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"Production Workshop Minutes"

13 march 2005

In attendance: Mikey likes it, Just Justin, Matty Be A Genie, Reese's Pieces (The name of her solo show); The Blair Witch; Hannah without her sisters, Elliot Be Quik, Maya Be Late, Sarah went Campen', Alana fun, Alex a popsicle, Sasha across the dance floor (3rd Slot), Todd is Odd, Brian the Brain, Garland the happiest place on earth, Ross didn't rush here

2nd Slot

  • Strike 10:30pm
  • Immer - Upspace
  • Matty - Furniture
  • Reese - Props
  • Maya - Color Room
  • Ross - Running Strike
  • Hannah - Costumes
  • Blair - Hot Room
  • Todd - Electrics
  • Brian - Booth
  • Mikey - Romper Room
  • Garland - Run Electrics in space
  • Tess - Costumes


  • Coming to strike tonight? Yes.
  • Casting is Resolved
  • Building started.
  • Big thing needs to move for strike.
  • Ushering/HMing
    • Friday 8pm - HM Garland, Todd
    • Saturday 8pm - HM Justin, Blair
    • Sunday 8pm - HM Reese, Brian
    • Monday 8pm - HM Mikey, Immer, Matty
  • Reese will confirm times of shows by Tuesday

3rd Slot

  • Sasha - Cast! Yay!
  • First read thru is going on right now! NOW!
  • Set will be finalized Tuesday. Building will begin this week.
  • Talking to Trinity about Tub
  • NO WATER IN TUB!!! WE CHEER!! Actually.

New Members

  • Meeting Saturday 9am
  • Friday night was fun and should continue

Upstairs Space

  • Tess - Be prepared to work around a potential really bad leak
  • Let in 2:55pm Monday - Blair
  • Let in 7pm Tuesday - Todd

We're getting recycling. Wahoo! Immer is meeting with Nadia (student recycling chair) on Tuesday.


  • Student Creative Arts Council wants PW to perform at MESHfest, an outdoor festival celebrating the arts. If this jazzes you up, let Immer know, otherwise he'll politely decline the invitation.
  • We would like more information before a decision is made.



Empty Space

  • No new news.
  • And no art yet.
  • No responses from weekly email
  • Maya will make rough draft of poster, Blair will revise. Blair will in no way be responsible for putting the posters up. Nor will Michael.

PW Prom/Birthday Party

  • Date - April 9th no good.
  • Tess - Does Frances still want Upstairs space at end of semester
  • Another possibility - the night of third slot - April 15th.

Space Maintenance

  • Roof - Roof is leaking as it used to. We covered this in emails. But we're talking anyway. A lot.
    • Current status - facilities know and they know it's urgent. It should be taken care of tomorrow. Dave LePlante is responsible.
    • We're reopening the case file. Like the x-files. But Dave LePlante instead of Scully or Mulder. And Maya. Bruhns and LePlante. It's not as catchy.
    • They'll meet. Figure it out.
    • Phil O'Hara will be the boss. Cause we like him. He's like Adam Schiff on Law and Order.
  • Thermostat seems to be broken. Maya called. So did Caitlin. Mikey says: gr-reat.
  • Fire alarm boxes are clicking. We don't know what that means. But the building is still standing so we think we're okay. It's more like static. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Or burn it. Fire joke. Sorry.

Summer Studies

  • No meeting happened.
  • Meeting will happen.
  • We asked for an email update. We didn't get a reply.
  • We called. We didn't get a reply.
  • Ricky is helping.
  • We can't make decisions until we meet. And we can't meet til they get back to us.


Tess -

  • Mop?
  • We have a few mops. One is really nice. Find that one.
  • We need to clean it though. Maya will take care of it at strike.

Michael -

  • Bozo role?
  • Problems with seating platforms and more. AND Seating platforms - new chair rails?
  • Bozo needs to make it clear what happens when.
  • Garland making information page on website.
  • Bozo Checklist - Garland

Matty -

  • Rashi's grant is done.
  • Matty wants to make a grants poster. He'll get a req to copy.

Justin -

  • Adoch - What do we want?
  • We're saying no to late night event
  • Ross - Finding out more about BBQ and is our BBQ Chair.
  • Ross will price out a grill.

Alumni Connection -
Have we heard more? Tess?

Garland -

  • Tickets are bad. Cast/crew reserves are a mess. People make reservations on blue room.
  • Parents showing up and not having reservations and insisting.
  • We're going to require names again.
  • Basically the system fell apart in the transfer of the job from Michael to Ross.
  • It's going to be fixed and reevaluated.
  • This should be on the agenda on 4/17 (after 3rd slot)

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Reese Smith, Justin Spiegel, and Emily Drumsta (on leave).


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Taken by Mikey P, htmlized by garland.

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