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"Production Workshop Minutes"

13 november 2005

In attendance: the whole happy family
Visiting: Sasha and Sirin and Benry


  • The Brown events page and the Daily Jolt listed a matinee today, so people were waiting downstairs during the meeting time. HUGE OOPS, MF. Brian posted a sign.
  • A lot of stuff at strike is Tim Hett's, so we must separate carefully.
  • Wear appropriate shoes and clothes. Strike begins at 10:40 pm. Someone make it clear where we should leave our stuff.
  • Make sure the cyc lights are recabled for rehearsal
  • Strike jobs:
    • Running strike: team Alex+Ross=Ass. Alex: “I don't like ass.”
    • Electrix in the space: Justin
    • Electrix in the room: Garland
    • Hot Room: Blair
    • Booth/sound pile: Brian
    • Costumes: Hannah
    • Furniture: Elliot
    • Props: Alana
    • Box office: Blair
    • UpSpace: Kaya
    • Shop: Kaya
    • Speakers: Todd

Tod and I:

  • We'd like to have to shows at 7 and 9 each night with half the house size, so that it's more intimate but we get the same number of seats.
  • We'd only have a few tickets to give away at the window, but we say yes.

MF again:

  • pw will chip in $44 toward phlanges. They should be stored between the shop and the MF cage. The pipe will be stored in the MF cage.
  • Justin and Sasha will talk about money stuff.


  • only show this week. Wants to borrow the RP screen, which is find since Tod and I aren't using it.
  • Need a light board op: Adam Kroll?
  • Todd and Benry schedule a meeting to talk about tech stuff/something about the light board and midi. Or, Todd might just email Benry.
  • Let-ins and monitors:
    • Wednesday at 4 pm: Blair
    • Thursday at 6 pm: Garland
    • Friday at 10 am: Elliot
    • Friday at 6 pm: Blair
    • Saturday at 4: (someone will volunteer…)
    • Saturday at 8 pm monitor: Brian
    • Saturday at 9:30 pm monitor: Alex

1st slot:

  • Dan Risotto is proposing. Todd: “Can we eat him?”
  • Garland will ask for permission to put passed proposals from the new proposal system online. Blair will send examples to Brian.


  • a record label contacted Kaya about using the UpSpace for their band while on their tour. There's no connection to Brown, so we say no.
  • COBAB hasn't contacted us about reserving next semester. Brian will liaise between COBAB and the COBAB liaisons.

Space Maintenance:

  • Blair will re-call in the fountain and the downspace door and the cold in the Downspace (FacMan lies! They sent me emails confirming they'd fixed these things!)
  • Todd will check out if the monitor is bad in the booth.
  • We agree that another monitor that turns the UpSpace into a legit green room is a great idea.


  • Cutter Wood: we agree to give $75. Questions about who will see it when it's done and why the department isn't paying for it.
  • Adam Backer: Requested $271.02, we agree to $100 provided he gives us a detailed explanation of what the money will go to (and who will get to see the post-modern scavenger hunt)
  • Sasha: “What makes this a post-modern scavenger hunt instead of a regular scavenger hunt?” Ross: “Because this is Brown.”
  • Cutter goes through Hannah to get his req.

Empty Space: tabled


Garland and Sasha will meet to discuss setting up an online Blue Room for New Plays and MF.

officially going to Paris next semester. Talk of an international pw conference in Europe over Spring Break.

Can her friend keep a pet tiger in the cage outside? We give a provisional yes: only if he takes good care of it.

the PW board is: Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, Kaya Schmandt, Justin Spiegel, Sarah Campen (on leave), Emily Drumsta (on leave), and Tess Lantos (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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