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Production Workshop Minutes

30 april 2006

In attendance: Alex, Justin, Alana, Charly, Elliot, James, Andrew, Blair, Brian, Kaya, Scampen

Visiting: Matt Naylor, Nick Leiserson


  • Todd is working out details of piano tunings with MF. They've already made over $600 at the door.
  • Strike starts at 10:15. Closed-toed shoes, etc. Strike jobs:
    • Running it: Ross and Alex
    • Electrics in the Space: Justin (leaving early)
    • Electrics in the Room: Alana and Sarah
    • Shop: Andrew and Elliot
    • Box office: Brian
    • Hot Room: Blair *see Glengarry Glen Ross seating plats note
    • Props: Charly
    • Furniture: James
    • Costumes: Blair
    • Paint: Kaya
    • UpSpace: Kaya
    • Booth: Todd


  • wants to put the seating plats up on Tuesday, and would strike them after the Sunday matinee.
  • They will come to strike to help move seating platforms upstairs. We'll move them around the building to not block up the stairwell. So, hot room becomes seating platform movement coordination, basically.
  • Will borrow some lights.
  • Will do let-ins and monitors over email.
  • Won't be using the Blueroom.

Urinetown take 2:

  • Friday night saw another chair slip down the plats a little. Todd and Justin are checking out new plats, though they're almost taking backseat to the dimmers now.

Beauty Queen:

  • auditions happening NOW. The cast (all four of them) may or may not come to strike depending on if they see the list and aren't busy. The staff will be there, though.
  • Elliot is PM, Charly APM. Karin Freed and Paul W(someone Andrew knows) might be interested in ASMing. Jenny, Dan, and Benry are having set meetings. Jon Roberts is sound designing. Andrew is now the makeup artist! Someone throws out the name Andrew Brindamour. Still need a lighting designer and a costume designer (Chloe Paisley? Gabrielle Fuentes? Sarah Campen with a mentor, maybe Tess?)


  • wait on Todd's input before coming up with a piano policy.
  • If we get new seating platforms for the downspace, our old ones could live in the upspace. This seems a Very Good Idea.
  • Sarah will tell Adam that yes, we can advertise UpSpace stuff in our weekly email.

Skin of our Teeth:

  • Nick gives Justin a receipt
  • Auditions Monday and Tuesday (it's up on the website)
  • Having a production meeting on Saturday about set, housing, etc.
  • Need a costume designer. Are advertising at RISD this week.

Grants: tabled

Piano: tabled. Still there.

Space Maintenance:

  • The order is in for the induction lights!
  • Alex will check to make sure it can get done between commencement and June 14.

Final Board BBQ and Job Reassignment:

  • Plan on Friday, May 19 at 6 pm. Check your schedules and the Beauty Queen schedule NOW to make sure this date works.



  • won't be here next week because of African Dance rehearsal. We should all come to her final show.
  • People owe donuts who aren't bringing them.


  • Make your wishlists at strike so we can talk about them at the next meeting!
  • Heard tell of a disagreement between Aaron Cutler and Urinetown about who has first dibs on our props. The answer is Urinetown. Charly “will bitch slap Aaron”.


  • Summer Studies! He's negotiating housing now, and our people will probably be Sarah and Sasha.


  • Did Matt Forkin bring back the plats?
  • Will email Sarah and Sasha about hazmat training.


  • is composing the email to Hannah. Will include highlights such as our Escapades, what happened with commencement slot rights, and much love.


  • Elliot was talking with Mikey P about how the UpSpace used to run–with even more full productions, more active than now. They want to stress the importance of soundproofing so we at least can have UpSpace activity during tech weeks and increase the use of the space.
  • Justin says the SAO/SAAB might already be looking into this, so we should wait a little.


  • Erica/the little kids cancelled their May 8 show, which is technically within the three weeks, but since Olive Thief could use that extra day, pw decides not to keep the deposit and take money from little kids.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Andrew Evans, Allison Grubbs, Alana Jacoby, Todd Lipcon, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Tara Schuster, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Tess Lantos (on leave), Hannah Lewis (on leave), and Emily Drumsta (on leave)


Taken by Blair, wiki-fied by Todd.

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