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"Production Workshop Minutes"

13 feb 2005

In attendance: Mikey P, GMc, Rossmeister, Brian, Alana “Mad Dog” Jacoby (2nd slot), Justin, Aaron “one-eye” Stanton, Merv (remember that?), McReese, Blair McNelsen, Hannah, Pooh Bear, Caitlin “Crazy Train” Marshall

Minutes are now going to be themed. This week's Theme: “Maya's not here, so we gotta make fun of someone else.”

1:00pm on TUESDAY. Mark your calendars. Be there or be square. Even the measure for measure people can make it.

Reese: Mikey, are the minutes out yet? FIRST SLOT

  • Aaron speaketh. Shows are going well.
  • Is strike cast/crew mandatory? Need you even ask??
  • Paint for back wall.
  • Money left over in the budget.
    • STRIKE
    • 10pm-1am.
    • Running Strike - Ross
    • Shop - Garland
    • Costumes - Reese
    • Existentialism - Drumsta
    • Box office - Mikey P
    • Upstairs Space - Immer
    • Props - Blair
    • Paint Room - Maya Bruhnonian
    • Furniture - Bia
    • Electrics - Pooh Bear/Justin
    • Butt (hehe) of humor - Ross
    • Hot Room - Brian
  • If anyone sees the ONE clear-com pack, return it subversively to Pooh Bear.
  • Aw shucks. Aaron's being sweet… We love you too, big guy. We're turning red. Now stop - flattery will get you nowhere.


  • We raised some moolah for the tsunami victims. Apparently there were some minor bumps and lumps.
  • Capsule: We had to call EMS once, but they had to service two people (oh yeah, baby). Two drunkasauruses were escorted out of the theatre. Lots of alcomohol was found, confiscated, and thrown away. Mikey: “We handled it quickly and well.” If anyone gives you attitude, know that we absolutely did everything in our control to make things work, so if you hear any shit, send them to Reese. No problems. And the police officers hit on Ross… Apparently they thought he was gay, too. That must be new for him…
  • Ross made a crude joke. I'm not putting it in the minutes.


  • Alana says: Auditions went well. But not THAT well. In two days, they got a non-zero number of auditioners, which is great. Unfortunately, it was still single digit. At least it was an integer, though, that's what I say. Ross gayly agrees. They're having more auditions. 7:30-10:30, Monday-Tuesday in the Cave. Audition flyer was tweaked. Caitlin: “The truth of the situation is that there are not that many more actors available on this campus.” Immer gives a historical update on casting non-Brown students (referencing Bockley). Immer speaks his feelings about casting non-Brown students: “ONLY if they do not take roles from Brown students.” Lots of fingers quote.
  • Abysmal Clause?: What do we do if there are non-castable actors? Reese speaks legalese and Immer don't understand big words.
  • We set a policy: Only in the worsest case scenario can non-Brown students be cast, and ONLY in consultation with designated PW board member - Mikey. This policy will be promptly disregarded the next time this issue comes up - but that's okay, cause Mikey will be long gone by then. Hopefully we'll get the minutes by then.
  • Immer needs to send a show-packet. He sucks balls. Not literally. Eew, gross. Don't get excited, Ross.
  • Trinity thing is off.

We only have 40 responses to our survey. Which is more than we had at Kareoke Kid auditions. Which is funny. But sad. Pooh Bear is talking. We have interesting responses, but we will compile later.


  • No interview.
  • WITFS Decision meeting Friday, February 18th. At 10:30pm at PW. TAKE NOTE - THIS IS A CHANGE.
  • Reese promises to bring a jug of wine. Pooh Bear promises to bring juggling clubs. (immer made a crude joke. i'm not putting it online. –garland)


  • 3rd slot decision meeting Saturday, March 5th
  • Six people have sent e-mails to McBlair.
  • Some of the proposals! McTess mcLantos… Syringa Tree, The. Aiden Levy is proposaling the Fantisticalisticks. Krista K. McKnight wants to find a director. Frances Cowhig (her plays). Jen Silverman… And others… et. al. (See, i'm working on the bibliography of my thesis).
  • Hannah: “does the Fantasticks person know about MF?” Uhhhh…


  • Blair will get a-cracking. She's gonna delegate. Blair to Justin: “How funny are you?” Immer: “Not funny. Not funny.”
  • Justin: “I resent th… Nevermind.”
  • New Members Pizza Friday, March 11th
  • “When do we get last week's minutes???”
  • New Members decision meeting Saturday March 19th
  • Newt Members? Nude Members?
  • Blair didn't get any tail. I don't know why we're talking about this in a PW meeting…


  • Lucy Devito - Cancelled
  • Art House - Tess is taking care of it this week.
  • The fourth request for Mikey to send out last weeks' minutes.
  • COBAB had the Weekend of Upstairs space. Now they're just going to do one night, but Tess and Hannah are talking.
  • Lots of events this week, so talk to your liasees.

They tried to get Immer to be the chair of the board. HA! As a joke, he offered to be “executive management consultant” but they didn't know he was joking. They're coming to see PW next week. Immer is meeting with some dude named “Tommy” to get recycling and better vending in T.F. Greene.

Boring. Ever since they made him a committee chair, Immer has been skipping the meetings.


  • Tabled and Ross says he works “best under pressure.”
  • Need we say more? What kind of pressure is that, exactly, Ross?


  • Pooh Bear would have ordered the tape, but there were no minutes from last week. That's what Reese said…
  • Mikey apologizes that he didn't send out last week's minutes. I leave you guys alone for ONE MEETING, and this is what happens.



  1. Recycling is happening. Blair will cover recycling until we get the big important stuff.
  2. PW is turning 45. We're older than Josh Shulruff! What if PW prom in the Spring were a PW birthday party? We say yes. Bia and Tess will organize it.
  3. We're playing the: Immer or Sam Kusnetz game… (from some old BBQ pictures). You could tell by the fork, though, so it was easy. I have a secret - I couldn't tell the difference at first…
  4. No minutes were sent out from last week. Where were they?


  • He's got “reason to suspect” that some people might think that strike is a good time to drink. We will straighten them out. Were we talking about Cannibal cast, or Bia?
  • Reese: “I have no control of my boyfriend's actions…”
  • Aaron Stanton (who we love) will send a firm e-mail. Calm down, Ross…


  • The elevator was broken last night, and a disabled person was unable to use it.
  • Ross is going to work on it. In his e-mail, he said he rode the shaft up and down a few times… Yeah. It doesn't get much gayer than that.


  • Whoever comes up with the best “Ross is gayer than…” or “Ross is so gay that” jokes between now and the next meeting gets a super-special massage from Ross during the Saturday morning decision meeting.
  • E-mail your suggestions to, who will judge. Thanks, Matt!


  • Brian once again wants to vent about how tough it is to be the writer's liason. Boo-hoo. look, if you can't take the heat, get out of the oven!
  • Caitlin makes some suggestions for directors. Very harsh suggestions. Suggestions we can't write down in these minutes, although I'm going to instead include a list of insults I found on the internet while I was looking for gay jokes that I could apply to Ross:
  • “Walrus clutching, hog stealing, ass swallowing, tramp drooling, toad gargling, ape staring, elephant injecting, puddle puking, toejam worshipping.”
  • You can only imagine what Caitlin said.

We're done. I'm going back to New Plays Festival.

While I was compiling these minutes, Kathryn Wallem said to me: “That's funny - I just heard that Ross was straight TODAY! It never even crossed my mind.”

Irrespectfully submitted by your humble secretary.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Adam Immerwahr, Tess Lantos, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Reese Smith, Justin Spiegel, and Emily Drumsta (on leave).


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Taken by Immer, htmlized by garland.

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