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"Production Workshop Minutes"

1 may 2005

Immer, Garland, Kaya, Kathryn, Bia, Justin, Elliot, Blair, Tess, Laura, Reese, Alana, Sasha, Brian, Mikey, Alex, the Bearded Wonder, Hannah


  • They've been getting small houses. They don't know if they'll make $600 dollars. Sasha and Justin will talk about it.
  • Strike is 10:00 on Monday. Floor has to be painted.
    • Running Strike: Ross
    • Upstairs Space: Tess
    • Box Office: Mikey
    • Hot Room: Blair
    • Paint Room: Maya
    • Electrics: Justin
    • Shop: Kaya
    • Furniture: Bia
    • Props: Reese
    • Costumes: Hannah
    • Booth: Brian
  • Relating to strike: Garland has noticed that at several strikes people seem to be wearing sandals and nice clothes. But they're going to get fked up. We think Garland's a square. We also think she's going to cut that from the minutes when she puts them online. But we should absolutely make sure people wear real shoes. (webeditor's note: i know better than to abuse my power.)

    COMMENCEMENT SLOT * We had a meeting. It was a long design meeting at Louis'. We have a cast. Quid? We're kinda curious. It is now three women and no men. Ross' beard is now officially too long. It was cute when it was scruffy, and now its just fugly. Alex disagrees. But obviously we don't talk to him about these things, cause he clearly has too much hair. I think Ross didn't sleep last night. He looks really tired. * We still don't have a budget for this show - but we'll do it via e-mail. * Schedule: * Wed 8 * Thursday 8 * Friday 3 * Sat 8 * Please note that this conflicts with Reese' solo show. So you should come see that this coming Sunday. We have a discussion which is not going into the minutes. * Alex is looking for an African drummer. Talk to Michelle and Seydou Bach-Coulibaly. They have open classes on Sundays. And they're teching the dance concert right now. They have an office in the basement of Lyman. When they google themselves, they'll find these minutes.

    FIRST Slot: * Going really well. We're picking a staff at the end of the meeting. * Kathryn's questions. * Q: Rights? * A: Your production manager will deal with that. * Q: Auditions conflict with 36 views auditions? * A: We say that she ought to audition after mainstage. * Q: Return date? * A: Sunday the 28th. * Q: Bears? Lions? TIGER * A: You go for two hours and help out. And its kinda fun. * Q: Who pays for this? * A: We decide to ask people to cover it, and for us to cover them if there is financial hardship. And we'll post something about it at auditions. * Q: E-mail? * A: We need a TD, ME, and assistants for the end of the week. We may also need props and lighting designers. And auditions!

    UPSTAIRS SPACE: * Cobab - They were extraordinarily flexible. We can assign them whatever. We'll set aside a weekend for them. Cause we're nice. * Reservations open this Monday. if you forgot to tableslip, you still can. Tess makes post-it notes out of her old tableslips. Don't do that.

    Two people offered help to Maya. She never responded. Tough titty.

    No update

    SPACE MAINTENANCE * The door to the upstairs lobby is unlocked and we can't relock it with the hex key. None of ours work. Ross is on it. * Maya says: “I called both lock problems into Facilities, they'll get to them soon, probably today or if not, then Monday. The paint room door just has to be closed forcefully, and then it locks, for the record. And I still don't understand what's wrong with the office lock , it seems to like me just fine. But I called them in anyhow, we'll see what the locksmiths make of it. As for the sodiums, others (Alex, Justin, Garland, Todd, Sam Kusnetz) have been far more on top of this than I, so I propose that the job become the property of Alex, especially because it's going to probably be longer-term than I will be here. Also, it will be a good opportunity for Alex and I to transfer information in the context of an actual project.” * I promise that I didn't change the grammar. She really said all this. She even uses “likes” in e-mail.

    SUMMER STUDIES * Maya says: “Both Summer Studies and the SAO have agreed to our contract as is! I'm meeting this week with them to sign it. It will be signed by summer people (Anne) the SAO (Ricky), and PW (me), and will officially ensure that we cannot get screwed over. Yay. * Garland and Brian, Mark Cohen knows you want to share the job, and is supposed to contact you. However, according to Ricky, “He's an artist… sometimes it takes him awhile to realize what's going on in the real world and respond to it,” which I thought was an interesting comment. In any case, if you guys want to drop him a line, his email is”


    Bia - * Grant application: Brian wants some cash. We kick him out. * He wants $104 for a website. * We pass his proposal. $103.99. * We deducted a cent for maintenance fees.

    Dimmers - * The dimmers are stupidly installed. We'd have to disconnect a lot of wires. we're bad at that. So we don't know what to do. * Each dimmer is about $100. We say to get a university electrician to come in and look at the dimmers and the lights. * Todd and Justin are on that.

    Work lights - * The problem is the lights buzz. * Sam sent an article that talks about different options. * Todd had his friends argue about it. * We want lights that don't make noise, have a high CRI (so they're accurate for colors), Justin rudely interrupts, long life, quick start-up. * One of the options was to have two different kinds of lights. * Induction lights use a high pitched frequency to excite the gas, without degrading it. That sounds so bizarre. Excited, degraded lights… We like induction lights. They're be about $800 per fixture. They can't dim. * The next step could be meeting with an electrician. More researching will occur.

    Maya is leading with Justin, Alex and Todd, will meet with Phil O'Hara and facilities and get this going. This week, they say. You guys are our heroes. Except for Ross', cause he's like half-asleep in the corner. Poor snookums.

    Jamie Jewett borrowing stuff? * We're concerned about the transportation of lights? This seems like a large amount of equipment. * We're cool with it, as long as we're clear about anything getting damaged getting replaced. * We ask for a $300 deposit.

    Wave of the Future * Immer talked to Peter Sasha (from Trinity), who says Perishable just got SFX and its what you should use. This is what our money is for, right? * Brian: We're not only talking about how to run sound better, but also about giving us the resources so that a new sound designer to come in and have what he/she needs to do a sound design. We want someone to be able to walk in and do what they need to do… * Mikey: We should set a budget. We should let Brian and Todd go within that budget. And we need to find a secure place to put it. * Immer: The booth? I'm concerned about adding stuff to it… * Brian will come back with a proposed budget for the project in the vicinity of $2,000. And they'll work out the details for that.

    Budget * Everyone saw the e-mail? Yes. Justin gets everyone all excited and then has nothing to say. Maybe we'll increase the reimbursement budget for first and commencement slots. * Next week: Wish lists for next week. * EVERYONE needs to figure this out this week!! Cause we're spending this soon. * Big budget meeting.

    Next week Barbeque.

    First Slot Staff: * Stage Manager: Sasha * Sound: Todd * Set: Benry * Production: Garland * Costumes: Zephyr and Janet, and Kelly assisting. * Lighting: We'll see a proposal from Justin. * For next week. Kaya's proposing to TD, Jess M may be as well. And we don't have anything for ME. And Sirin wants to ASM. * Garland will send out congratulations. We should pick a new bozo. Blair is Bozo!!!

    commencement slot staff: **
  • ME: Bozo will contact Nick Reber and offer the ME position, explaining the time commitment. If Nick says no, we can let him be build crew or something. But we'll offer ME first.
  • ALD: Kathryn
  • ASM: Doug
  • TD: Maya

Next week is budget. Be there or be square. Reese is leaving early. She's square. Jobs and Proposal review will be during the BBQ.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Adam Immerwahr, Alana Jacoby, Tess Lantos, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, Kaya Schmandt, Reese Smith, Justin Spiegel, and Emily Drumsta (on leave).


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Taken by Immer, htmlized by garland.

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