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"Production Workshop Minutes"

4 september 2005

In attendance: Emily, Brian, Justin, Elliot, Hannah, Garland, Kaya, Alex, Blair, Todd, Ross, Alana

The Invention of Love:

  • Building is going well, even though Kaya hurt her back. Keep helping her out.
  • Blair will send the Activities Fair email list to Todd to add.
  • Dramatists catalogue is in the box office.

A Day In The Space:

  • 86 first-years put themselves on our email list, listing their interests. We will automatically sign them up for the techlist checklist, but make it really obvious how to unsubscribe.
  • All-theater meeting is TOMORROW at 8:30 pm in Leeds. Garland will bring her computer to sign more people up. Maybe Blair will say something about pw.

2nd slot:

  • Due Wednesday, decision meeting Saturday at 9 am.
  • Last week, 5 proposers. This week, one (Michelle). Perhaps this new method just makes people have to propose too early to get it together.
  • This would be something to discuss later, but not tweak now when we're still adjusting to the process.
  • If scripts are electronic, only one print copy necessary. If it's not online or in the library, we'll ask for two copies of the script. [we should also adjust this on the website]


  • We decide to fill the empty week in the calendar after 2nd slot with Three Chairs, Two Cubes. Remember that it's primarily for new writers, and just happens to attract a lot of new directors.
  • Brian will get cracking and bring us a calendar next week. His emergency backups are Elliot and Alex.

Upstairs Space:

  • Briel/MF are having the Cabaret next Saturday. Emily is liaison, Hannah will let in.
  • Ross will rehang the UpSpace rep plot.
  • COBAB has not picked dates. The UpSpace is open for reservation now.
  • Emily will get an MF deposit and remind us what the cancellation policy is. Also, she'll email the calendar to Garland as we fill it up. [Ross will give a copy to Phil O'Hara.]
  • We should set up the iMac that Summer Studies gave us.


  • Let's start advertising in a few weeks.
  • Elliot will find out if we get a free ad in the BDH.


  • Still no speaker. Todd will pick it up before the 1 year anniversary (Sept 16), and fix it in Boston.


  • Alex is going to see Phil this week about it. The university would be paying for it.
  • We'd arrange it so the lights are fixed over a break, so we don't have to stop using the space.

Summer Studies update:

  • 23 kids participated, with houses of over 200 for each show.
  • They were very respectful of the space! They did not go over our heads. Mark Cohen not like working with admin.
  • Tasks included unlocking, being there at night, teaching how to hang lights and use sound equipment, and tech four shows. It would be a full-time on-call job for one person.
  • For next time: work out a pay schedule ahead of time, and figure out the schedule early with Phil. Some groups had wanted to use the dance space and that had to be negotiated.

Empty Space:

  • Kaya and Ross are going to paint it.
  • Todd is going to get show photos to hang there until we get art.

Katrina benefit:

  • will be similar to the Tsunami benefit with less EMS.
  • Ross is in charge and will propose dates at the next meeting. Ask groups like Word!, imProvidence, Arr!, etc.


  • Help begins after this meeting.

Space Maintenance:

  • broken things: the shop door and the table saw. Blair and Alex are having tea with Maya after the meeting to pass on her knowledge.
  • When a circuit breaker trips, call Facilities (3-7800) and tell them the number printed on the socket that tripped it. They can activate it without coming over.
  • The 5 Young O doors are not reading everyone's cards. Ross will inform “Philcilities”.



  • is readjusting to the activity of pw, and will be around for many, though not all, of the activities.
  • may revamp some upspace policies

Brian (cheese and dough):

  • Justin will give him cash before ordering the A Day In The Space pizza, or Brian should hang on to the receipt.


  • Justin has the money for his sex toys in his pocket.
  • Is going to restock the first aid kits and the shop.
  • Will request paper towels in the bathroom.
  • Will run pw prom with Elliot! Todd offers to party manage. Next meeting, we'll see dates for it.


  • will buy little paint rollers for 2×4.
  • Show murals will be in the paint room, no bigger than 2x2ish.


  • soliciting more show photos for the website. Don't email them; work out some other means of transfer with her.


  • Mainstage got jealous of The Wave of the Future this summer and bought a similar system on his recommendation. Brian and Todd will bring it back to pw today.
  • Possibility of a pw tech day where we learn how to use the sound equipment, and maybe some lights or tools in the shop, a la Griska.


  • He, Justin and Brian all have cars. YES.

the PW board is: Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Alana Jacoby, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, Kaya Schmandt, Justin Spiegel, Sarah Campen (on leave), and Tess Lantos (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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