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"Production Workshop Minutes"

24 january 2005

In attendance: Immer, Aaron (2nd slot), Justin, Blair, Brian, Garland, Maya, Reese, Bia, Tess, Hannah, Mikey, Todd, Caitlin (3rd slot), Josh Shulruff (chaperone), Ross (asleep).

A reaction to last semester (mix and match one from each category)
A: Brian, Blair, Garland
B: Transformative, Educational, Phenomenal
Whoever has the most amusing response gets to bring donuts next week.

Cannibal: The Musical
Aaron has questions, mostly cause he can't find the rehearsal space.

  • Q: Where can I reserve rooms?
  • A: Phil O'Hara, in the SAO: All the rooms in Faunce. Mary Sullivan O'Reilly Sullivan, Alumni Building: she reserves classrooms. Reslife: For dorm lounges.
  • Q: First design Run?
  • A: The third. Dark day is the fourth.
  • Q: House count?
  • A: It would be wise to be in the hundred vicinity. Talk to Maya about fire code for aisles and all that jazz…. We need an approximate house count by the beginning of next week, e-mail that to
  • Q: Advertising? DailyJolt ad…?
  • A: It is taken care of. We've got it. is your man. Banner space is reserved for the 7th through the 14th. You can get a sheet for an SAO for a dollar. We treat you right.
  • Q: Postering, tableslipping?
  • A: Posters get ripped down on Tuesday afternoon. We don't often tableslip for PW. If you DO need to tableslip, only a few days are necessary.
  • Q: Bozo?
  • A: Justin.

2nd Slot
Bia is the mentor. Rashi is no longer proposing. Caitlin is the sole proposer so far. Bullets… Names are dropped. She has 70 pages of a first act that she's really happy with. It looks like a 120 page play. The second act is shorter. She's got more questions. Oh yeah, baby, bring it on.

  • Q: Dates?
  • A: Sorry, we haven't had any recently. Except apparently a few Brazilians…
  • Q: No, I mean the calendar!
  • A: Oh, proposal due Feb 2nd.
  • Q: Decision meeting?
  • A: The fifth.
  • Q: Auditions?
  • A: Cast by the 14thish?
  • Q: Budget?
  • A: Set at 650.
  • Q: Staff positions are hard to fill.
  • A: That isn't a question!
  • Q: Who is your AD?
  • A: Katie Meister.
  • Q: What I'm most worried right now about is sex. Cause Benry is gone..
  • A: What? Did you say sex?
  • Q: No! Sets!
  • A: Ooooh. That makes sense! Sorry. hehe. Dirty mind, I guess…
  • Q: Anyway, Ben Bright-Fischbein isn't doing sex anymore either.
  • A: It is now 11.40pm.
  • Q: That's okay, we got started late.
  • A: No, just saying.
  • Q: Why don't you promote your ASM to SM?
  • A: Oooh, good idea.
  • Q: Justin, can you do lights?
  • A: Yeah, baby… yeah.
  • Q: Am I taking too much of your time?
  • A: No, not at all! Why would you think that?
  • Q: I'm worried about finishing the entire draft
  • A: No sweat. Just give us what you've got.
  • Q: That's a nice sweater, Immer, where did you get it?
  • A: Thanks, it is Liz Claiborne.
  • Q: Get out!
  • A: I got it super cheap. It was on sale.
  • Q: That's fabulous.

3rd Slot

  • Blair will mentor! I bet we'll have brilliant blair posters. I can't do it Blair, alliteration is too difficult for me.

Upstairs Space

  • Upstairs space is great. There is nothing this week unless Darren reschedules. Whoever he is. Why don't we meet these people? Maya's got his number, if anyone wants to meet him. Next week we'll pass out upstairs show liasons.

Empty Space

  • It is staying empty…
  • Reese: “Oh my god, I totally forgot! Wait a second! It's not me, cause Ross said he'd talk to Phil O'Hara…”
  • Mikey: “Unfortunately, he's not here…”
  • I wonder how carefully he reads the minutes, though…


  • Let it be noted that Reese glared at Immer when he brought this up. Just for the record.

Space Maintenance

  • Maya: “Umm, so we've got the like stupid building inspector dude, who I need to meet with and be like talk to me before you decide to do things - we're doing things, basically, like, we have a new space person who decides things before they talk to me, they need to, like…”
  • I got lost. I'll let you know when the sentence ends…
  • The sentence has ended.
  • Maya is going to meet with him and try to get him to talk to her. That's the idea, I think.
  • The other big thing is that the fire safety stuff needs to actually happen. As many PW people as possible are supposed to be there at some big meeting. Maybe we'll get to play with fire extinguishers, like B Reo did over at the New Plays Festival. Maya will schedule this thing. Firemarshall Bill has been hiding in the bowels of Emory Wooley.
  • Todd: “eew.”
  • The paintroom lock is broken again.
  • Maya said the word “fruitless,” but I don't know in what context she meant it. I don't THINK she was talking about my romantic life, but I could be wrong.

Proposal Committee

  • Look, if you weren't paying attention, that's your problem.
  • “We've noticed that gathering staff has been tough.”
  • The same people have always been working in our space.
  • Matt's hat looks like a penis.
  • Now he's playing with his ears. I don't get it.
  • Look, if you want to know more about it, don't have meetings at 11.15.
  • Crap, now its midnight. We need a new scheduling czarina.

The new proposal system has an idea of a 3-4 week process.

  • Week -4 (the negative weeks will make sense later): Saturday decision meeting, we pick the project (proposer and text), as well as any imperative staff.
    • Imperative staff: An essential staff position, someone without whom a show literally cannot go on.
    • The last half hour would be a closed meeting where we decide what? I don't get it. I'll wait for the official e-mail.
    • Then we open up other positions as submissions (not applications). You submit your name, and we ask questions we want to know.
    • Q: Are we using “imperative” the way it is intended to be used?
  • Week -2: Directors meet with designers, chat people up, get dates, etc… The mentor facilitates this.
    • Imperative. (Adjective). 15th century.
    • 1 a : of, relating to, or constituting the grammatical mood that expresses the will to influence the behavior of another b : expressive of a command, entreaty, or exhortation c : having power to restrain, control, and direct
  • 2 : not to be avoided or evaded
  • I guess it works. Although I kinda like the meaning number 1. A COMMANDING staff member. Or a powerful staff member. Or even, a grammatical staff member.
  • I'm so glad I have a dictionary on my computer.
  • Week -1: We pick designers? I'm confused about the timeline?
  • Week 0: We meet designers, auditions, etc.
  • Week 4: Production (you see why I started backwards?).

I think that's it.
Hopefully, this makes everything better. It gives more time, it is less about connections and more about talent, work, and it integrates us with the show better…

  • Where do we go from here? We are going to send out a survey online about how they get their info about how they know about PW. A five question survey.
  • It is now 12:15. “we're getting on” - Samuel Beckett, Endgame.
  • Matt's having another donut.
  • Matt, you've got a little donut powder on your chin. There you go. You got it.
  • The next step is to really read over everything you get in the next day and come in next week ready to have a good 45 minute / hour long discussion and hash this out…PLAN ON STAYING UNTIL 3:30 NEXT WEEK. We're going to have the survey out next week.

Faunce Board of Governors and SCAC

  • All is good.


  • Treasurer - Justin
  • Editorialist / secretary - Immer
  • Web - Garland
  • Upstairs Space - Tess
  • Donut Queen - Blair
  • Space Maintenance - Maya
  • Grants - Bia
  • Second signatory - Tess
  • TF Green-Meister - Ross
  • Agenda Bitch - Immer
  • Adult Communications - Maya
  • Apprentice Adult Communications - Blair
  • Dumpster Boy - Blair
  • Most Likely to be President - Garland
  • E-mail - Reese
  • Schedule Czarina - Immer
  • Key Nazi - Maya
  • New members - Justin and Blair
  • Writers - Brian
  • Tickets - Ross
  • Phone Babe - Maya
  • Best Dressed - Tess
  • PWAQ - (See below)
  • Press/Publicity - Bia
  • Show Packet - Immer
  • First Aid - Ross
  • 3C2C Dude -
  • Nude Erectors -
  • Gesticulator - Bia
  • Archives - Blair
  • Calendar Strumpet - Brian
  • Best Smile - Hannah
  • Activities Fair - Ross
  • Scene shop - Maya and Ross
  • Night Shift - Todd
  • Costume Shop - Reese and Hannah
  • Electrics room - Todd, Justin
  • Sound - Todd, Brian
  • Paint - Maya
  • Most likely to mention Berkeley: Maya
  • Furniture - Bia
  • Props - Reese and Maya
  • Green Room - Reese and Hannah
  • Box Office - Michael
  • Most Punctual - Ross
  • New Plays Liason - Immer
  • MF Liason - Mikey P
  • SOTG Liason - Justin
  • Liason to Hett - Todd
  • Good sport - Maya
  • Liason to Brownbrokers - Mikey
  • Liason to S+B - Immer
  • Show Staff Liason - Todd
  • Liason to R+R - Maya
  • COBAB Liason - Hannah
  • Office of Parisian Affairs - Drumsta
  • Shit Promotion - Rebecca Rouse

Immer reads the entire jobs list in an anapestic tetrameter. My true skills are SOOO under-utilized on this board… Drumsta would have appreciated it. COME HOME EMILY.

Business Reese:

  • We forgot about Week in the fucking space. What do we do about WITFS? Tess has an old WITS paper. She'll add fucking.
  • She'd like to host a benefit, or a stand up type thing. Taking off of her solo class. Is there any time we could hold a benefit or midnight show for the tsunami…? Aaron will ask Benji and Lauren about doing it on the set of Cannibal. PW board says enthusiastically yes, if possible.


  • Phil O'Hara wants to have a PW board alumni connection thing. Phil wants the names of several people who are interested in working on it. Mikey, Matt, Justin, and Maya's confused. Tess will forward the e-mail along.


  • We ordered the duv. We'll check at the SAO.
  • Speaker: He's trying to figure out the cost of replacing the broken component. Which is apparently everything but the parts that don't make sound. So the case and the power plug seem to work. “I'm the third level of incompetence” says Todd… Aw shucks, pooh bear, just get some hot chocolate, curl up with a good movie, and you'll feel better…
  • Can we spend some more money fixing lights? We'll spend less than 100. We say: Yes.
  • Todd's living in fantasy land. He wants to turn the green room into a sound studio. He's going to go look at the room. He can put the speaker in it. Maybe this can be a UFB grant… Immer says: “So, essentially, you want several thousand dollars to install a room full of sound equipment that only you know how to use?” “Not so,” says Todd. Dream on, Pooh Bear, dream on…


  • Can we add a job? Dressing room development? Hannah and Reese say yes.


  • Will get the home despot rec from MF. Dream on, Mikey, dream on…


  • Next week can we talk about summer programming. Agenda bitch says: “yes.”


  • Please take some posters for 2nd slot… He said it really nice, too.

Many groups begin each meeting by reading the minutes of the last week… Just a thought.


Respectfully submitted for posterity.


the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Reese Smith, Justin Spiegel, and Emily Drumsta (on leave).


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Taken by Immer, htmlized by garland.

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