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"Production Workshop Minutes"

26 february 2006

In attendance: Elliot, Alex, Sarah, Ross, Brian, Blair, Kaya, Alana, James, Todd, Justin

Visiting: WIT(f)S: Allison Grubbs, Matt Gelfand, Brendan Pelsue. This is Our Youth: Jessica Laser, Byron Asher, Liz O'Connell, Nick Clifford. Salome: Mustafa Samdani, Jon Roberts. Alice Shay.

This Is Our Youth (UpSpace I):

  • will look at the foam (foam? we have foam?) in the furniture room to see if they can cut it up.
  • They wants to use some chairs and plats, and will bring them back down for Twelfth Night setup before next Monday night. We say it's okay with a board member present.
  • They can use the scrap (under 3 ft) 2×4 for bracing.

Twelfth Night:

  • Their fifth show will be a Sunday matinee
  • Elliot's publicity job= the Jolt, the BDH, and posting the slides for the Ratty/Blue Room. The show staff must take care of all other publicity, including designing the slide and getting it to Elliot by Tuesday night on the week before it's to run.
  • Come downstairs and build after the meeting! Everything's structural now.
  • They used two sheets of ply and will reimburse. (~$16?)
  • Design run at 8 on Wednesday – all are welcome!
  • Reserves needed by the Monday of show week. The house should be 95-100. Have talked with This Is Our Youth about them having a Sunday show at 4 – Twelfth Night will take a dinner break from 4-6, but TIOY MUST be out by 6:30 when wet tech gets into full swing again.
  • Byron: When will the piano in my playing space get moved? Us: Justin will badger Ricky, and we'll see if we can take the legs off after the meeting to reduce how much room it's taking up, but we shouldn't move it without professionals. [Note: we realized after the meeting that we can't take off the pedals and leg.]


  • Matt paid for some posters ($1.50) and some tableslips out of pocket. PW will pay for the rest/reimburse – Matt and Justin discuss it.
  • Auditions will be Wednesday and Thursday, they already have space, and they'll send information to Blair and Todd for the email and the web.
  • Budget is $250. They'd like to order orange flight suits – Brian suggests they ask Trinity (contact: Laura Smith?) for the ones used in Big Love.


  • It's 16 feet to the grid, and a little above – over 21 feet? – to the ceiling. They want to play with projectors ASAP. Renting better ones would be $250 a week.
  • Blair will meet with Jon and Mustafa on Monday to talk about show staff, calendars, and more. Todd will send the show packet to all three of them.
  • Board members do not need to be at auditions, but if they'd like our help, we're eager. Staff should be run by the board so we have a chance to voice any concerns. Staff should be courted through coffee dates and personalized emails.
  • Two sets of posters: one for staff, one for auditions. Generally go up 3-7 days before auditions.
  • Want a sculpture student/RISD student possibly for costume designer. We also suggest Philip's assistants.


  • Her MCM thesis installation is about alternative cartographies – creating an assemblage of found objects and mapping it in new ways over the course of two weeks. Her grant is for construction materials and the like. The subcommittee will plan a meeting.
  • She recommends we check out and the Providence Institute for Psychogeographic Studies. Alex tells her to try geocaching and almost tells her to put her coordinates into his GPS.

UpSpace (II):

  • This is the last week of This Is Our Youth. Their presence wasn't keeping out other artists: they only reserved their weekend and three days in advance on the calendar, and worked out with Kaya on a weekly basis when they could get in there provided no one else was using the space.
  • Let-ins, etc:
    • Monday at 5:30: Brian
    • Tuesday at 6: Sarah
    • Wednesday at 6: Kaya
    • Thursday at 6: Todd
    • Friday at 7: Justin
    • Friday at 8 (monitor): Blair
    • Saturday at 7: Elliot
    • Saturday at 8 (monitor): Elliot
    • Saturday at midnight (monitor): James
    • Sunday at 4: Alana
  • Make sure they start right at 4 and that they're out by 6:30 on Sunday so Twelfth Night can resume wet tech.
  • Karin Freed's deposit was in cash that's now in Kaya's room, and $50 was taken out of the cash box to give back to Karin. Kaya will put the missing $50 back in the cash box. Make sure Justin knows about all goings-on with the cash box at all times.

New Members:

  • Potentially Tara Schuster, Austin Campion, Lucien Cohen, Brendan Pelsue, Allison Grubbs, Dan Rogers, Karin Freed, Andrew Evans.
  • We're letting Todd go for Christmas II, but this is NOT a precedent. He'll give all his input ahead of time, including a choose-your-own-adventure version of his opinions based upon disagreeing with whatever Blair says.
  • Soiree: this Thursday at 11 pm.



  • Six board members will be teching on Sunday at 1, so we should move the meeting. Czarina says Sunday at 11:15 in the UpSpace, and Justin tells Todd to put it on the website.


  • BUGS wants to borrow some lights, some cable, a light board, a boom, and a base for their show in Salomon, which is the week of WIT(f)S. Justin is talking with the LD of BUGS to see whether our stuff would work in Salomon, and with Jono about what he'll need. Based on that, we'll figure a deposit.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Todd Lipcon, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Tess Lantos (on leave), Hannah Lewis (on leave), and Emily Drumsta (on leave)


Taken by Blair, wiki-fied by Todd.

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