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PW Minutes

16 april 2006

In Attendance: Blair, Brian, James, Tara, Elliot, Justin, Allison, Alana, Kaya, Alex, Ross, Andrew

Visiting: Hannah Miller (MF), Emily Pudalov (Melancholy/grants), Emily Drumsta (Melancholy), Nick (PM, Skin), Dan Rogers (Skin)


  • Caitlyn (costume designer) wants to keep Salome's costume. Blair will find out how much of the costume came from pw versus what she provided herself, and then decide.
  • Alex will return the neutron hazer to ATR Treehouse on Tuesday morning. Justin will have a req for $65 ready for him.
  • Urinetown will head over after their run. NEW STRIKE START TIME: 9:30, after the photo call. MF board will come at 10:30.
  • STRIKE JOBS: *closed toed shoes, etc*
    • Running it: Justin (until Alex or Ross come)
    • Hot Room: James
    • Shop: Sarah
    • Electrics in the Space: Alana
    • UpSpace: Kaya
    • Costumes: Blair (won't be there until 11) and Sarah
    • Booth: Brian
    • Box Office: Allison
    • Props: Tara
    • Paint room: Kaya
    • Furniture: Elliot
    • Green Room: Charly

Musical Forum:

  • will get keys at strike. Elliot (master carpenter!) will help with access to the space before then as needed.
  • The pw board will be able to email 1 reserve to Hannah Miller, though we will have a better idea of when next week when we pick ushers.


  • Are working on a PM. Sound designer- Alice Shay, Lighting designer- Todd, costumes- Chloe Paisley. They need a TD and assistants!
  • Are having production and design meetings this week, and a meeting with Sasha about auditions (probably early next week)
  • Emily Drumsta will call New Dramatists (Mikey P) to ask about rights and the latest draft of the script after Justin and Allison's run-in with a friend of the playwright at Saturday's Salome performance.

The Skin of Our Teeth:

  • Todd will email out the show packet, and Nick will send it to the staff and make sure they read it.
  • The show will definitely be September 22-25. Elliot/Brian will email out information about the rest of the calendar.
  • Turns out the “study break” rule doesn't apply to performances. So, Skin of Our Teeth= fine, Skin Power God = study break.
  • Need a costume designer. Will have a production meeting this week, and will send Blair a blurb for the email.
  • Will audition before the end of the month (after Melancholy, and no conflict with mainstage's Much Ado)
  • Dan will get one set of keys at the end of this year, and the staff will get the rest at the start of next year.
  • Dorms open the 31st or 1st, but we can come back a few days early – Todd will help arrange this.


  • Emily Pudalov is applying for a $50 grant to buy various hygiene/beauty products for her Fem Sex final project – a video about creating an androgynous body that will involve her applying these products to her naked body while she's upside down in a chair. Wow. The name Miranda July gets thrown in there.
  • She can give us a more detailed list of products if needed.
  • She'll know by next week's meeting.


  • Laurabeth's solo show this week. Let-ins and monitors:
    • Let-in Sunday @ 3: Andrew
    • Let-in Tuesday @ (9? Kaya, I have an illegible scribble here): Sarah
    • Let-in Wednesday @ 5:30: Kaya
    • Let-in Thursday @ 5:30: Alana
    • Let-in Friday @ 5:30: Brian
    • Let-in Saturday @ 5:30: Allison
    • Monitor Wednesday @ 7: Tara
    • Monitor Thursday @ 7: Elliot
    • Monitor Friday @ 7: Blair
    • Monitor Saturday @ 7: Sarah


  • Does anyone have time to help him move the shelving units in 216 to 205A?


  • bought gaff tape, electrical tape, and bulbs. We need to make room wish lists at strike, prioritizing fixing our plats.


  • Blair and Brian will buy burgers, buns, bubblies and burnable substances before the BBQ.
  • BBQ is from 1-3 pm. Kaya, Blair and (your name here) will get there early to set up. Andrew and (your name here!) promise to stay late and clean up.
  • The “What is pw” is on the board section of the website – check it for typos!
  • Ross is the official grillmaster

and needs to bring the grill.


  • Alex called in the double door.
  • The emergency lights turning on is something hardwired into the system, but someone's supposed to come look at them.
  • Will follow up this week on the induction lights.


  • tabled. Justin's word of the week: tuning.



  • Wants Better Than Dinner practice ASAP before Tuesday's game. Blair apologizes for missing it, invites the board to her panel presentation at 5.


  • how can we better help costume designers? Maybe tell them to start designing by looking at the capabilities of the costume shop. Also look for costume builders/master seamstresses as part of show staff. More help from PMs in setting and keeping specific deadlines.
  • Tara will look into the costs of a washer and drier.
  • The Attitude show wants an LD. It's in Salomon, and it will be paid.
  • Will find out more about the perks of joining the Student Union.
  • Is running for vice-chair of UFB and wants our support. Also wants help creating an UFBwiki. (said oof-bwiki)


  • don't know how it happened, but we need to pay those three Daily Jolt invoices (roughly $500 for three semesters)


  • will take the issue of ResLife always fighting us on housing to the dean/higher power. Maybe McGarty/Chris O'Neil could back us up. Note: MF and BOLT both are offered $25 housing flat fee. Tara will talk to Todd to get up to speed.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Andrew Evans, Allison Grubbs, Alana Jacoby, Todd Lipcon, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Tara Schuster, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Tess Lantos (on leave), Hannah Lewis (on leave), and Emily Drumsta (on leave)


Taken by Blair, wiki-fied by Todd.

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