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"Production Workshop Minutes"

30 january 2005

In attendance: Immer, Aaron (2nd slot), Justin, Blair, Garland, Maya, Tess, Hannah, Mikey, Todd, Lauren (second slot), Rashi (grant), Benji, Loud Noise from Downstairs
Grad School: Reese and Bia (good luck, guys!!)


  • Tess is deputy Grants-meister in Bia's absence. Rashi is planning a production called the secret life of my vagina, a collection of monologues written by South Asian women at Brown, regarding topics related to sexuality. Themes of negotiating Western and South Asian sexual values, and how parents approached or didn't approach the discussions of sex, etc. Rashi has scheduled the Upstairs Space for March 22-24 to perform the show. There should be about eleven monologues altogether, and Rashi will write in intro to talk about why she is doing this, etc. For a grant, she wants publicity money. Posters, tableslips, programs, copies of the script, and she also wants to create a website for the production, to tell other women outside of Brown about the project and how to plan one themselves. Bia will put together a subcommittee this week to talk about the grant (which will be waiting for him in the office). She plans to ask for donations at the door, which will go to a local organization working to help South Asian women who are victims of sexual abuse.
  • It just didn't feel right to make any jokes.

Cannibal: The Musical

  • A: Duv?
  • B: We doubt that you'll have the new duv. Todd will call tomorrow and try to give them a hard time. It is like the old days, when were constantly waiting for Dov. Only now its Duv.
  • A: Seating platforms?
  • B: Just let us know! Usually the Tuesday or Wednesday before tech.
  • Benji: we're choreographing the last dances now, and then we'll be all set
  • Maya is getting new screws.

2nd Slot

  • BIA. Not here. Mikey talked to Caitlin recently. She is missing a PM and a set designer. Alana Jacoby might be interested in PMing. Hannah says that Adam Mazer is interested in proposing. He's already got a staff, and he's going to e-mail Bia.
  • Feb 5th, decision meeting? 10:00am PW board meets. Maybe 11:00am interview(s)? Bia will schedule and e-mail us all. If we get another proposal, we'll meet at 9:00am. Bia will e-mail us all with full instructions.
  • We should put info in the e-mail that we're looking for staff positions. Reese says she'll send out the first e-mail tomorrow. She's got the list, and she's got it all drafted.

3rd Slot

  • Dan Grollman e-mailed Blair. He wants to audition before decision meeting? Long, drawn-out discussion. Not that long. Medium length. Mostly it was Immer and Mikey. We say: We don't pre-cast PW shows.
  • Proposal due date: March 2nd
  • Decision Meeting: March 5thish.


  • Tess (WITFS) made the poster. She'll get a rec from Tess (treasurer). She (WITFS) asks Tess (treasurer) how much the budget the show has, and Tess (treasurer) tells Tess (WITFS) $250. Tess (I'm not sure) says she'll put that on the posters, and get a rec from Tess (treasurer) when the time comes.
  • Why do we even bother having meetings?
  • WITFS goes up the 18th of March, decision Feb 19th.
  • Alex plans an incredibly detailed calendar, in japanese.
  • Make sure you talk to EVERYONE. People to think about are solo people, artists, musicians, fashion designers, etc…

Upstairs Space Liasons

  • Darren Ranahan - Maya
  • Rachel Golub - Mikey
  • Lucy Devito - Ross
  • COBAB - Hannah
  • Rashi - Brian
  • Performance Studies International - Immer
  • Joe Posner - Hannah
  • Emily Langan - Immer
  • Jeff Wood - Todd
  • Upstairs space is pretty full, and we only have nine shows in there. It is because we're doing a ton of downstairs space shows. Let's talk soon about soundproofing. Who is on this? Ross is on this. Seriously on this. Massively on this. And it will really work. Ross is so ready to get this going that he's never going to sleep through a PW meeting again. He's so jazzed, he's bringing donuts next week. Expect a full report in triplicate on the feasibility of Ross's fabulous new plan for the soundproofing of the upstairs space. Deadline: asap. Sam offers to help, possibly by rigging a computerized sound canceling system off of the fan on the dimmerboard in the upstairs space light booth.
  • Immer: “I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you because of the noise in the downstairs space.”

Empty Space:

  • Ross talked Phil. He wants to know specifically what we want. Look at wall mounts, price them out. Mac says: “Fuck the university!” Reese and Ross need to talk and price out wall mounts and come up with a plan. Phil wants to okay a specific plan. We are getting art up for second slot, so that is our deadline. Rouse says she's all in favor of weird shit, and Bockley and Kahane second the opinion, while cuddling and still disagreeing vehemently.

Summer Programming

  • Nothing new. Maya says: “Balls are rolling.” Maybe she's going to use her new stud-finder to find them. The perfect Christmas gift for a single woman…
  • Maya and Todd will e-mail out the proposed contract.

Tape: Reese says she ordered it, on its way. Will be here by second slot.

Space Maintenance

  • Maya forgot about the paint room lock/door.
  • Immer: “It isn't as though the minutes are not perfectly clear and lucid!”
  • Neil Alger: Let me just get in there and re-key the lock, no problem.

Tsunami benefit:

  • Reese says everything is going great. She doesn't need any help. At all. Cannibal is talking about possibly wanting to help with this. Reese says: “Great, I can't wait. I'll call them.”

Faunce Board of Governors and SCAC

Mikey Business:

  • There should be a PW meeting on the event listing on the jolt. Bia (publicity), says, “Great, I'll do it.”

Tess Business:

  • Vagina monologues want to borrow lights. Oh yeah, baby, oh yeah. Sam takes a fork out of his ear and says: “Great!”

Proposal Committee:

  • Yes, let's raffle off a season. Brilliant. And it will include an MF show as well. If Mikey gets spanked by MF, let it be known that Reese was the one who okayed this.
  • Mikey: “MF already thinks I have terrible judgment, so it is okay.”
  • Immer: Suggests that questions 4-5 be conflated, and instead replaced with a version of question 5 for Actors, Directors, Staff, Playwrights, audience.
  • Option for each:
    1. I did.
    2. I didn't.
    3. I wanted to, but I don't have enough experience?
    4. I wanted to, but I didn't know how to get involved.
    5. I wanted to, but nobody seems to want me on their staff
    6. I wanted to, but….
    7. Other (please specify):
  • If playwrights propose, New Writers (Brian), would connect the playwright to directors, and the playwright (if they weren't going to direct) could propose as a “imperative staff member.” Gayle says: “This is great!!!!”
  • Survey will go out THIS week, and two weeks later we'll look at this. Maya says: “definitely DO talk it up.” And people will be intrigued… Better idea, surveys finish at Strike on Cannibal… A question to add: “What makes you interested in a specific PW show? Who is working on it? The advertising? The choice of play? You always come to PW?” We'll have an extra section at the end… Griska nods thoughtfully.
  • New questions:
    • Would the PW board best be categorized as:
      1. Exclusive?
      2. Elitist?
      3. Assholes?
      4. Arrogant?
      5. Really really dumb?
      6. Other…
    • Do you think PW's decisions are wrong:
      1. Most of the time?
      2. Part of the time?
      3. All of the time?
      4. Rarely?
  • Maya is in charge regression analysis. If she has trouble, Bia and Reese kindly offered to help. Blair is in charge of regression. Vanessa makes a crude joke.

Great meeting! The more people who miss PW meetings, the shorter they go. They're done by 2:17 today. ALSO: IF you miss a meeting and are the chair of a committee or something, please send an update to Immer before you leave town - otherwise we don't know what's going on, and also Immer will give you jobs and shit and put words in your mouth.. Sneaky, huh?

Fun game for those who are reading these online: Try to compare what was said in the meeting with the list of who was actually in attendance. How many errors can you spot? Send your results to for a special prize (it involves peanut butter, a rubber ducky, baked goods, and Todd wearing fishnets and a dog collar - you can only imagine!).

Lately but respectfully submitted.


the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Reese Smith, Justin Spiegel, and Emily Drumsta (on leave).


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