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"Production Workshop Minutes"

22 january 2006

In attendance: Blair, Todd the hot mamacita, Kaya, Tess, Elliot, Brian, Justin, Alex, James, Alana, Ross, Charly
Visiting: Maya Bruhns, Kurt Roediger


  • Has some questions about second slot. Staff is not required at this point, but talking to more designers about the idea only strengthens the proposal. He'll send a draft of his proposal (Dangerous Liaisons) to Kaya.


  • Drumsta's not here, so we assume she's still on leave
  • Web: Hot Mamacita (Todd)
  • Second Signatory: Tess
  • Grants: Brian
  • Costumes: Tess
  • Green Room: Charly
  • Booth: Sarah
  • Box office: James
  • Liaison to Rites and Reason: Tess
  • Liaison to COBAB: Elliot
  • Liaison to Shakespeare on the Green: Charly

1st slot

  • Drumsta and Krista peaced out before the editing stage of the script. They'd now like to be listed as contributors. Still uncertain whether James (the baby in the womb) will be visible onstage. Danielle wants to make some cuts.
  • Have been rehearsing in 112 because DownSpace is cold and the UpSpace sometimes is covered with molten lava. Only James seems to understand this.
  • Ross wants the UpSpace couches to live along the wall, “like in the old UpSpace”. Blair confronts him about what the old UpSpace was actually like. Kaya and Blair later proceed to take a ladder into the girls' bathroom and find old pw above the ceiling tiles.

2nd slot:

  • Dan Rogers is intensely interested in proposing and has a lot of staff. May need a co-Set Designer who knows a lot about building.
  • James will have an exciting di-media interview, so close to multi.
  • Read the plays before classes start if you get a chance: Skin of our Teeth, Twelfth Night, and Dangerous Liaisons (in French: Dangerous Liaisons).
  • Kaya and Blair found a pw ladder in the girls' bathroom. The boys' bathroom is henceforth known as the Situation Room. Ross forms the counterintelligence subcommittee.
  • If electronic, 1 copy of all submitted materials. If not electronic, 2 copies of all. Deadline is at 5 pm.


  • “This is the UpSpace.” Thank you, Kaya.
  • Kaya will email performance groups to encourage them to use the space, so tell her anyone you want to contact. Brian will contact the Brown Writing listserv.
  • Performances will include Karin Freed later in the semester, and Byron's This Is Our Youth.

PW/Summer Studies:

  • Brian will talk to (Ricky?) to offer recommendations on the summer program and the contract with pw. Can we use the clout of summer studies to help fix our lights faster?
  • Justin will hook up the light board so that we can use the cycs.
  • Blair will email FacMan to remind custodians that they don't need to clean our rooms, in case that's why we've been finding them unlocked. We have a new custodian as of the end of last semester—find him and say hi!


  • Alex will call in the shop light that just broke. Kaya suggests putting one or two light fixtures on either side of the low pipe so that we stop breaking this one.
  • Blair will email Kurt Teichert about the temperature in the DownSpace and in Alex's room.
  • LASB53, found stuck in the door of 112, is currently with Danielle.
  • Sodiums: UFB never responded. The University now says we might need another semester to find the funding to foot all of the bill. Justin will talk to Ricky on Monday or Tuesday, and bring up the possibility of installation over Spring Break instead.
  • The nice piano will live in the Downstairs Space until sometime before 1st slot. We should cover it and support it so it doesn't fall. Ross will talk to Phil about where it goes soon. Todd says it's worth $80,000.
  • Rooms in TF Green will be reallocated in the next few weeks. This won't affect pw rooms.

Grants: tabled.

Empty Space:

  • “It's art. Apparently.” A new pw t-shirt slogan.
  • The wall is newly painted! Let's repaint it a new color every semester, and the seniors get to pick. Blair declares it blue, Brian whines, and Blair says they can negotiate the shade.
  • Pictures coming this week. Maybe breaking into List to mount them?
  • Justin and Todd will order the ladders at the end of this semester. They bought new 50 degree barrels instead. I think that's what they said.

PW Love:

  • Gayle MacDonald is officially and beautifully engaged to her boyfriend Rick! She sends her love to the board.
  • Blair reads a thank you card from Mike Morgenstern and the New Orleans kids for our help in their fundraiser—they made over $400. Everyone looks at Ross.



  • What's up with WITS? Alana will advertise it.
  • “No one knows less about the calendar than me.” Brian, our calendar strumpet. He's serious.


  • Aunt Schmandt (Melia) is a pw alum who directed the first show in TF Green after the move from Leung, the cast of which included Laura Linney and which was a collaboration with Rites and Reason. She says hi.


  • We have a new tape measure that you can step on! He and Kaya excitedly demonstrate. There are also new eyebolts, screws, and more! Keep that shop wish list coming!


  • Reads to us the first installment in the epic novel, Muncha Muncha Muncha!


  • Doesn't know how to follow the storybook.
  • Regales us with tales of freaking Justin out with the fake empty cash box that is hidden next to our real full cash box. Alana is devious. Tess also ran afoul of the imposter during her first days as treasurer and lied about it to people—until now. Tess is healed.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Tess Lantos, Todd Lipcon, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Hannah Lewis (on leave), and Emily Drumsta (on leave)


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by Todd.

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