should we apply to the Creative Arts Council for a grant to help us with lights? We say yes. Should we get lights to illuminate our beautiful PW sign, particularly during shows? We say sweet idea. Todd says something fancy-pantsy about lights and which models will be good. Todd will investigate and report back to us.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Tess Lantos, Todd Lipcon, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Hannah Lewis (on leave), and Emily Drumsta (on leave)


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Taken by Brian, htmlized by Todd.

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