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"Production Workshop Minutes"

16 october 2005

In attendance: ever-body but Ross and Hannah
Visiting: Briel (MF), Hannah (Mousetrap), Tara and Jeff (Tod and I)


  • Alex is putting up duv soon. Come help!
  • UFB got the rights for the show.
  • Seating plats: Monday at 11 pm. Hannah will remind them to clean up before we get there.
  • Ushering:
    • Friday 8: Brian, Kaya
    • Saturday 8: Hannah, Elliot
    • Saturday midnight: Todd, maybe Blair
    • Sunday 8: Justin, Garland
    • Monday 8: Alex, Alana


  • Apologizes for being in the Upspace during meeting. Won't happen again.
  • MF board will help strike both Mousetrap and 3C2C. We decide the cast only needs to help with 3C2C strike/MF build.
  • Briel requests the contract in writing. She'll write it up . (Something funny went on last time when Charlie didn't make $600 at the door, but we still took $300.)
  • Benry apparently used 3/4 of a pound of MF screws for Invention, which we will replace. From now on, MF will keep their hardware in the cage.
  • Briel/MF would like to sit in on our calendar discussions, although she likes not having both musicals on the same weekend.
  • They have 2 TDs, an ATD, and a TD mentor. This is why no one else can find TDs! They're good for building, it seems.


  • Sasha =SM. Sirin Tugbay=“Too-bye”=board op. Brian will set up a meeting with them and Garland about tech. Jen Vafidis will be sending Garland an email about lights soon.
  • Jen's show (“Shh Shh & It'll Pass”) had two actresses drop out of the same role, so given the limited time frame, she'll act in the role while codirecting with Matt Kelly, the playwright.
  • Subcommittee plus Garland will see runs from each of the shows this week, and it's okay if they're not in the UpSpace.
  • Todd and Garland will coordinate about 3C2C+Chicago lights. The 3C2C stage is proscenium against the Invention/smelly room wall.

UpSpace UpDate:

  • Kaya wants a new theme song
  • Nobody performing this week because of 3C2C during the day and Mousetrap at night. She's sad the upcoming upspace users didn't show. Benry says he's with a group of people who've already reserved the space, but they need to give a deposit.
  • We have two shows planned during reading period (Brian and COBAB) that MUST be designated “study breaks” on all advertisements. University policy.
  • We're confused by the term “movement specialists”. Is that pc for dancers?
  • MOUSETRAP NEEDS RUN CREW. ASK PEOPLE NOW. Todd offers to push the buttons if the current board op goes backstage.
  • The New Members socialization is still November 3 at 11 pm in the Upspace, even though Shakespeare might not like us.

Space Maintenance:

  • The doors are all fixed! However, there's now water by the box office and still in the back stairwell. Alex will call it in.
  • Garland read a bunch of old UFB minutes and it seems like they're more inclined to give money if the applicant has already looked elsewhere. We might be able to document our travails and apply for money for our lights, after all. She also emailed Mark Cohen.

PW Prom: tabled


  • Elliot's on the board. It resembles the D(o)UG and includes all performances of all kinds on campus, and people liked the RISD inclusion.
  • Todd offers to help on the website, though not be main man. We offer space on the pw server.
  • If anyone wants to be on board, the meetings are Wednesdays at 5 pm in the Lower Blue Room.
  • S&B bribes the BDH for good reviews with large sacks of bagels.

New Mems: tabled.

Empty Space: tabled.

Tod and I:

  • We have a set, but HELP US FIND SM and LD! Sirin wants to PM. Potential SM: Hillary Dixler. Potential LD: Lauren Engels, Louisa Bhukiet, Tiffany C (Kaya knows).
  • Justin will get a bunch of $3.50 Metcalf reqs and either leave them in an envelope in the SAO or in the box office. Blair will make poster, Garland will poster.
  • Something about Sasha leaving $50 in our box. Kaya and Justin have a moment.
  • Tara and Jeff will decide when they want auditions and email Blair to reserve rooms. They'll remind auditioners about coming back from Thanksgiving for tech.
  • They want Caroline from the Mousetrap in some capacity.



  • There's a shopping list in the shop. There should be a system for replacing items on the list once a month, and should be the shop guy's job. (Ross?)
  • He and Alana won't be here next week because they'll be at the Bronx Zoo. At Alex's sister's bat mitzvah, but still, the ZOO.
  • Inappropriate remarks are made about animal cruelty.


  • The fridge was left open by Mousetrap people and melted. Don't eat the meat burgers in the fridge. This should never happen again because it's near the server, which should be set off the ground anyhow.
  • Someone: “Meat burgers?”


  • Kaya is using the Upspace Kalendar and that's Kool.
  • He wants to buy a labelmaker and have pw pay for it. We tell him that a marker and tape works just fine, so go buy your own damn labelmaker, Neil. Go create boxes labeled “box” on your own time!
  • Garland, however, asks to spend $9 on a box and we okay that. Though, we will still offer a rusty safety pin option.
  • Elliot is the liaison to morbidity.


  • New policy: if the board is asked, the stock ply CAN be used to make new, better, noncreaky 4×8 platforms.

the PW board is: Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, Kaya Schmandt, Justin Spiegel, Sarah Campen (on leave), Emily Drumsta (on leave), and Tess Lantos (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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