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PW Minutes

23 april 2006

In attendance: Kaya, Tara, Ross, Todd, Brian, Allison, Elliot, James, Justin, Sarah, Alex, Andrew, Blair, Alana, Charly Visiting: Austin (commencement), Nick (Skin), Briel (MF), Matt Naylor (upspace)


  • good tech today, doing sound stuff tomorrow.
  • The other orange ladder broke. We need to teach people how to use them.
  • MF will do seating plats tomorrow, so we don't have to.
  • MF will send Blair a blurb about the show and where to reserve tickets–or else Blair will just pull it off the MF website.
  • Need a spot op (will go out in email). That person should either email Alana or just show up at 6.
  • MF somehow thinks they passed Children of Eden as their commencement slot show. They are probably incorrect.
  • Ushers:
    • Friday at 8: Blair
    • Saturday at 8: Justin
    • Sunday at 2: Todd
    • Sunday at 8: Alex
    • Monday at 8: Elliot
    • All other board members: you get one reserve for yourself. Email Hannah Miller tomorrow to tell her which performance.

Matt Naylor/UpSpace:

  • performing Glengarry Glen Ross in the UpSpace (cast includes Nick Reber and Patrick Sheehan)
  • Matt will email Kaya when they'd like to use the space–any day before 6. She'll do the Friday noon let-in.
  • Need simple lighting. Matt will send Kaya and Blair a blurb for the regular and tech lists. Can borrow lights as of next Tuesday (after Urinetown strike).
  • Will borrow some furniture, including a chalkboard (wait, we don't have one) and a free-standing door (still living in the shop).
  • Will discuss whether or not they can have risers in the upstairs space later.

Beauty Queen of Leenane:

  • Has Cynthia Hogue (sp?) as dialect coach, Amanda Glassman as SM, Aaron Cutler as AD, and Benry/Dan Rogers as set mentors. Still needs costumes, TD (Alex will send him a name), LD (maybe Todd), PM (maybe Elliot), props, sound. If Elliot PMs, Justin and Brian will co-bozo.
  • Todd will send them the show packet. Austin will send housing info to him as he takes on people.
  • Auditions will happen this weekend so that there's a cast by strike. Elliot and Justin will help reserve rooms (like UpSpace during the day). Copy of the script will be in the Becker. When locations and times set, advertising begins.
  • Justin explains reqs, and will get one for posters when they're ready.
  • The director can have whoever he wants as a casting board.
  • Tara and Todd will go to ResLife in person to discuss housing fee.

Skin of Our Teeth:

  • Auditions May 1 and 2, callbacks May 3. Looking into reserving the Cave.
  • Have posters and free copying, will poster and tableslip soon.
  • Still need a costume designer. Dan should ask the costume shop assistants personally.
  • How will they get money during build? We'll officially list Charly as second signatory, and she'll be around then. Also, we'll leave the Home Despot cards in the box office.
  • They'll have the set by two weekends from now. It may consist of many soft flats, so they may apply for a CAC grant.


  • Set through May 2007. Brian will post it on pwiki, Todd will make it iCal, and Kaya will from there send then free weekends to Elliot for COBAB's perusal. We'll start advertising its availability with posters this Wednesday, but officially open the UpSpace next Tuesday.
  • MF will perform before third slot, which will be the last weekend of November (same as BrownBrokers). There's still a week-long slot, to be decided later.


  • Charly will use the space tomorrow from 12-1.
  • Justin will get a req for the UpSpace posters.
  • Laurabeth didn't strike her set, and wants to come in to film it. Kaya will contact her.


  • We pass Emily's $75.
  • We decide to give Cutter the money.
  • Justin will give Alex cash for the hazer.

HOLD ON A MINUTE, regular minutes, there be a new pw tradition in the works. Remember how last ADOCH barbeque we left the grill out in the rain to get rusty, and when we decided to go retrieve the rusty mess, we found out that it, in fact, had been stolen? Well, it seems we left the grill out in the heavy rain again, and ANDREW is going to see if it is still there. PW cannot be entrusted with a grill!


  • We will not appeal our budget. We got more total than before, though no equipment for next semester.
  • We got more in plant ops for the dimmers, but we have to act on that SOON–as in this semester, with dimmer replacement over the summer. Todd's on it.
  • Tomorrow UFB releases why it made the decisions it did.


  • DownSpace is freezing.


  • MF will pay for it to be tuned once this semester, and Ricky/SAO pay for one just after the summer. Needs to be tuned roughly every six months, though slightly more often after moving.



  • researched washer and dryer. says it will be $700-800 plus $200 warrantee. James will ask the department about theirs, water, etc.
  • Todd and Tara will figure out if we have a gas or electric hookup.


  • Sarah and Brian will meet about Summer Studies tomorrow. Brian is talking with Sasha as well, but if she cannot do it, we need to think of someone else we trust to take the job. (needs to be okay with ladders.)
  • Find out soon so Alex has company during the boring HazMat training that is, somehow, comparable to episodes of 24. Like everything. And everything.


  • Alex will talk to Matt Forkin about when he's bringing back the plats, though if any board member sees him around, ask him!


  • will check out 112 for next week's meeting. Ricky is assembling a report on the use of TF Green for David Greene, which may or may not affect money allocation to the building.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Andrew Evans, Allison Grubbs, Alana Jacoby, Todd Lipcon, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Tara Schuster, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Tess Lantos (on leave), Hannah Lewis (on leave), and Emily Drumsta (on leave)


Taken by Blair, wiki-fied by Todd.

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