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PW Minutes

9 april 2006

In Attendance: Blair, Brian, Todd, Ross, Elliot, James, Alex, Justin, Alana, Tara, Allison, Andrew

Visiting: Emily Lucille Drumsta, Emily Lucille Pudalov, Sasha Khmelnik, Laurabeth Greenwald, Amanda Glassman, Briel Steinberg, Almaz Dessie

Laurabeth/UpSpace show:

  • looking for a stage manager, so send her names! She wants to tech on the 16th, and the show is from the 18th to the 22nd. Wants to find one by Wednesday. Todd explains how to email the pw tech list about it. We suggest some names.
  • Also wants some video and simple lights. Todd will show her how to write cues with the rep plot. We suggest renting a projector from Media Services.

Musical Forum:

  • Want to know ASAP about next semester's calendar (and the whole year, if possible) since they need to work out guaranteed rehearsal space if their room gets taken in the redistribution.
  • Calendar should be interesting because there are now two weekends after Thanksgiving, which might affect rehearsal/tech schedules.
  • Brian (the calendar strumpet) and Elliot (the calendar strumpette) will meet with Briel and probably Sasha this week at Loui's to figure out the calendar.


  • Best quote from the two times the hazer set off the fire alarms: “Bob, there's some artsy-fartsy shit going on here.”
  • Last night it was a power cord that tripped, turning off the fan that clears the haze from the booth. Today the fan just turned off again. We can't afford for it to happen again, so Salome will haze in the space where possible, and keep it on for no more than an hour at a time! Amanda will talk to Jono about it.
  • Andrew will be painting tonight at 10.
  • The emergency lights have gone on again. Alex will call it in again, but we should be able to figure out their pattern, right?
  • Cues were not recorded at tech, but Kait was noting down levels and fade times.
  • No show budget should be spent on debauchery.
  • Did the Twelfth Night ply get replaced?
  • USHERS! All shows at 8. The first person listed is the House Manager, who needs to get there at 6:30 to fill out fire safety forms, etc. Other ushers come at 7.
    • Friday: Alex and Alana
    • Saturday: Blair, Brian, Allison
    • Sunday: James, Tara, Elliot
    • Monday: Todd, Andrew, Justin

The Melancholy Play:

  • They want to find their whole staff this week, and plan on a set design in two weeks. They need a TD, PM, SounD, LD, ME, costumes (they have people in mind), and assistants. Sasha wants eight ASMs. Consulting with Todd about lights and building stuff, and with Benry. For TDs, they're thinking Matt Ball, Jesse, Alex S-Y. PMs we suggest Charly, Sophia Shackleton

then we express our excitement to come in and help build. Look, it made the minutes. Alex will pass on the people who emailed him when he was mentor.

  • They may email people about being on their casting board. Sasha and Drumsta will engage in some scheduling this week.
  • E.Pu mentions something about wanting to steal McGarty's transparent paper in a rather lascivious way. Want to invade the pirate ship? Visit from 2:30-6 on Tuesdays!
  • MF in Leeds is only paying $25 for Commencement Housing! Todd will try to argue that for us as well, and if not, an arrangement may be in the works.
  • Elliot and Justin are co-bozos, and can help with things like posters and room reservations.

First Slot:

  • What are the dates? Will be figured out at the calendar meeting, but generally 3-4 weeks after classes start. We hope to know by the decision meeting (Saturday).


  • tabled, but next week we'll be able to talk about when to open it up to the public for next semester.


  • just the emergency lights


  • tabled

Summer Studies:

  • Charly is out, and probably Elliot as well, but Sarah might still be interested. We'll talk about it soon so that the people can get haz mat training.


  • It's still there.
  • Justin will ask about tuning


  • A tutorial will go on in the box office after the meeting for those who want.
  • Todd wants to throw up most of it this week, with some links to the pwegular where pages aren't complete yet. Won't advertise it until registration is ready.
  • Will include an explanatory “What is pwiki?” page. (Blair suggests just writing “Pwiki is you” and seeing what happens.)



  • Sasha gave us a very nice Swiss cheese-shaped door wedge.
  • Will forward the email she got from Meghan Gill (who thinks Blair's the leader of a student group?) about problems with poor advertising of UFB nominations. [Web extra: this become a moot point before I remembered to do it.]
  • We decide to stick to our policy of not participating in campus politics and not endorsing UFB members as an organization. We can do it as individuals, though. Blair cringes at the thought of a 10-hour UFB endorsement decision meeting.


  • See Top Girls at the Gamm with him!
  • UFB meeting tomorrow at 7 in Petteruti, and another on Thursday in the SAO. They're trying to create a 3rd body not UCS or UFB.


  • will continue to represent us on SAAB next year.
  • Todd and Justin will meet about expenditures this week, so send wish lists to them. We at least need to look at side rails and more platform legs.


  • Matt Forkin is borrowing the platforms this Friday and returning them on Sunday.


  • Will take four shorter pieces of pipe for New Plays, with Alana's blessing.
  • Did we ever get the pw bar back from Leeds???


  • Asks how to usher/HM. The HM at the performance will explain the ropes to the new members.


  • Can we donate to charity already? Justin will check it out this week.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Andrew Evans, Allison Grubbs, Alana Jacoby, Todd Lipcon, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Tara Schuster, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Tess Lantos (on leave), Hannah Lewis (on leave), and Emily Drumsta (on leave)


Taken by Blair, wiki-fied by Todd.

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