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"Production Workshop Minutes"

15 may 2005

Immer, Pooh Bear, Alana, Kaya, Garland, Bia, Hannah, Golden Boy (shaved), Brian, Alex, Reese, Piglet, Maya, Elliot, Laura, Tess

Many people have dyed their hairs. Some were lying.

Speaking of lying, I happen to know that at least one board member who ought to have brought donuts at some point in the last two weeks neglected to do so… Don't think your lies go unnoticed, my friend! I'm on to your tricks. I've been hearing all the gossip about your dirty little sex life and if you think that I'm going to be quiet, you're wrong. You'd better bring me some donuts really soon to shut me up. Really, really soon.

1:08 I'm going to try actually recording the minutes.
Reese feels like we are in the Mickey Mouse club.


  • 4:00 on May 19th. Barbeque. Be there or be square.
  • 1:09 Ross is the grill-meister. And Mikey and Reese will get the stuff.
  • The grill that I so generously donated was stolen. This week. Cause nobody brought it inside. Okay, I didn't either, so I don't mean to be getting all accusatory. Piglet makes foul accusations against Pooh Bear. Pooh Bear defends himself. 1:10. Ross is in charge of everything. Ross talks about the things in his closet.
  • 1:11 Maya: We talked about the possibility of talking about the problems with the proposal process at the BBQ. We agree to tell people to e-mail us their concerns with the proposal process, and we'll talk about them at the BBQ.


  • Schedule:
    • Wed 8
    • Thursday 8
    • Friday 3
    • Sat 8
  • 1:13 We had a design run. Sasha said we should talk about seating platforms and getting them set-up. Kaya would like to Monday a week. 11:15pm. Yay. Its nice to know that Sasha's presence is felt even when she is not at the meeting.
  • 1:14 Alex has a drummer, but no drum. Once again he's trying to contact Michelle. He anticipates that she might want to put down a deposit. MIkey helpfully offers his bongo drums. Way to go with cultural illiteracy. This week's meeting is really laid back. I'm mad at Pooh Bear because he has never invited me to his house. His house is very nice. I saw it this weekend when I was in Massachussets. Screw you, pooh bear. We make a decision about the drums. I wasn't paying attention.
  • Rights: Coming in the mail. Maybe? Piglet doesn't know how to pay for rights. Piglet mumbles. Enunciation is important, my friend.

1:17pm FIRST Slot:

  • We have cast and a staff. They are having a read-through this week (time TBA). Ooops, nope, it has BA. Elliot knows. Rights are
  • 1:18 coming by Friday. They should come to the PW box at the SAO. That's confusing when you change the minutes mid-sentence.
  • If anyone wants to come back before Sept 1st, send SISD# to the Garland-mobile.
  • Keys: They should arrive starting August 28th? We work it out.
  • Tess: Wants to go back to commencement slot. Outrageous. I refuse to include this in the minutes. Cause it is out of order.
  • 1:20 Still talking about this. Blair speaks. Pooh Bear talks, but does not invite me to his house. Piglet says something. I wonder if these minutes get less and less helpful? Mikey asks a questions. Everyone answers. Followup question. Pooh Bear forgot to shave. hannah asks a question. Pooh Bear and Tess answer.


  • 1:21 Garland: Since proposals are due the day after school starts, we need to assign a mentor now.
  • Elliot is doing it. Pooh bear says he is a moron. I agree.


  • Tess says yes.
  • 1:22 Zoe Bilinkoff is doing a show, which Matt is now in. He'll do the let-ins, etc. Wednesday 4:45, Thursday 4:45, Friday 6:45.
  • Reese will monitor.


  • 1:23 It has mold on it. Maya says the mold needs to coordinate with the Syringa Tree.
  • 1:24 Have we communicated with this girl? Reese: I dunno. She has not e-mailed me back.


  • 1:24 Wait for it.
  • Wait for it.
  • It's coming.
  • Fuckface!!!!!

1:25 We're all still talking about this. Pooh Bear is seriously still not inviting me to his house. Do you have any idea how nice his house is? Wayland is super-fancy! He should have a board retreat at his house next year. Its really nice. In the woods. I bet his parents are delightful. Probably lots of computers.


  • 1:26 Meeting with Phil about sodiums and dimmers. Proposals will be written up. And we'll be sure that they happen.
  • 1:27 Maya's crazy. And says a naughty word in reference to the contractors and the dimmers.
  • Sodiums: Ideally, they'd love to fix 'em before we come in next semester. He can't guarantee it. We want to make sure that whoever is adult communications next year knows to talk to them about not doing it during our rehearsal.
  • 1:28 Piglet says that there is a way to get around UFB in applying for dimmer replacement parts or something. If you apply, are rejected, appeal (and they say no again), then you can appeal to Ricky and other good people. They can over-ride UFB. There are going to be major changes in UFB next year. Shenanigans were discussed.
  • 1:30 Shop lights were raised.

Oh! Remember back at 1:23? I think we were talking about moulding. Not mold. Now it makes sense.

We gave $124 to someone or other. We've given a little over $300 this semester.


  • 1:31 we have an “officially signed contract” says Maya. “There's a legal document thing now well, as in legal as in everyone signed it, I mean, like, they can't screw us over and stuff.” That was Maya.
  • Q: When do they leave?
  • A: July 31st?
  • But Brian turns 21 on July 28th, so you'd better celebrate. Pooh Bear, you can invite him over to your house.


  • The booth still haves $100 to spend. They're on it.
  • Tie-line will be ordered on Monday. It depends if UPS likes us or stuff.
  • Todd: We're getting a 3,000 foot roll of tie-line. “Whoah, 3,000 feet, that's like, 3/5th of a mile!”
  • Piglet is very vague, for a treasurer. We have somewhere in the vague vicinity of perhaps around maybe $250 more than we thought last week. Pooh Bear, don't read over my shoulder. It is rude. And we'll use some money for BBQ.


  • 1:36 BLAIR: Hands out super-secret little somethings.
  • 1:37 Piglet is not going to be here next week.
  • 1:37 REESE: We're more than 50% vegetarians. Who knew? Reese should be a party planner.
  • If Todd is Pooh Bear, then Justin is Piglet. I'm going to go through these minutes and retroactively change every mention of Justin.
  • 1:39 MAYA: Once we have tie-line, Maya will send out e-mails for the tie-line tying party.
  • 1:40 IMMER: Don't pin or tape duv. It causes it to have holes. Which are bad.

1:41 The meeting is done.

What if we made reality TV shows of the PW board meetings?
And we could vote people off the island… THEN, when you needed my vote, you'd invite me to your house, Pooh Bear!!

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Adam Immerwahr, Alana Jacoby, Tess Lantos, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, Kaya Schmandt, Reese Smith, Justin Spiegel, and Emily Drumsta (on leave).


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Taken by Immer, htmlized by garland.

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