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"Production Workshop Minutes"

2 october 2005

In attendance: Blair, Hannah, Todd, Ross, Kaya, Brian, Elliot, Garland, Justin
Visiting: Hannah Miller (pm), Nick Reber (upspace)

The Mousetrap:

  • Alex found a co-TD!
  • What should Hannah tell the potential ME? Explain the time commitment and have him meet with Luis (the LD).
  • Show requests more money, with the possibility of fundraising by selling t-shirts. We ask for a budget breakdown. It's 300 set, 155 rights, 40 scripts, 55 publicity, 100 costumes (=$650). No leeway for props. We think $300 is large for a set (Jenny the SD is unsure of cost of materials), especially with a lot of lumber in the shop already. We decide that money for props should be taken out of the set budget, and that if a major specific purchase is needed later, they can petition then.
  • If the rights people are unresponsive, Hannah should call them.
  • Production meeting at 11 pm on Monday night, and a design run on Wednesday. Hannah will ask Michelle if she'd like some board members for an audience—we love to be invited!

Upstairs Space:

  • Nick Reber is doing a one-man show this week entitled “The First Time I Masturbated and Other Exciting Stories”.
  • There are 22.5 benches available, but he can use the risers. We decide a board member doesn't need to be there supervising setup if they only use the shortest legs.
  • Ross or Todd will set up the rep plot this week. Nick only needs a wash.
  • Nick or a monitor will point out fire exits before the show.
  • We'll bring up the screens to block the elbow after this meeting.
  • While the official capacity of the room is 155, it's less with stuff in it.
    • Tuesday let-in 7:30: Kaya
    • Wednesday let-in 6: Garland
    • Thursday let-in 6/monitor 7:45: Blair
    • Friday let-in 6/monitor 7:45: Ross/Garland
    • Saturday let-in 6/monitor 7:45: Ross
  • COBAB did not respond about their date, so it's given to MF. For the record, MF had this same spot on the calendar her (Garland's) freshman year. Brian: “It wasn't so much that we moved it consciously, as that it simply occurred.”

Third Slot:

  • Tara and Jeff, James Rutherford, Alicia Pantoja, and possibly Wade
  • Scheduling is tricky with the long weekend. Blair will shoot for Monday during the day, will let the board know as soon as she does. EMAIL BLAIR ANY MONDAY CONFLICTS NOW. Once we schedule that, we'll schedule the regular weekly meeting. Blair rants about late-night meetings and bygone pw days.

Three Chairs, Two Cubes:

  • Two director proposals as of 10:56 pm. Hopefully more will arrive.
  • Brian and Elliot will meet to work out audition stuff. Brian will reserve rooms, hopefully two next to each other because of the musical. Ross and Elliot will help run auditions. Can do 7-11 and afternoons. Brian will let us know about publicity help.

Space Maintenance:

  • Kaya says it was warmer in the DownSpace
  • The receipt for our new DownSpace lights was in the SAO box, so that means it's happening! Yea, Phil! Should we rename the DownSpace in his honor? “Phil O'Hara, you turn us on.” under the light switch.

Hurricane Benefit:

  • Raised exactly $400. Ross and Justin will figure out how to best give it to the Red Cross (NOT mailing a wad of cash, and not keeping it, Ross).
  • Blair will send thanks in the email. Alex or Alana will return the leftover pirate booty to the pirates.
  • Second signatory for this semester is still Garland.

Empty Space:

  • Todd will either go to Metcalf or go to an online photo service to print off old show photos. Yes, we want framing or mounting, whichever happens faster. And captions with at least the name of the show and the photographer.
  • Alternative idea: work off of the donkey in the boat and take pictures of other animals in modes of transportation.



  • Is New Members on the 12th of November too far away?
  • We decide no, even though Hannah promises she'll be stressed that weekend.


  • Still wants to organize S&B vs. PW kickball. Elliot will pitch (not catch) for both teams.


  • Is about to start working on prom.


  • “Fuck! I forgot to buy lettuce!”

the PW board is: Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, Kaya Schmandt, Justin Spiegel, Sarah Campen (on leave), Emily Drumsta (on leave), and Tess Lantos (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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