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"Production Workshop Minutes"

17 april 2005

guest secretary: reese

Reese, Kathryn (First Slot), Hannah's Sister, Hannah, Sara, Alex, Bia, Brian, Garland, Tess, Mikey, Blair, Todd, Sasha, Ross, Maya, Kaya, Justin, Alana. (Absent: Immer, Elliot)


  • Ushering/HMing:
    • Sunday-Tess, Mikey
    • Monday-Immer, Pooh Bear, Brian
    • Strike @ 10:00
    • Running Strike - Ross
    • Shop - Immer
    • Costumes - Hannah
    • Box Office - Mikey
    • Upstairs Space - Tess
    • Props - Reese
    • Furniture - Maya
    • Electrics - Pooh Bear
    • Hot Room - Blair
    • Booth/Electrics - Brian
    • We need to find the Mic's!!
    • Everyone else will be on the floor…


  • Maya- We keep their lumber, they should be able to use our lumber. Ask about cutting up our plywood. Let the boys use our lumber.
  • Mikey- We still use their lumber for things, they should be allowed to use ours.
  • Sasha- We need to give back some SITPWG costumes to mainstage. The gift card is in the mail.
  • Hannah- Whose a fuckface now?

Tess- I've spoken to every position for design, we need another stage manager, we still need a TD.


  • We need to find another flightless bird for the posters- proposals are due the 27th.
  • First slot has to be condensed- TD, ASM, ME due one week later.
  • (it should be noted that guest secretary reese was responsible for calling director kathryn after the decision meeting the day before. guest secretary reese forgot to do so. i'm not sure why guest secretary reese neglected to put this story in the minutes. luckily web editor garland remembered to add it.)


  • Maya- In the future, two weeks before whatever goes on, one PW person plus the people doing the event have to come to the SAO to sign the alcohol policy with Phil.
  • Tess- There's a show, Jeff Wood with puppets, that no one has heard from in weeks. Shows are Wed, Thurs, Fri. If it doesn't happen, MF gets it. Keep your eyes peeled for emails from Tess. Also there are posters and tableslips for the upstairs space information. People can start registering for space at the beginning of May. Because people don't eat over spring weekend. Except for alcohol. and nachos and brownies.


  • (We got nothing. This is so embarrassing.)
  • Garland- Put up the molding and hang pictures from past PW shows. We think this is a great idea.
  • Maya will price out the molding.

Todd- They guy never called me still. Bastard.

Brian- I totally dropped the ball. I will email a proposal by this afternoon.

No update


  • The box office lock works, says maya.
  • Maya also dropped some balls on the paint room lock.
  • Keys will be in the SAO Monday or Tuesday.
  • Garland- In the upstairs space alcove there is a demon heater that makes heat even when it's turned off.

Maya- Send me feedback on the proposal by tomorrow afternoon if you have anything to say.

Justin- Still waiting to hear back from Cash McCracken. He'll let us know when they finish doing the budget for the other groups and then they'll tell us ours.


  • Immer is donating a small grill to PW as his senior gift. There is charcoal in the upstairs space.
  • The picnic is 1:30 to Five.
  • Reese will go shopping for boca burgers, veggie burgers, cheese, chips, soda, lemonade and baked goods. Haha baked goods.


Cassie Tharinger borrowed some costumes. I have her deposit and will make sure they are cleaned before they are returned.

Will borrow costumes for Shakespeare on the green. She will give us a deposit.


  • Should the auditioning posters now be the responsibility of the board? Maybe for the bozo. Yes, the bozo.
  • Director will design poster. Bozo will do other stuff with auditioning.


  • Is the CD player not working? No it's not.
  • Brian: It's skipping like a crazy wacko.
  • Todd: Maybe we should tinker around with it and see if it works. Or maybe get a computer to do the sound. OOOh computers we need an interface. It's the wave of the future.
  • Todd is officially liaison to the future.

What's the deal with the alumni thing?

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Adam Immerwahr, Alana Jacoby, Tess Lantos, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, Kaya Schmandt, Reese Smith, Justin Spiegel, and Emily Drumsta (on leave).


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Taken by Reese, htmlized by garland.

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