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"Production Workshop Minutes"

30 oct 2005

In attendance: everybody but Kaya, who's off planting transgenic seeds somewhere
Visiting: Kathryn Wallem (Shakespeare on the Green), Sasha Khmelnik (Musical Forum), Mustafa (UpSpace), Maya Bruhns, Tara Ahmadenijad (3rd slot), Sirin Tugbay (3rd slot), and Jeff Wood (3rd slot)


  • wants to propose next semester. grad student in theater, doing an independent study. wants to be able to use the UpSpace if he doesn't get chosen.
  • multimedia thing with a lot of noise

Kathryn/Shakespeare In The Green:

  • want a mic and a stand. Todd will set them up.
  • want some cubes after 3C2C. want one of the carpets from Mousetrap. want a table from the furniture room.
  • what's up with the soundboard? no problems with only 1 mic and a CD. Todd's mailbox will fix the soundboard…
  • Blair will put SOTG in the email.


  • strike at 9:45 on Monday
  • Alana will tell us what duv will stay up
  • Running strike: Alex and Ross
  • Hot Room: Justin
  • Electrix in Space: Todd
  • Electrix in the bedRoom: Garland
  • Booth/Sound pile: Brian
  • Furniture: Elliot
  • Let's leave some seating platforms up


  • Can people come to strike in shifts? Sure. Sasha and Todd will coordinate when ladders are used for lights or building. n+2 people, n=# ladders.
  • they can use 7 folding chairs in Cell Block Tango. ($5 chair deposit? heehee)
  • 1 MF HM per night plus 1 pw usher = sweet loving
  • will get ticket reserve info to Garland next week
  • they will send a list of Key people to Kaya so they can get Keys. SD, TD, LD, SM, PM…

Tod and I:

  • Rehearsals begin Tuesday, beautiful cast, successful first production meeting.
  • Budget: $450 set, $75 publicity, $50 miscellaneous

1st Slot:

  • we need to set the calendar for next semester. Brian will bring us something next week. We'll invite MF to the meeting, and Brian will meet with Briel.
  • Dan S(sounds like Sinnerex?) may apply


  • let ins:
    • 6 pm Tuesday: Brian
    • 6 pm Wednesday: Ross
    • 6 pm Thursday: Garland
    • 6 pm Friday: Alex let in, Alex and Justin monitor
    • 6 pm Saturday: Hannah let in, Blair monitor
  • Sasha will ask if the sing-through can be moved to 5-7 pm, or if they can have it in another room (TF Green 112?) so that it doesn't conflict with Shakespeare. Their show is 7-8:30 pm.

Maya: stay after the meeting to help her put up the sign

Space Maintenance:

  • the back stairwell is STILL SWAMPY. The downspace door is still not opening. Blair will call it in AGAIN (FacMan, you dastardly creature). She'll also double check on the mold she cleaned up at strike (there was mold cleaner in the custodial closet, and she's confused by why men in space suits had to come last time).
  • Justin will look into a dehumidifier for the duv, possibly storing it in a different room because of drainage issues
  • the white spots on the duv are the flame retardant stuff that recollects after getting wet, “Just like a sweat stain,” Sasha offers. We'll try to brush it off and re-flame retard it whenever we re-retard the other duv. Sasha will buy a brush to do the job.

subcommittee will be Alex, Justin, and Hannah.

New Members:

  • social is this Thursday at 11 pm in the Upstairs Space. Sasha and Sirin can come if they bring a friend who is potentially applying. Justin will order veggie pizza and bring non-alcs. Who's bringing the wine? Elliot will announce it to Moon Mary.
  • Possibly Charly Simpson, Kurt Roediger, Kathryn Wallem (Sasha's friend)

PW Prom:

  • Justin will give $25 to Blair and $9 to Garland
  • Shifts: Prom starts at 10 pm and ends at 2 am. Please get there at 9 pm to set up.
  • Front door:
    • 10-midnight: Justin and Alana.
    • Midnight- 2 am: Blair and Brian.
  • Back door and floater:
    • 10-midnight: Todd, Alex.
    • Midnight- 2 am: Garland, Hannah
  • Bartenders:
    • 10-midnight: Garland, Kaya.
    • midnight-2 am: Elliot, Ross. (At 1 am bar closes and Ross takes over for Garland at back door.)
  • Emily will make the music mix. We'll charge $5 at the door, or free if you come dressed as something p&w or tell a joke about Todd.
  • Blair and Brian will get booze and food, money coming out of the social fund. Publicity: Ross (Elliot: “Don't mention a hurricane”). Decorations: Ross (“I'll just cut myself in the corner”) and Alana. [Blair wouldn't mind it if Ross shat on a flag for decoration, as long as it were a Mr. Show reference.]

Empty Space:
tabled. (Though I actually wrote Empty Tabled: table.)



  • Advertising on Ratty TVs is free if we register as an official event, which is also free to do, so let's do it from now on.
  • Will we swallow 112? Probably not, and it'd be great if MF got it. We want to make sure we have the props room officially registered. We make it clear that if more space is available, we can easily expand to fill it.
  • The Mousetrap made more money than we spent on the show ($710), so we can deposit that at the SAO. “Theater making profit?” “Guys, we're no longer a non-profit theater!” We can also spend that cash on the shop (and New Mems social, and prom…)


  • the fog machine is going back to mainstage, and it doesn't seem like it's a big deal that we had it (they make think it's ours anyhow).
  • We should buy more 50 degree lens tubes/lights to better light shows in the round.

Ross, donate the money to the Red Cross already. It's still in the box office and Garland gets nightmares about it being stolen.


  • 3C2C has been sold out every night. Can add chairs to the front rows– last night had 88 seats.
  • Brian will express concern to the BDH when they cancel the Arts and Culture section on a Friday for the sake of all artistic happenings on campus, not just pw. (aka “Review us, people”)

the PW board is: Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, Kaya Schmandt, Justin Spiegel, Sarah Campen (on leave), Emily Drumsta (on leave), and Tess Lantos (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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