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"Production Workshop Minutes"

11 december 2005

In attendance: everyone but Todd
Visiting: Danielle, Jen Silverman, Emily Pudalov, Arvid


  • “Why does sodomy keep coming up in my life?”—Kaya.
  • Cast list unposted as of yet because the director and all the playwrights (minus Drumsta, who they've tried to reach for the past 48 hours) want to cut a character, who if kept would be played by four actors and shuffle the rest of the list around. Since they gave her so much time and have the majority anyhow, we recommend cutting the character and posting the cast list to be respectful of the actors who auditioned. They'll also be sent an email this afternoon.


  • Arvid and crew with “Sensory Overlord” this week. Kaya explains let-ins, will email us when they need it. Justin and Kaya agree to stay after to explain light board stuff, especially around the leak.
  • Monitoring their show at 10 pm on Tuesday is Hannah
  • Alex will call facilities to ask what the permanent solution to the leak in the UpSpace booth is.
  • Ross and Elliot split the pink donut, like lovers.
  • Hannah wants to promote grants for that music class that's used our space three times.


  • pushing up on the bottom of the water fountain's frame is better than kicking it—we'll find a screw and fix it eventually.
  • Soda getting fixed soon, though Alex won't request Dr. Pepper as a new flavor until Ross and Brian shut up about how sucky Mr. Pibb is.
  • Dr. Pepper—tabled. AND IT WAS USED MEDICINALLY.


  • Emily isn't here, but told Blair she wants to use her grant to cover her Salvo bill instead of the junkyard bill, since she got the car parts for free.
  • When is the scavenger hunt? Hannah will ask so we can all go on it with pitchforks and torches. We will store these pitchforks and torches in the lockers downstairs.
  • Kathryn should be getting Shakespeare's lights from the UpSpace soon.
  • Please stay after to help Blair carry car parts into the props room.

Empty Space:

  • Sunday the 18th at 1 pm, because we love this time and place, we'll paint the Empty Space and the UpSpace (although Ross only needs to do the Empty Space). Kaya will look into getting paint.


  • Blair will register us for the midyear activities fair and then let people (“Golden Boy”) know when it is.
  • In March/April, the rooms will be redistributed and we'll have new neighbors, though we've been told it won't affect pw. They're thinking of giving the downstairs rooms to groups instead of signing them out.

Grants part II:

  • Emily arrives and confirms that she'd like her $72.14 Salvo bill covered by grants, and we say okay. She will leave her Metcalf req in the SAO and call Justin about her money. Will leave a copy of her performance in pw on a DVD.



  • UFB hasn't responded yet. If he doesn't hear from our rep today, he'll call Cash McCracken himself.
  • Will work on spending on ladders, drill, social funds (Garland). Kaya will give her Adler's req back to Justin. Todd is our ladder man.

2nd slot:

  • Kaya is the mentor, and Blair is the mentor's mentor. Set designer is “strongly recommended”, but not imperative yet. Staff may influence our decision, but having a full staff is not necessarily better.
  • Potential proposers: James Rutherford with “Twelfth Night”, and Dan Rogers with “Skin of our Teeth”.

the PW board is: Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Sarah Campen (on leave), Emily Drumsta (on leave), and Tess Lantos (on leave).


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