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"Production Workshop Minutes"

23 oct 2005

In attendance: Hannah (the mother), Elliot (the father), Blair (the crazy aunt), Brian (the weird uncle who lives in the closet), Justin (one of the young triplets), Garland (the brilliant teen), Kaya (the talking dog), Todd (the grandfather), Ross (the jovial babysitter—though he actually picked a family member and I forgot it)
Visiting: Michael and Brian (UpSpace), Doug Benedicto, Hannah Miller (Mousetrap), Sasha Khmelnik (MF/the ghost in the attic), Rebecca Wolff (McCormick/New Plays), Benry (UpSpace).


  • Michael and Brian perform December 6-8 with a digital media (hot shit!) performance. We warn them that the sound board is functional but sketchy, so they might want their own. The light board is excellent. The board speaks midi, and Todd is almost fluent.
  • They can borrow equipment like lights/screens that Tod and I don't need (be careful of, like, RP screens).
  • Must be advertised as study break.
  • Do we know any people interested in abstract movement? Michelle Bach-Coulibaly and her classes, plus a note in the email.

McCormick/New Plays:

  • Would love to have us work for them in essentially all positions.
  • Will be paid—she wants to clear up that bad blood.
  • Rebecca Wolff leaves her contact information.
  • Two rounds: one with rehearsals beginning Jan 17 and performances around Feb 6, and the other rehearsals starting in the end of March and performing in April.


  • Can they have a Saturday matinee at 2 pm? Yes. We'll start New Members meeting at 9 am and take breaks accordingly (Hannah has Chicago conflicts, and one of us ushering will, too.)
  • We want to reserve three chairs for actors, mostly in the aisles and only for one scene. We okay it, provided there's a body attached to the chairs and they're not out when the audience in coming in or out. Do we need a chair folding training session?
  • We learned a value seating platform lesson from Jed at the Mousetrap: only use the plastic chairs on floor rows or rows with chair rails, since they fall through.
  • PW will pay for the $25 to replace faders on the sound board we're borrowing for Chicago.

The Mousetrap:

  • Raking in the bucks!
  • Strike begins at 10:45. Hannah will remind everyone to wear closed-toed shoes and clothes that can be dirtied. Because we're dirty people.
  • Strike jobs (becoming routine):
    • Running it: Ross with padawan Alex
    • Hot Room: Hot Blair
    • Shop: Elliot
    • Electrix floor: Garland and Todd
    • Electrix room: Justin
    • Sound pile/booth: Brian
    • Furniture: Kaya
    • Paint Room: Kaya
    • Props: Alana
    • UpSpace: Hannah
    • Costumes: Hannah
  • Brian will talk with Ross about how to shuffle seating plats for 3C2C, but all chairs will definitely be struck first.
  • The pipes that MF wants to remove should be taken down after 3C2C.


  • Moving the Trinity furniture today at Mainstage strike. Elliot will let-in.
  • Performing Nov 16-19. Will apply for a grant for things like projection screens, or just ask to use ours (whatever Tod & I is NOT using!).

Tod & I:

  • deciding on staff later: Sasha applied for LD, Sirin for PM, no one for SM.
  • Looking for people with manual dexterity at auditions, like instrument players and gamers. Like, people who can draw a circle with one hand and a square with the other. The board takes a break to practice this.

PW Prom:

  • tabled.
  • We tell Ross to get on it, because it's coming down to the wire and some stuff needs to happen weeks in advance�like, NOW.

Ross business:

  • Whatever miscellaneous signage he wants can go up so long as the university pays for it.
  • He'll ask Alex if he wants to take over the shop.
  • He owes someone a packet of kosher swiss cheese from the box office fridge, and apparently it made him sick. Silly cheese-eaters.
  • He and Justin will talk New Mems SOON.


  • Looking hot.
  • Tech is Tuesday and Wednesday, all invited to invited dress on Thursday.
  • Ushers:
    • Friday 8: Garland and Blair (Brian gives HM speech)
    • Saturday 8: Elliot and Todd
    • Sunday 8: Kaya and Hannah
    • Monday 8: Brian, Justin

PS—The Mousetrap's review is online, and is GLOWING.

1st slot:

  • Hannah and Kaya can't make the meeting. Hannah's recital is at 3, so we all agree to take a break to see it.
  • Brian will mentor
  • Todd agrees to bozo Tod and I so that the joke never dies.


  • Recently the space was often unlocked and the lights on, but it's been better since Kaya emailed Mousetrap about it.

Space Maintenance:

  • Kaya will email Maya about duv shelf so that it's no longer moldy. Blair will call in the mold in the hot room.
  • Be nice to duv at strike. Todd will email his tech list about cleaning the white mystery stuff off the duv. He'll also price out a rolling hamper, and maybe a dehumidifier?

Empty Space:

  • Todd will print and mount the photos whatever way makes it happen fastest.



  • Shades Plus turned her down flat when trying to copy the mischief key. Maybe Adler's?
  • I think it adds to the mystery of it.


  • SAAB had their meeting.
  • They want to make all groups using Faunce or TF Green reapply for rooms, which shouldn't affect us at all. [Though we may try to swallow 112.]
  • They'll want to see the rooms in four weeks (Blair thinks she heard), but it shouldn't be a problem since we use them all intensively.


  • Someone saw The Mousetrap and then donated a lot of jackets to us. There's also a notebook in lost and found.


  • there will be a pw supervisor/usher at every Chicago run. Garland could get other pw board members “special reserves” on the blue room.
  • For some sketchy reason, Todd can find out the SISD# of EVERYONE, and Elliot comes in a close second with the entirety of the junior class in a special little book.

the PW board is: Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, Kaya Schmandt, Justin Spiegel, Sarah Campen (on leave), Emily Drumsta (on leave), and Tess Lantos (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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