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Production Workshop Minutes

2 april 2006

* aka the “business of doom” meeting. Email me before the meeting if you have items for the agenda.

In attendance: Blair, Brian, Todd, Ross, Sarah, Elliot, James, Alex, Alana, Justin, Kaya, Charly, Andrew, Allison

Visiting: Amanda (Salome)

Budget part I:

  • Justin asks us all to review the budget proposal he’s passing around during the meeting.


  • pw will paint the floor on Monday at 11 pm provided Justin can get Alex a $60 Adler’s req in time for him to buy paint.
  • We ask Salome to spend the grant money first
  • Sarah’s dress is made out of those plastic lemons and limes! Amazing!
  • Jono will be putting in lights, many under seating platforms, so there will be no real dark day.

Manton Avenue Project:

  • was AMAZING. Talk of proposing Manton Ave for a pw slot, or to not do shows anymore and just hold Manton Ave.
  • Kaya recommends sitting across from Elliot to watch his reaction during shows.
  • MAP used a lot of our lights, sound, and simple furniture. House was roughly 110, so great turnout.
  • We had to use two cans from the box office fridge when someone needed an ice pack. Ross: vamp up the first aid kits with Tylenol, eye wash, anything else that’s missing. Blair will bring in ice packs and leave them in the box office fridge.

Commencement Slot:

  • we hold a moment (quarter second) of silence for the dead Pillowman proposal.
  • 5 proposers: Emilys, Austin, Jen Silverman/Melissa Kagen, Dana Kroplick, and Kurt. Alex will post scripts (where possible) and proposals on pwiki.
  • Need to list on pwegular: If script and proposal are emailable, print out 1 copy. If not, provide 2-3 hard copies.

First Slot:

  • Sarah hasn’t seen any drafts yet. Potentially Jose, Charly/Allison, Ariel, Dan Rogers, Tara.


  • Is still here. Thanks for that one, Kaya.
  • Anna Friedlander is in this week. Kaya will email out let-ins, which we HAVE TO DO since she’ll be backpacking in New Jersey and won’t be able to hound us.
  • Keep the curtain covering the piano, and stop storing things like water bottles on top of it!
  • Pete and Caitlyn broke a bowl. They did not break the ceiling tile. We’ll keep $10 of their deposit. Their show was a huge success. Blair apologizes for her fit of temper over email. The board clarifies the responsibilities of the monitor.


  • There is a broken ceiling tile on the ground. Time for the hunt for the hole.

Grants: tabled.


  • activities fair from 12-1:30 (setup at 11:30). Todd, Justin, Ross and Allison will attend.
  • BBQ from 1-3 pm same day. Duties divvied up later.


  • leave a key in the UpSpace booth.
  • “I’m not even sure it is a piano.” Todd, in reference to our old piano. Also: “That action needs to be completely rebuilt.”
  • We decide we’d either like a promise that the SAO will replace our piano when the big one finds a new home, or to let us sell the old one and keep the money so we can invest in one ourselves later.

Empty Space:

  • Blair and Kaya present Todd with hooks. So close.


  • We like the idea of pwiki eventually replacing pwegular.
  • James, the newly-dubbed Mini-stir of Miss Information, advocates for stories being false. “The lies need a place to live!” Kaya gets a little irate.
  • Debate as to whether pages available to the public should either not link to board pages at all, or should link to specially designed “DO NOT ENTER” pages to play up the mystery. We should add stories about, say, the tiger and operation blackbeard.
  • We should give all PWAM/PW alums access. Debate over the name PWAM: suggested alterations include PWAN (PW Alumni Never) and PWAA (PW Alumni Almost).
  • Blair thinks we decided this: random addresses get no editing rights. Brown addresses can edit the greenbook and tips, etc, when they email Todd to ask for an account. Board and board alums have all access.
  • Request to make the greenbook actually green, especially if that means you can’t see the links anymore. Also show photos. On the site, not made green, that is.
  • The blueroom will remain external to pwiki. Todd is working on blueroom2, which will allow cast/crew to reserve on website instead of just emailing Ross. There’ll be a field for names we can check to make sure no Brown/RISD reserves. The first performance that reserves over 25% automatically becomes the 50% of house night. However, it will have a manual override.



  • Opening the Blue Room at noon made sense when it was in the middle of campus when everyone was there, not at home near a computer. Now that it’s online, should we open it at a more convenient time for college kids? Answer: yes. 12:01 am on Thursday.
  • Garland sends her love.
  • Kaya won’t be at the paint party or at either meeting this weekend because of BOLT.


  • BUDGET! [Justin, I hope this is accurate. This was me following as best I could.] We still want to pay for rights from paid services. We also will ask more in copying since we always go over. This is the year to ask for more, we were told.
  • It’s okay for them to know about grants since we’re funding independent students from our earned funds, not groups.
  • Justin will lower the paid services request to something more accurate, and will raise supplies. We can talk about how the price of lumber is up (post-hurricanes), and how our budget has been cut the past few years.
  • Plant ops: we still need it because we’re looking into hiring a university electrician to look at/fix our dimmers. Todd estimates around $500. We should put it in our fall budget and try to raise funds to do it over winter break.
  • Better Than Dinner’s schedule is up, and will be posted on pwiki. We’re the home team, so we bat second and won’t be able to filibuster if they get a run in the first inning. We should reschedule the Saturday game that’s during our decision meeting.
  • McGarty wants to be our coach.


  • Will be fixing a ladder. Todd: “Get some nuts, Justin.”


  • Will be missing the next three Sunday meetings because of Hungry Woman. We’ll keep next week’s meeting at the usual 1 pm time.


  • Summer Studies will be working the same way it did last year. Runs June 16-July 28, so we need to fix our sodiums by then.
  • Will be two part-time jobs, preferably by two pw people. Charly and Sarah express initial interest, though we’ll make this decision in a couple of weeks. Summer Studies offers to come in to a pw meeting to field questions.


  • Not making rights come out of show budget is a good idea. Makes it fair, so student-written plays and other plays have same amount of money to work with. Ex. Pillowman rights are $60/performance.
  • We’ll keep the budget $650, pay for rights up to $200, and demand rights be included IN THE PROPOSAL.


  • Who is in our Space and hexed the UpSpace open? Blair will remind Kaitlyn to make sure the UpSpace is locked each night. There may be a rogue key.


  • needs to leave the decision meeting at 1 or 2 pm because of a family affair.
  • Connie asked if she could leave the Cave’s door (used in MAP) in the shop for a day until she can get the van. We say only if she promises to take her whiteboard, too.


  • say something excitedly about Richard Foreman’s Zomboid! In there is a critique of pw as too tame. Todd responds with, “Tame? But donkeys are the tamest animals of all!” (Zomboid! included a donkey)


  • Alana met the ex-Arrr!/UFB rep who suggested renovating TF Green, an idea swooped down upon by Dean Jablonski. They suggest perhaps the reason UFB is so reluctant to give us money for the sodiums is because they reluctantly funded the renovations in the first place. Alex stresses that the ex-pirate was on our side so we shouldn’t email bomb her.

the PW board is: Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Andrew Evans, Allison Grubbs, Alana Jacoby, Todd Lipcon, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Tara Schuster, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Tess Lantos (on leave), Hannah Lewis (on leave), and Emily Drumsta (on leave)


Taken by Blair, wiki-fied by Todd.

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