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"Production Workshop Minutes"

16 february 2006

In attendance:Blair, Alex, Kaya, Brian, Justin, Elliot, Ross, Alana, Sarah, Todd (sporadically)
Guests: Clara Orbe, Jeff Prystowski, Karin Freed, Briel “Brownbrokers will save my ass” Steinberg

Clara and Jeff:

  • choreographing a ballet piece to Jeff's jazz score. Will perform in the upstairs space. Applying for a grant to compensate a male dancer from New York, and some other production costs. The piece depends on the bodies in it, and it would cost more to hire a male dancer from Providence.
  • Decided not to apply for WITFS because it's too short a time to get everything together. They'll figure out how to make the Upspace floor safe for dancers – maybe the marley from Ashamu?


  • is using the UpSpace for a two-person show, 25-40 minutes long, “Laughing Wild” by Christopher Durang. Brian will help her with sound stuff and basic light board operation. Blair will let-in to furniture room on Tuesday for shelves.

Growing Born:

  • fetus sex.
  • During strike, please leave your stuff in the Upstairs Space and wear closed-toed shoes and comfortable clothes.
  • Strike jobs!
    • Running it: Justin until Alex and Ross show up.
    • Electrix in the space: Todd until Justin is free
    • Electrix in the room: Alana
    • Hot Room: Sarah
    • Shop: Kaya
    • Booth: Brian
    • Box office: James
    • Costumes/Green Room: Sarah
    • UpSpace: Kaya
    • Elliot: Furniture
    • Props: Blair
    • Paint: Kaya
    • Floater (helpful to all): Charly

Twelfth Night:

  • many consonants. Few vowels.
  • Todd will send the show packet to Briel – and update it, perhaps?
  • The show has 6-9 TDs, which goes to show that Briel calls them up to steal them later with her siren powers. She's splitting them up between co-TDs and ASMs and the like.
  • Alana will bozo!
  • Blair will get Xephyr and Janet card access. They'll get keys at strike.
  • Dan Rogers is designing the set – make sure he knows not all the stock stairs fit together.
  • Kaya gets passive-aggressive and put off by enthusiasm for a time.
  • Reassigning Tess' jobs: Sarah will do costumes, and we'll ask if Charly wants to be second signatory and/or liaison to Rites and Reason. Why is Todd here instead of giving out tickets?


  • 11 pm on Tuesday with liquid fruit.
  • Elliot is proposing Pillow Man
  • Elliot is the mentor. Maybe David Griess (sp), Mustafa, or Andrew Evans want to propose.


  • Despite the roof snow, we'll return the board to the booth and cover it with trash bags so that we can prop open the space between Karin's rehearsals and This Is Our Youth.
  • Let-ins this week:
    • Tuesday at 4: Blair
    • Wednesday at 4: Sarah
    • Thursday at 4: Brian
    • Friday at 4: maybe Blair
  • Briel is working with Connie on the fundraiser and will ask her to get back to Kaya.
  • On why the SAO gave us the nicest piano on campus: “It has to have snakes in it, or something!” Ross.

New Members:

  • we throw out a lot of names that Blair doesn't write down. Talk it up!


  • Jen Silverman $100 for puppet construction materials. This Is Our Youth $100 but we prefer it's not spent on rights. Alex will figure out where Jen is getting her materials from. This Is Our Youth should use reqs instead of reimbursements as much as possible.

Space Maintenance:

  • Ross and Blair mention just spraying the front door with WD40.

Empty Space:

  • Todd is working on it. Aka tabled.


  • How does the costumes job work? Blair gives a brief rundown, and Sarah will talk to Tess.
  • Sarah will be the “liaison to the outside world”, making certain that board members abroad still feel like a part of the pw community. This is also to (hopefully) help reduce the stress of coming back to the board on return to campus. We give Sarah a group hug.


  • Manton Ave Project sends love and thanks. Kaya, Brian, and Sarah offer to be involved with whatever help they need.
  • Immer has found a new way of printing/copying and calls Sasha to tell her about it, apparently.
  • There's talk of pw's secession from the university by Ross and Elliot
  • TF Green is not on Brown's 50-year plan!
  • Ross= Captain Tangent. Briel disses old pw. Blair throws a pen at her.
  • Ross advocates weapons purchase.


  • Will request that our current piano get moved to the MF room, where they will be the caretakers of it until the day when the SAO realizes they're giving us a crazy-nice piano and take it back and we once again need a piano. Briel will bring it up at their meeting on Wednesday and call Justin with their verdict.


  • Alexi the fish is a very bad fish. Alexi only bakes cakes and never bakes pies. Alana: “I approve”.
  • Briel: “I don't understand what just happened.”
  • There's talk of barnacle sex for a while.


  • Let's please update the show packet and make its availability more explicit to each show's staffs! (Staves!)


  • one of our orange ladders may have broken. Kaya will call Jesse to figure it out before strike. We ordered two more ladders, but we'll have to wait in pw all day for delivery. Justin will let us know when.


  • Darfur teach-in tonight at 8:30 in the Lower Blue Room.


  • kicks Briel out of the room to discuss snowball strategy. pw won.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Tess Lantos, Todd Lipcon, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Hannah Lewis (on leave), and Emily Drumsta (on leave)


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Taken by Brian, htmlized by Todd.

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