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"Production Workshop Minutes"

4 december 2005

In attendance: Alana, Justin, Kaya, James, Todd, Hannah, Garland, Brian, Blair, Ross
Visiting: Sirin Tugbay, Emily Pudalov, Jen Silverman, Matt Kelly, Krista Knight, Danielle Kourtesis, the penis thicket


  • Thanks for the grant! She reserved the parking lot/dumpsters through the SAO. But, Tuesday might snow heavily, so Emily will see if she could get an extension until December 10 and use the UpSpace.
  • Will nab our extension cords at strike if still needed, and will call some board member to put them back.

Tod and I:

  • strike at 10!
  • Strike jobs!
    • Running strike: Ross/Alex
    • Electrix in the space: Garland
    • Electrix in the room: Justin
    • Upspace: Kaya
    • Shop: James
    • Booth/sound pile: Brian
    • Box office: Hannah
    • Hot Room: Blair
    • Dressing Rooms/Green room: Blair
    • Props: Alana
    • Furniture: Elliot
    • Poking her head into the costume shop to make sure it's neat even though there weren't any costumes used in this show: Hannah
    • Floating: Charly, Todd


  • Have first 40 pages ready! Danielle will email the script to and we'll forward it to ourselves, as well as the Laundry List. Garland will put the script and the blurb on our website. Final script ready by December 16 [note: Garland, please also include the script completion date, since I heard at least one person is worried about a Karaoke Kid repeat with script changes/script writing up until the last second.]
  • Written in Johnny Rockets, Bear's Lair, elevator of the SciLi, and a stall in the girls' bathroom on the first floor of the Rock (that one was Matt's). One scene occurs in a diner, one in a swimming pool, and one character is a baby in the womb.
  • There might be problems with noise from the electronic music show, so Danielle will reserve alternate space for auditions on Wednesday (7-11) and Thursday (7-11), but use the Downspace on Friday (12-3). She'll send the final room assignment to Blair to email out.
  • Don't strike the duv at strike. Alex will strike it later
  • They will make up a poster for this round of designers. Justin will get them a req. They might also want to tableslip.


  • Brian Knopf (not here today-grrr) is here on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with a performance on Thursday. Still hasn't responded to Kaya about when needs let-ins and monitors (grrr). PLEASE answer Kaya's email about let-ins when she sends it!
  • Tell more people that the UpSpace will be open! There are so few people using it right now! Byron is going to do This Is Our Youth.


  • 203 STILL freezing. Blair gets huffy that Facilities Management (FacMan!) never listens to her. The water fountain is still not permanently fixed.
  • Could we ask to get the glass doors changed so that they close quietly?
  • HMs should put a “show in progress-do not swipe in” sign over card reader during shows.
  • Whatever group was in 112 on Friday from 7-9 were disrespectful to Kaya when she told them about the show in progress and asked them not to shout in the hallway and to leave through the other door. They also stole one of the signs. Ross will talk to Phil about it. It was a show night! They shouldn't have been in there, anyway!

Nothing new

Empty Space:

  • Todd will get something up before the end of winter break or we get to start calling him a fuckface again.
  • Ross and Kaya will have a paint party the last week of school for the wall and possibly the UpSpace, and Garland wants to attend. All board welcome, I'm sure.

December 9 at 6 pm, and Garland is the guest of honor.



  • the box office computer is broken!
  • Garland will try to fix it.
  • Ross tried to replace it with the big computer that doesn't get the internet, and to make counter space, he put the laptop in the trash can. Garland was far less than pleased.


  • Tuesday is UFB time with Garland and Alex. Starts at 8, but want to get there early.
  • SAAB/UCS. There may be a problem with the recital hall getting built into the new Sidney Frank building “just being another List 120” due to not getting student input about what kinds of performance spaces we need. UCS is going to pass a resolution calling for more student input in planning performance spaces, and they want arts groups to support it. Although pw usually stays out of campus politics, we decide to offer our support this time. Cash McCracken will forward us the resolution.
  • Hannah: we do badly need another music recital hall
  • Todd: be clear that it's a music performance space, so that they don't somehow declare our space obsolete later and try to move us again.
  • Emily: it would be good to have that small theater space for projects that can fit there, and use the UpSpace more for new media projects like the one's we're hosting now.

the PW board is: Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Alana Jacoby, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, James Rutherford, Kaya Schmandt, Charly Simpson, Justin Spiegel, Sarah Campen (on leave), Emily Drumsta (on leave), and Tess Lantos (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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