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"Production Workshop Minutes"

5 february 2006

In attendance: Fat Alex, Spandex James, Blair, Kaya, Justin, Tess, Elliot, Brian, Ross, Sarah, Charly
Guests: Jenny from the Manton Avenue Project, Matt Kelly, Jen Silverman, Byron Asher, Liz O'Connell

Jenny/Manton Avenue Project:

  • She seemed relatively unfazed by Fat Alex sprawled on his back in the middle of the floor.
  • This project works with kids from Olneyville, performing the plays they write. Brian found it “one of the most uplifting two hours of his fall semester”. They'd like to use the Downstairs Space over Spring Break. Jenny would always be around, and they'd add us to their liability insurance. Performances would be 3/31 at 7, 4/1 at 7, and 4/2 at 3. They could load-in whenever and work around whatever we had up in the space. They're looking for a lighting designer! Because of seating limitations, they'd prefer the DownSpace to the UpSpace.
  • We make a decision later in the meeting. See below.

Matt Kelly:

  • Co-writing a script with Krista Knight that's an absurd exploration of Intelligent Design versus evolution from a 19th century perspective. Will incorporate choral performance and spoken opera written in a shoral way. Jen Vafidis will direct the performance in Sayles Hall from April 6-9. They need almost all staff positions – so board, jump on board and spread the word! They might want a grant, and Brian explains how.

Jen Silverman:

  • Her senior honors thesis is a play that will also go up this spring, based on narratives about immigration, deportation and detainees from the research she's been doing in Massachusettes. There will be 3 human actors and 4 puppets, constructed with the help of the Big Nazo downtown. She's applying for a grant for puppet construction materials.
  • Sarah recommends she read Do They Hear You When You Cry? and speaking with professor Rogaia Abusharaf.

Byron and Liz:

  • Performing This Is Our Youth in the Upstairs Space March 3-5. They're applying for a grant that asks for the $180 for rights, but really any money to put toward the show would be helpful.
  • Tess suggests we save all these grant apps and present them to UFB at the end of the year to get more funding to give to independent artists.
  • Fat Alex doesn't trust UFB.

Growing Born:

  • Thursday at 8 is the invited dress. Feel free to come! Justin will get reserves to Ross tonight. House count is 85-87.
  • BDH is sending us someone to write a process piece and the Chicago reviewer to review the show – which will, as per usual and to much chagrin, be printed on Monday. They asked Brian to speak “off the record” about first slot. Tess' roommate is the editor of the BDH? We have a connection?
  • Justin submitted slides to the Ratty and Blue Room. Jolt taken care of. Banner policy: we won't reserve ahead of time, but if a show makes a banner, they're welcome to put it up or call Elliot and he'll do it.
  • Ross can take pictures at the Wednesday photo call.
  • Ushers!
    • Friday @ 8: Sarah and Blair
    • Saturday @ 8: Elliot and Ross
    • Sunday @ 2: Tess and (Alana/Todd)
    • Sunday @8: Alex and Justin
    • Monday @ 8: Kaya and Brian

Twelfth Night:

  • No Briel. We are saddened, but at least she's no longer swearing off coming to pw meetings ever again!
  • We generally feel the cast is great. We also generally feel that Spandex James reminds us of a diver from 90 years ago.
  • Still needs an ASM and a TD! Briel met someone in Israel who might want to TD.
  • Everyone is right: frumpy means both cross-tempered AND dowdy. Thank you, Elliot, for your impeccable speed with the OED.


  • Meeting remains on 2/21, time to be set later. Blair apologizes to Charly for the mistake in the email.
  • The ghost of Drumsta reminds us that it's “Week in the Fucking Space”.


  • We decide that This Is Our Youth can screw into our floor. Our main concern had been for dancers, and the floor's bad for them as is, anyhow.

Space Maintenance:

  • Blair will call FacMan about the double doors coming loose. No update about the lights yet. Justin will tell us when the walk-through is happening.


  • Will meet this week. I have a semicolon written down, and I remember Ross told me to, and now I have no idea why. I blame Fat Alex for my bad memory.

New Members:

  • Meeting on 3/11. Soiree on 3/2 at 11 pm. Kaya will ask if we can use the UpSpace, and if not, we'll look into Nut House or Tess' room.

Activities Fair:

  • Elliot will ask S&B if we can share their table. Tess volunteers. It's Tuesday from 7-9 pm – swing by if you're free.



  • Left her keys in Alaska. Kaya will give her LAD24 at strike.
  • Her cell is (401) 787-5327.

The Piano:

  • We do not object to Ross turning the elbow into a piano lounge. We decide to take the expensive piano in the UpSpace, move ours down to 112, and move the upright to 114. We generally agree, though, that places like the Met School would get more use out of the grand piano than pw. Blair will find out the origins of the current UpSpace piano to figure out how much ownership we have of it.

Manton Avenue Project:

  • The biggest problem would be the state of the third slot set. It's already a short slot, and whatever's in there wouldn't be structurally sound at that stage in building. We decide that they can use the UpSpace, not the DownSpace, although we now love Jenny and the decision pains us. Kaya will talk to her.

The Empty Space:

  • Tess can't mount the pictures. (pause) Tess volunteers to see how much mounting in stores costs. (pause)



  • Blair has a class that meets Mondays 8-11 pm, so she won't be able to make the start of strikes for the rest of the semester and stair chacker has now become an empty title, much like dumpster boy.

Fat Alex:

  • URC wants a rep and he might apply to get more funding for the arts on campus, and as a way of potentially reforming UFB. We encourage him to examine the links between UFB and the URC first, and to see how much of an influence he would have.
  • Thin Alex is dead to us.


  • The dimmers on the left downstairs don't dim. Blair will call it in while she's calling other stuff in.


  • Alexi the fish is a very bad fish. We will meet him soon.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Tess Lantos, Todd Lipcon, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Hannah Lewis (on leave), and Emily Drumsta (on leave)


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Taken by Brian, htmlized by Todd.

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