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Production Workshop Minutes

27 august 2006


In attendance: Elliot, Scampen, Hannah, Tara, James, Kaya, Ross, Charlie, Andrew, Wave OTF Visiting: Dan Rogers, Nick Leiserson

SooT (is this how you abbreviate it? yes? no? damn):

  • Lauren Fischer is costume designer.
  • Lost one actor but no deal.
  • kaya hates puns.
  • SooT will be in the round.
  • Dan will steal his own shopping cart.
  • They expect set building to be done by first week of rehearsal.
  • Charlie will get Dan/Nick money. Dan/Nick should have a shopping list by tomorrow.
  • Ross will get SooT theys keys and print out key contracts.
  • SooT will do an extra performance on Sunday 2pm.
  • Elliot will email Dan about getting a tag-line about the show for posters. Need it for next Friday

Todd wore sandals so that he could dabble and get out.


  • mostly great
  • scampen reports on the breaking-and-entering-theft and breaking-and-entering-return in the dance room. We should check: is the door of the dance room locker still broken?


  • they left duv up
  • one of the panes of glass in the furniture room broke. Hannah (mistakenly) told Jenny Peek not to pay for it. The co-chairs of the furniture room will look into it.


  • Tara and Ariel are thinking of proposing. It’s old news. James will send out emails. Proposals are due Sept. 6th (wed). That’s the day after classes start.
  • We will not poster for second slot. But we WILL get the word out re email. Alanna should do this.


  • Theatre orientation: Leeds, 8pm? September 4th. As many people as can come should. Ross will give the blurb about PW.
  • Saturday 7-9pm activities fair. Todd will fight MF with freshman, Molotov cocktails, and kisses. If we get a 300 lb. freshman we will have to roll her/him. Tara and Ross are definitely going. Other people should too.
  • Magicana: Andrew is a conjurer.
  • Ross is telling long stories about black people and mississippi.
  • Gay magician is an aesthetic that James doesn’t quite understand.


  • Monday Sept. 4. 1-4pm.
  • We have decided to not decide who will be at PW at what time. Elliot will be there the whole time.
  • Next week we will assign a person to get pizza.
  • We will be wearing ‘cool clothes’. Alex will wear the blow-up cow.
  • We still need to procure a bear costume. – Ross will apply for a grant.


  • still there.
  • did the old fancy nice one get tuned? I think not. MF or music dept./whoever put it here should pay for it. But music dept has no chair at the moment.


  • Andrew’s parents have purchased PW a new grill. It is traveling 3,000 miles.
  • Elliot thought he did have business, probably does, but can’t remember.
  • We need to clean. We will do it next Sunday either before or after the meeting.
  • First decision meeting is Sat. Sept 9.
  • Fucker will change the pw page to pwiki.
  • Ross will email Phil re risers.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Ross Cowan, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Elliot Quick, James Rutherford, Alana Jacoby, Alex Rosental, Kaya Schmandt, Tara Schuster, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Andrew Evans, Allison Grubbs, and Tess Lantos (on leave).


Taken by Sarah, wiki-fied by Justin.

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