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"Production Workshop Minutes"

11 oct 2005

In attendance (of pw): Blair (the tail), Todd (the spleen), Elliot (the head), Hannah (the eyelashes), Brian (the hand grasping the pen), Justin (the ballcap), Kaya (the left foot), Garland (the third eye), Alana (the nipple), Ross (the fist), and Alex (the fro)
Visiting: Tara Ahmadinejad, Jeff Wood

The Mousetrap:
We forgot to tell the PM when the meeting got moved to. Bozos will not let this happen again.

Tod and I:

  • Congrats to Tara and Jeff on third slot!
  • Slot Calendar:
    • Oct 21 designer apps due, Oct 23 decision
    • Auditions and rehearsals begin the week of Oct 23
    • Oct 28 TD/ME/assistant apps due, Oct 30 decision
    • Oct 31 Blair turns 22
    • Nov 14 MF strike/move into space
  • Kaya will see if it's possible to be in the Upspace until MF tech.
  • Looking for a light designer, stage manager, production manager, and video technician, and a girl in Jeff's basement. The sound designer knows the technical aspect. They have someone designing animations, which are separate from video projections, which Tara and Jeff will design.
  • The set designer will present a design at next week's meeting. Kaya will send out a 1/8 scale floor plan of the DownSpace. Todd reminds them of where on the website to find the show packet.
  • Blair will design the poster, Garland will poster, Justin will get a $3.50 req.

Ross business:

  • Call in sticky lock on 112, sticky crash bar on the 5 Young O doors, and the broken shop doors.
  • Will talk to Phil O'Hara about all the necessary paperwork and procedures to throw prom on Nov 4.

3 Chairs, 2 Cubes:

  • Hot casts, hot directors
  • Brian will send out an email about first rehearsals, meeting with directing mentors before third rehearsal. He'll also decide when the subcommittee is going to watch runs.
  • No dramaturg yet. Brian proffers his smarty-pants self. Hannah Miller might also be interested in dramaturging, which really only matters this week before the script freeze.
  • Brian proceeds to abuse the word “proffer” because he is a GRE masta.

Upstairs Update:

  • Chicago did not have the space reserved tonight, so we have permission to feel less bad about kicking them out.
  • Brian and Kaya will see when 3C2C can get into the Upspace. However, ALL OUR WEEKENDS ARE GONE! Wade wanted space, though.
  • Todd will let in Kathryn tomorrow at 7 pm. When letting people in, remember to lock the doors behind them so we don't have to come back to do a lock-up, too.
  • COBAB only needs show dates, not rehearsal, too.
  • Benry will be in next week.
  • Kaya will tell us when we're painting the floor. Todd will clean the ceiling.
  • We should warn users that the sound board will be tricky during Upspace shows. (I think we're swapping Downspace and Upspace boards?)


  • Brian A. Knopf, video man and upspace user, may want a grant. Kaya will tell him to talk to Hannah.
  • Free BDH ads may be disappearing next semester. Meanwhile, Hannah will design a 1/4 page ad for grants. Subcommittee will form when we have a proposal.

3C2C (the return of the curse of the 3C2C creature's ghost):

  • We have free SAO photocopies that should be used for 3C2C. We don't want to reimburse people for copies, except Kathryn since she has music to photocopy. Directors should have emailed scripts to casts.
  • We decide that while we WANT to make Kathryn apply for the $5 for copies, that'd probably only be funny to us.

Space Maintenance:

  • When asked about the shop door, Ross replied, “Oh, yeah. Fuck.” Maybe Alex will double check that one.
  • Our lights in the downspace will be fixed over winter break, but now we may have to pay for part of it. Alex will look at lighting and pricing options, but it will come out to something like $800 per fixture.
  • Garland suggests Mark Cohen lobby Summer Studies to chip in. She'll contact him if needed.
  • 32 man hours x 4 men = Oh, baby.
  • We should talk about ways to use the “secret” at our vision meeting.

Elliot is the GoTo for GoBrown. Alex suggests we include RISD events, or even just distribute to RISD.

New Members:

  • Calendar:
  • Nov 3 at 11 pm “Get To Know Ya”. Kaya will make sure this is okay with Shakespeare.
  • Nov 8 applications due
  • Nov 12 meeting

If Shakespeare wants to throw a gathering after a show with crackers but no alcohol, is this okay with us? We say yes, but only if they're good crackers.

Empty Space: tabled. Then there's some Maya love and questions about when she's coming in for the sign, and when she's going to get her cock ring out of the box office. Kaya: “I went home, and there was Maya in my bathroom”!



  • After strike, the shop was left a terrible mess�sawdust, wood everywhere, trash not emptied. The furniture was also impassible, although that may be because of Mousetrap.
  • The TD of a show should not be in shop, but rather in space during strike.
  • Garland suggests we never use round-headed bolts sunk deep into wood again.
  • Todd: we should also leave more as a group, like how after the benefit he and Garland stayed an extra 20 minutes striking lights. The board should be the last people to leave at strikes, and the strike master needs to dismiss them.
  • Blair: if we stay late, we can bring back the tradition of drinking after strike. I was introduced to Pumpkin Ale at pw strikes, and my friends, it's in season!


  • What about S&B vs pw kickball?
  • We need to find a Saturday with no mainstage or MF or pw techs.
  • Maybe a snowball fight? Like, theater winter X-games?

the PW board is: Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, Kaya Schmandt, Justin Spiegel, Sarah Campen (on leave), Emily Drumsta (on leave), and Tess Lantos (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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