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"Production Workshop Minutes"

22 feb 2005

In attendance: Mikey, Tess, Blair, Brian, Hannah, Justin, Garland, Todd, Alana, Maya, Alex Rosenthal, Immer, Nick, C. J., Leighton, Ross, Bia

COBAB show this weekend

  • C.J. is doing a COBAB show in the upspace this weekend. [SCREAM from downstairs]
  • Immer: “What is that?”
  • Mikey: “It's Caitlin's show.”
  • Immer: “oooh…”
  • I'm sorry, I got totally distracted. Phil O'Hara is going to NYC.
  • C.J. says “cool.”
  • If C.J. wants something in the e-mail, he'll send it to Hannah.
  • No smoking or alcohol.

Second Slot

  • Alana is so damn cute. “As you can hear, rehearsal is going on downstairs.” [SCREAM from downstairs]. Caitlin still needs a puppet maker and props designer.
  • Maya: “During the Vagina Monologues my freshman year, there was this dude who came in to see us who said 'do you need a Vagina puppet?'”
  • I don't understand.
  • Mikey: “Don't worry, we'll find a vagina puppet designer.”
  • They want a pond onstage.
  • Multiple barriers are good. That doesn't apply to just safe sex.


  • Nick is here. How delightful.
  • Nick: “There are neither ponds nor vaginas in my piece.” But it'll be good anyway. We're not worried. I don't know how to spell the word vignette. Spell check. Okay, I fixed it. Not required to hold open auditions for WITFS.
  • Wants to find some time to rehearse before the week (in the space).
  • Maya gives him an update on getting spaces at Brown.
  • Maya stole my joke!!! you jerk!!@##IU@!# That's my joke.
  • Tess: “Do you know how to get money?”
  • Hmmm… Drugs? Prostitution. Honest work.
  • Oh! She was referring to BUDGETS.
  • I'm slow today.
  • Come see Measure for Measure.
  • [SCREAMS from downstairs]
  • Brian Christian hasn't yet spoken in this meeting. Nor has Ross. Everyone else has talked. I'll keep you up to date. Nick gets Justin's e-mail address.
  • Look at tess, she's just straightening everything out. I think she should be the new agenda bitch.
  • [SCREAMS from downstairs]


  • We have 53 responses, which Todd thinks is dismal. Ross just spoke. He said: “yeah.”
  • Todd will aggregate them and send them out.

3rd Slot

  • Tess and Frances and Aiden (the Fantasticks), so what that means is that all the people who are just writers don't have directors yet. Haha! Brian spoke! That's everyone. Oh, but Bia came in late and he hasn't talked yet. Hold on, let's see if it happens.
  • Hannah can put up posters.

New Members

  • Blair again. Justin says he'll “help” with the posters.
  • Immer: Let's put our old posters on the website so we can use them later. Oh, tricky.

Upstairs Space

  • Tess: She says its good.
  • COBAB is this weekend. Hannah will monitor the show. Immer and COBAB do not play well together.
  • Next weekend there is an art house show, and Rashi needs to go in for the first time. Brian is her mentor. Bia still hasn't talked. Rashi is concerned that nobody has gotten in touch with her.
  • As of last week Darren's deposit was still in the box office. Maya will rip it up.
  • A review of liason responsibilities:
    1. Getting a contract from them
    2. Getting a deposit check
    3. Showing them around the space prior to first rehearsal
    4. Changing the basic light plot if they want something fancier.
    5. Working with them to get any things they may need to borrow (furniture, tools, extra lights/cable, etc)
    6. Communicating with them about what specific needs they'll have
    7. Explaining to them anything else they need to know
    8. Reminding them that if they want to change their times, add rehearsals, etc, they still need to go through me.
    9. Ensuring that the space is returned to its original condition
    10. Making sure the deposit check is returned
  • I imagine that if all goes well this will be a number of e-mails, one or two meetings, and a couple phone calls.
  • Tess will be responsible for:
    1. Getting you blank contracts.
    2. Putting you in contact with your liason-ee.
    3. Scheduling the space (they should contact me to set up rehearsals, let-ins, etc)
    4. Coordinating with the board about let-ins.
    5. Ensuring that the basic light plot is hung.
    6. Being available as a resource for the liasons, if you have questions or need help.


  • I think we're going to get the SAO to do the soundproofing.

Empty space

  • Ross: YEAH! I'm going to Adler's right after this . I'm going to find the hangings. I'm going to price them out. I'm going to take them to Phil. Show them to him.
  • It'll be up by the time second slot opens.


  • Tabled.
  • Pooh Bear and Justin will have a tape date later.


  • Tabled.
  • Todd: “I almost called this morning but then I took a shower instead. Can I get some jobs I'm good at.”


  • We ordered Duv. It is ordered, it is on the way.
  • It will be here on the third.

PW Prom

  • Ross and Hannah are co-in-charge.
  • Tess will check the upspace calendar ASAP. She'll send an e-mail out. Hint hint.



  • Mikey will be missing the next board meeting and the next one and the third slot.


  • Blair will do agenda/secretary next week.


  • Space maintenance: Apparently somebody poured paint down the sinks in the bathrooms, and it needs to be cleaned up soon. We may get fined for this. Fine. Maya is going to put up little signs. Immer will also put it in the show-packet. Tonight at 11pm we're bringing PW up to fire code! Ack, Measure for Measure has a production meeting. Brian and Bia and Alex are going to meet at 10;30 tonight and sort wood. All of us will be there immediately thereafter.
  • Summer Stuff: Todd sent e-mail a very polite e-mail, and Ricky CC'd Maya on an e-mail to Anne saying that Mark hasn't gotten back to PW. Ricky is fighting the good fight. Maya will e-mail ricky and set up a meeting.

Pooh Bear

  • Intercoms: Still missing. Tonight when firecoding we can do a really thorough run-down and do a really good look for them.

Maya's working on the key for the upstairs booth.

Pooh bear has charcoal in his bedroom.

Bia FINALLY SPEAKS!!! Bia picked up the moolah for Rashi's grant.

Maya: Kaya (who is also very cute) thought it was sad and that there should be something painted on the wall.
Garland: We may not have as much wallspace.
the discussion was actually more like this (as i recall): * we should reinstate the show murals. * but we don't have nearly as much paintable wall space as we used to. * resolved: show murals will now be approximately one-foot square. * this is retroactive; all shows after Endgame are invited. –garland

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Reese Smith, Justin Spiegel, and Emily Drumsta (on leave).


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Taken by Immer, htmlized by garland.

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