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"Production Workshop Minutes"

8 may 2005

Immer, Hannah, Maya, Kathryn, Sasha, Laura, Garland, Pooh Bear, Blair, Ross, Alex, Alana, Todd, Kaya, Elliot, Brian, Reese

4:00 on May 19th. Barbeque. Be there or be square.

Benry presents his set ideas. He was inspired by ducks. And points of departures, train stations, etc. Oh, docks!! Not ducks. I get it. That makes much more sense. There will be boats. So I guess ducks would be appropriate. There is talk of castors. He keeps saying “dock” and every time he says it I think he's talking about water fowl. The words “reminiscent of Oxford architecture” is used. Practical lighting in the air. He thinks he'll need about $100-$120 to leg the platforms, $40-60 on paints, $40-60 on foam and supplies for foam arches.
Q: What about the boats?
A: Real boats.
Q: Real water?
A: No.

Did not make $600, but made $425. So PW owes MF $87 back. We will get that back to MF in cash.


  • Going well. Rehearsals are going on. Meeting at 6:00 today. Laura Ellis tells us that Tess was really really ill.
  • Schedule:
  • Wed 8
  • Thursday 8
  • Friday 3
  • Sat 8


  • Proposed budgets:
  • Option A:
    • $750
    • Rights $180
    • Scripts $45
    • Publicity $60
    • Set $275
    • Costumes $190
  • This is a big show and the rights are somewhat pricey. This is a period piece with 22 characters. This requires extra resources?
  • Option B
    • $650
    • $75 less for props and costumes
    • $25 less for set.
  • We pass a $700 budget for this show.

Tess is absent.


  • Maya still needs a ride. This has been the case for two weeks.
  • Only Mikey and Justin have cars. Maya tries to make them feel guilty.
  • Justin says he could do it Thursday or Friday.
  • That should be cut from the web minutes, I assume. So you're not reading any of this, friends of PW. So that's pretty funny.
  • Maya and Reese will talk about the girl about the girl who is interested in hanging stuff. Maybe somebody else should be in on the conversation. Golden boy is in.

Fuckface. Pooh Bear is resigned and grumpy.


  • The locks are fixed. She says that three times.
  • I just noticed that Golden Boy has sliced his face open.

No updates.

No updates.

Maya is leading with Justin, Alex and Todd, will meet with Phil O'Hara and facilities and get this going. This week, they say. (This was cut and pasted from last week's meeting). Tempers are getting heated.


  • Justin thinks we should not do this this semester.
  • Clearly nobody else besides me is concerned about this so we skip right over it. Have fun guys. When you all fall down on your bums next year, you'll wish you'd listened to me.

No update.



  • “PW is all about being experimental and awesome.”
  • Hannah and Kaya want veggie pizzas at strikes. How decadent and sophisticated.
  • This is what our platform money is going to, you know. When you can't afford platforms and all the money was spent on vegetable pizza, then you'll regret it… And you'll say, “I wish we'd listened to Immer.”

Hannah: GRANTS

  • Anaerobic respiration is getting produced in the NYC Fringe Festival. She wants money for publicity in New York. She wants $152. $79 for color posters and $73 for postcards.
  • Grant subcommittee will meet and share their recommendations.
  • Justin does not know how much is left in grants. He's the treasurer. No comment.


  • Part of agreement with summer studies is to do an inventory with them before the summer starts.
  • Maya tells us how many tea cups we have. Now she's trying to think of things that we have more of than tea cups. I think I'm going to cry.
  • We'll do the inventory early in the week in senior week.
  • Also: Our brand-new duvetyne is only 15' 5”. We need to get some tie-line. A large spool of tie-line. Maya wants this to be a board project. She'll schedule it.

We've used $211 from grants. Justin figured it out. He's been redeemed.

Michelle Oing's phone number. 804-310-6725.


  • We have $900-$1,000.
    • Two options:
    • A - $1091 or $740 for software, etc…
    • B - $1,338 for the computer…
    • We say $2,100 as a cap. Awesome.

Reese wants $10 for some bureaus.


They had a little chat. Some replacement lamps. A big 'ol spool of tie-line. And they'd like to add some stock gel. Maybe $200 for lighting would make them happy.

  • SHOP

Need screws ($30). She could spend more than that on bolts, better turnbuckles. Etc. Screws, however, are the only need. Another screw gun? $300.


Best plays to put the new commando cloth is in the hot room. It is stacked. It falls over. Blair would like a shelf built above the chairs and seating platforms in the hotroom. We could make shelves out of the scrap we have if we used some of our plywood. It would cost $30. And some metal brackets. So maybe $50-60 total.


New brushes and rollers. $30? Something like that.


$40. (webeditor's note: for black paint, to recoat the floor)


Wants to spend $100 on getting more cables and adaptors. And some tubs?


Moulding. Maya did not price it out. We should talk about where we want it? Red wall? White wall? Double door wall? 20-60 feet of moulding. $25.


Maya wants to spend about $80-$100 for MDO plywood and for some floor and deck enamel. She'll also need rubber core things for drilling into brick. That should be below $100.

  • We're passing all of these. People must contact Justin BY Thursday at noon for exact numbers and locations of recs.

1st slot STAFF

  • Kaya: Our TD.
  • Alex: Our ALD.
  • An ME would be nice.
  • Sirin: Our ASM.
  • Keara: Our ASM.
  • Anat: We're offering her another assistant position.
  • Alana Jacoby: Co-ME with some eager first-year.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Adam Immerwahr, Alana Jacoby, Tess Lantos, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, Kaya Schmandt, Reese Smith, Justin Spiegel, and Emily Drumsta (on leave).


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Taken by Immer, htmlized by garland.

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