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"Production Workshop Minutes"

25 september 2005

In attendance: Blair, Hannah, Alex, Kaya, Brian, Ross, Garland, Elliot, Justin, Alana
Visiting: Michelle (director), Jenny (set designer), Hannah (pm)

The Invention of Love:

  • Can we have people include the names of the people who'll be picking up the cast/crew reserve tickets? It just makes it easier.
  • Remember that we have a minimum house policy of 85 seats. This house was 77. This is not a good thing. Blair hates turning people away.
  • The budget came in at exactly $650. Excellent. But, our props people didn't know we have a props room until Wednesday. We have to take a more active role in orienting people new to pw. Alana will make a new sign.
  • Strike jobs!
    • Running strike: Ross with padawan Alex
    • Electrix in the Space: Garland
    • Electrix in the bedRoom: Justin
    • Costumes: Hannah
    • Props: Alana
    • Box office: Brian (after UpSpace, and Blair can help)
    • Sound Pile/Booth: Todd
    • Hot Room: Blair
    • Shop: Kaya
    • UpSpace: Brian (and give it a nice mopping!)
    • Furniture: Elliot.

The Mousetrap:

  • We have a CAST!
  • Johanna Tower is costume designer, and Caroline Gray is props
  • Remind everyone to come to strike and wear good, closed-toed shoes.

Three Chairs, Two Cubes:

  • There are 32 scripts. Brian, Blair, and Alex are the 3C2C reading subcommittee, but our hearts will always be with you, Elliot.
  • We should put the scripts on the website, though not linked through the site. Make sense?
  • Brian and Elliot will talk to TA23 and TA3 classes about directing and auditioning. Brian will alter the posters and put 'em up. Blair will handle tableslips and Ratty theft.
  • Garland is the lighting designer. Elliot is the set designer.

Third Slot:

  • Blair's begun talking with James Rutherford, Tara and Jeff, and Wade. She'll make up a poster, probably altering the pregnancy one. Someone mentions Arnold in the movie Junior.

UpSpace UpDate:

  • Our deposit is $50, and we keep it if they cancel within three weeks of their reserved time. We don't give back the money if they find someone else to take that time, because usually we have a wait list going and it's more fair to give it to whoever's on the waitlist.
  • We'll ask people to come in to the Sunday meeting before their performance.
  • There are three empty weekends left this semester.
  • Hannah and Kaya will talk about COBAB. They'll pick an empty weekend. November 5, after prom on the 4th, is suggested, but that IS MF dry tech. Alana will consult with MF.

Katrina Benefit:

  • It's on Saturday. Ross will confirm with the groups and send Garland an official list for web publicity. So far it's Arrr! Mezcla, Chattertocks, Beasts of Funny, imProvidence, Word!
  • Elliot will post it on the Jolt. Blair will send it out in the Katr-email and make a poster.
  • Seating platforms? Ross will consult with Michelle at strike about how many we leave up, etc. Plan on staying after the benefit to strike them.

Space Maintenance:

  • Alex wants to recalibrate the saw, but the manual is nowhere to be found. He's going to be in charge of getting manuals for our things and filing them nicely in the shop. He'll also email Sam about the saw.
  • It's still cold in the DownSpace! Apparently someone came in and promised to 'recalibrate the computer', or at least to 'confuse Kaya'. Blair will follow up on that.


  • Update the website to read Hannah, and update the Upspace to Kaya.
  • Elliot and Justin think that Jolt ads attributed to Bia were already paid.
  • We'd like to use a 1/4 page in the BDH to advertise grants.

Empty Space: tabled.



  • Blair says we should officially write up and sign the TF Green Noise Policy during pw performances. Read: Only 205 can be used during pw performances and our invited dress, and only then if the people using 205 enter and exit through the 5 Young O doors. (Note: at the Sunday matinee, COBAB was walking in and out.)
  • Ross made three signs that go on the three interior doors nearest the space, asking people to leave through the second floor. Todd, please add the noise information to the show packet.


  • Alex and Alana won't be here next week.
  • Are we incorporating enough first-years into the second slot show? Answer: three are cast, and there are two on the staff. Step in the right direction.

the PW board is: Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, Kaya Schmandt, Justin Spiegel, Sarah Campen (on leave), Emily Drumsta (on leave), and Tess Lantos (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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