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"Production Workshop Minutes"

28 september 2005

In attendance: Todd, Elliot, Garland, Brian, Kaya, Hannah, Blair

Activities Fair

  • Blair just talked to Ross over AIM. He will be here for the Activities Fair! Yea for Golden Boy! With the return of Ross, Blair will take a secondary role to the Ross and Kaya tag team at the freshman activities fair.
  • The fair will be Saturday the 3rd from 7-9 pm (setup starts at 6-6:30). Kaya will double-check the times.
  • Elliot will send Blair (at her gmail address) and Todd pictures from the Laramie Project. Anyone else have pictures from the Great Work?

A Day In The Space

  • 3-5 pm on Monday, September 5th. (That's the day of the all-theater meeting at 8:30 pm.)
  • We'll advertise it heavily at the Activities Fair. All board should come! (Though Blair will be International Mentoring instead.) The idea is to make it relaxed, to let the first-years float in and out over the course of two hours. And feed them.
  • Brian will buy the bait/food. We think that means pizza.
  • Garland wants to take a census of what board members have cars.

1st slot/ The Invention of Love

  • Build starts TOMORROW (Monday):
    • 10 am-2 pm: Meet at Stuart to carry lumber
    • 3:30-7: possibly platform building
    • Todd offers to be Kaya's soux welder.
  • They're having first rehearsal/meeting tonight at 10. It's rolling.

Todd's FAQ

  • Let's link to it on the pw homepage for a good while.
  • READ IT! Offer him feedback. Do it now. Do it faster. Do it better than we all confessed to doing—reading a little and being put off by the length.
  • Todd has also linked the new signup page for the pw newsletter and the new tech mailing list. (Or: tech list checklist.)

2nd slot

  • Wade (short shows are okay! Crave was 36 minutes!), Tara & Jeff Wood, Michelle Oing?
  • Mainstage's schedule is up online now!
  • Blair will send out the newsletter tomorrow night.
  • Eieio (Elliot) will make a poster about 2nd slot and start postering sometime after the 1st when the older Brown crowd starts to return. He is doing this as the slot mentor, not as publicity—all poster-making will NOT be subsumed under the publicity job. He'll mention upcoming staff openings. Our proposal calendar is also on the web.



  • Kaya's actually never seen the
  • SPEAKER! (or, the end of the fuckface era)
  • Todd and Brian are going around noon TOMORROW to Pawtucket to pick up the speaker! They will send us pictures of the place in Pawtucket and their triumph to prove it wasn't all a farce.


  • Briel is still trying to reach Emily to see if the UpSpace is available the weekend after classes start for an MF Cabaret.
  • Costumes Round Two: Everyone plan on staying after the meeting for a weeding out of what can't live in our costume shop anymore. We'll make a pile of stuff that could go home with you before it goes to Salvo.


  • The Invention of Love needs 9” bolts, and it's hardware, so could pw pay for it instead of the show budget?
  • Kaya will check with Justin, but if she can't reach him in time, we vote yes, pw should buy them and Kaya should hang on to the receipt.

the PW board is: Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Emily Drumsta, Alana Jacoby, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, Kaya Schmandt, Justin Spiegel, Sarah Campen (on leave), and Tess Lantos (on leave).


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Taken by Blair, htmlized by garland.

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