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"Production Workshop Minutes"

18 september 2005

In Attendance: Blair, Brian, Kaya, Alana, Hannah, Todd, Alex, Elliot, Garland, Ross
Visiting: Michelle Oing

The Invention of Love:

  • Teched and did a run today, lasted 2.5 hours with intermission.
  • 11 pm MONDAY seating platforms. Don't be late.
  • PAINT CALLS Monday at 11 pm and Tuesday at 11 pm.
  • Garland will ready the tickets online. There are five performances. Blair'll put it in the email.
  • Something about the computer defying physics and losing time, so be sure to fix it before tickets go online so that noon is noon.
  • Todd won't be at next week's meeting, but he wants to do sound at strike. The cycs should also be recabled as rehearsal lights at strike.
  • AE Housemanaging:
    • Friday: Kaya, Hannah
    • Saturday: Blair, Garland
    • Sunday 3: Brian, Blair
    • Sunday 8: Justin, Ross
    • Monday: Alex, Alana

The Mousetrap:

  • Deciding staff after this meeting. Elliot and Alana will co-bozo.
  • We need to haul buns to find a TD or co-TD.

Third Slot:

  • Blair will mentor. It's going to be a tough slot.

Three Chairs, Two Cubes:

  • Blair'll include a note about submitting and directing in the email
  • Brian contacted the playwriting professors and is getting a positive response.

UpSpace UpDate:

  • Kaya is our new Upstairs Space Coordinator! (rounds of applause)
  • Kaya has a Mac. Todd will geek out about calendars with her. Garland will update the webpage.

Space Maintenance:

  • Can we wash the floor in the Upstairs Space?
  • The saw blades are on the corkboard behind the saws or deep in the cabinet. Something about brief looking and Benry flipping tricks in the shop.
  • There's still water in the malfunctioning drain by 205 and it's freezing in the DownSpace. Blair will call it in to FacMan.

New Members:

  • Will be held November 12. [Justin, does this work for you?]
  • Will NOT be called a schmooze.

Vision Meeting:

  • Will be held December 9, yes, during reading period.

Katrina Benefit:

  • Arrr! The Chattertocks, Mezcla maybe, improvidence maybe. Still should ask Out of Bounds, Word!, Lion Dance team… maybe some drumming groups! Oo!

PW Prom:

  • Will be November 4. Todd's okay with us being in there on his dark day.
  • Ross is no longer just “Student Building Manager”. He got promoted to “Events Staff Assistant Manager”, which means a $.50 raise and more work.
  • With the new banner policy, we should be sneaky and reserve, like, a Friday and Sunday, assuming no one will want one day in the middle. Blair and Garland will hang this show's banner after Brian paints the website on it (, and if you hit ctrl+enter, the computer automatically adds the www).
  • Elliot is on top of baby ads on the Jolt and adding the events listing.



  • TDing has become a huge-to-overwhelming job for one person. Suggests we have a COMMITTED Master Carpenter or co-TD on each show so there are at least two people building in the space.
  • THE BOARD NEEDS TO TAKE A MORE ACTIVE ROLE, especially helping MF which has a shorter build schedule.
  • Should we officialize the build crew on each staff? Should we invite TA25 to help us build, or get TA3 kids to get credit for pw shows? Elliot says that'll never happen.
  • Brian found that during the 80s, people said that it'd be harder to get people to help build during the day because of our location on campus. Should pw become more of a hang-out place so that there's a greater circulation of people?
  • Some of these questions need to be discussed at the Vision meeting, coupled with questions about the feasibility/size of our sets and budgets.


  • The eye bolt to the speaker has disappeared. He'll check mainstage or go to Home Despot. But, first, he'll make sure our newly-repaired speaker is actually safely attached to the grid so that it doesn't break again nor hurt anybody, RIGHT, TODD?


  • Nick Reber now wants the second weekend in October, but does he know it's the long weekend? Brian will pass the conversation on to Kaya.


  • After seating platforms go up, the whole board needs to stay to look at our set and see how far $250 can actually go.


  • lumber is in a local increase, but it's roughly the same price now as it was four years ago. So, buying a bunch of lumber doesn't make sense unless it's just generally cheaper to get it in bulk. He'll ask Chris O'Neill where Mainstage gets their cheap lumber. Ross will measure the length of the wood storage shelves in the shop.

the PW board is: Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, Kaya Schmandt, Justin Spiegel, Sarah Campen (on leave), Emily Drumsta (on leave), and Tess Lantos (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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