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"Production Workshop Minutes"

27 feb 2005

In attendance: Hans (Vagina Monologues), Charly Simpson (potential new mem), Alana (second slot), Hannah, Brian, Garland, Todd, Blair, Justin, Maya, Matt, Tess, Reese, Ross (late because he was filming a TV show)

Vagina Monologues:

  • Performing in Alumni Hall where all the equipment is high up and old. They want to borrow some of our lights and possibly our old UpSpace light board. Justin (2nd slot LD) will let them know what he's going to need by this evening.
  • Todd says: “You could rent a 6 channel dimmer box.” I quote people when I don't really know what they mean.
  • A deposit will be decided based on how many lights they're taking. is the contact.
  • Tess will call Gayle for pointers.

Karaoke Kid/Second Slot:

  • They found all their staff (props and puppet designers). Turns out the old vagina puppet Maya was referencing last time is now a wall hanging at Miko's.
  • The design run went well despite the COBAB concert. It lasted 2.5 hours–this will be reduced.
  • They're putting water in the space today!
  • Reese will include this information in the email: Justin is hanging from 11-1 every night this week minus Friday. Alex is building Monday 3-6, Tuesday 3-6, Wednesday 1-3, and Thursday 1-6.


  • No update this week. We don't know if auditions will be open or closed.

Third Slot

  • Three distinct proposals: Tess, Frances, and Joel. Aidan is holding off on the Fantasticks until next semester. Be ready for a potentially long one on Saturday.
  • Justin will leave at noon, Todd can't come. Who else is missing this meeting?
  • Blair will take care of getting you everything on Wednesday–clear those inboxes out! We're going to start at 9 am ON THE DOT.
  • Reese will ask if anyone wants to set design third slot in the email. (Joel has some potential people, but he still wants suggestions.)

New Members

  • Expressed interest: Alex Rosenthal, Alana, Charly, Sarah Campen, Brenden Pelsue, Elliot Quick, Leighton (Bryan?)
  • Blair will make the damn poster and possibly use Justin's help to make sure it's not only funny to her.
  • The “meet the members” social can't be a Reese's house. It might be in the ADPhi basement or in Blair's common room. Other thoughts on locations? Blair officially decides to veto calling it a “schmooze”.
  • Remember: the best way to get new mems is to talk with people! Talk it up, board!

Upstairs Space

  • Reese will let in BUGS today at 4.
  • Tess is having trouble reaching Samantha Gorman from Art House and is afraid they might cancel.
  • Maya thinks we should look into a temporary soundproofing wall that we build overselves if it looks like the real stuff will take too long.


  • Todd will pick a winner and start looking at results so we can get some basic idea of the demand for this new proposal process.

Empty Space

  • Adler's didn't have what Ross was looking for. However, now we might want to put up a moulding, like in dorm rooms, from which to hang art.
  • Maya will use her stud finder to find a stud… in the wall… from which to hang theoretical moulding.
  • Ross says: do we have art? Reese is putting it in email again, Maya is talking with the girls who paint in the stairwell. PW board art!


  • Tape: in tomorrow, probably.
  • Duv: in this week, probably (Justin heard the 4th).
  • Speaker: will cost us $350. It would cost $600 to replace. It'll be there by third slot.


  • We think Immer will pass on the info in Todd's email to the SAAB.
  • About half of the price is the consultant at $175/hour.

PW Prom/birthday party

  • Potential date: April 9. That's dry tech of third slot. We'll check with them once they're passed. That's also Mikey P's birthday.



  • The SAO is piloting an alumni program with five student groups. PW members are interested in taking part. Unclear whether this will be more instructive in how to contact alums or just passing on their addresses.
  • Is this a scheme to track how much in donations we get from alums to cut back on our university funding? Tess thinks it unlikely, but she'll check with Phil.
  • We don't have to use it to beg for donations. We can turn it into our PWAM base.


  • Gave Rashi her first grant installment ($84.50).
  • Rashi got the contract from Tess, but now needs to actually make contact with Brian.


  • Summer studies is advertising using PW even though we haven't made it official. (Advertising sources: their flyers, the web, Lowry.) We are irate that they have gone over our heads. Hopefully they messed up and just didn't inform us, but we're doubtful because of how clearly we wanted to be involved in every step of this process.
  • Todd and Maya will try to track down Mark Cohen and meet with him face-to-face. Maya may try to make calls, or have Ricky make calls with Maya in the room.
  • Biggest issue: the board member is listed as a “junior director”, but what that means was never specified.
  • If we're still pissed, ideas for filling up the UpSpace include trash, mulch, and jello.


  • Let's have a Metcalf req ready and waiting for third slot next Sunday.


  • How should we publicize the new proposal format?
  • The subcommittee will remind us of when those proposals are due–it's coming up soon enough.
  • We'll introduce the new proposal process at next Sunday's meeting, and we'll encourage people to attend. Reese will send out a second email mid-week about it. We're gung-ho to do this for commencement slot.


  • is very very sorry for being late. He can't help that now he's a BTV star, too.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Reese Smith, Justin Spiegel, and Emily Drumsta (on leave).


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