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"Production Workshop Minutes"

10 april 2005

In attendance:
Immer, Ross, Justin, Alana, Mikey, Reese, Alex, Elliot, Hannah, Blair, Tess, Pooh Bear, Brian, White Russian, Bia, Maya, Garland, Sarah, Kaya (2-3 minutes tardy, and uppity about it)

Fortunately, I have my computer back, so I am once again able to correctly transcribe my minutes, word-for-word. All quotes have been recorded with utmost care for accuracy. DATES TO REMEMBER

  • SEATING PLATFORMS: Tuesday, 11:15pm.
  • 1ST SLOT: Saturday, 9:00am, oh yeah, baby, oh yeah.
  • NEXT WEEK: Sunday, 1:00pm.


  • Sasha: “Don't ask”
  • “Tech tech” went today until 8, the run started at 9. Many props and costumes missing. Sasha is vaguely optimistic that they may “open when we open.”
  • Seating platforms, Tuesday night.
  • House count is 90.
  • Cast/Crew list going to golden boy.
  • Pooh Bear is uppity. His comments are struck from the minutes.
  • Sasha mentions that it would be great if we could be clearer with proposers about the time constraints of shows.


  • First name listed is HM.
  • Friday - Maya, Blair
  • Saturday - Bia, Ross, Tess
  • Saturday midnight - Alex, Justin
  • Sunday - Reese, Mikey
  • Monday - Immer, Pooh Bear, Brian
  • New members can learn to house manage by coming one hour early to performances.


  • Congrats to Tess. Pooh Bear isn't very funny, so he can't make posters. Is there anyone that can make posters? Ross has a “minute nitpick.” I don't know how to spell nitpick. He thinks the words “Production Workshop” haven't been on the posters. Ross is making posters for design and production staff for Commencement Slot. And Pooh Bear will email people. Tess needs a dialect coach for various South African dialects. She also has a production manager in mind. How do we do this?
  • Reese is going to do a dramatic reading of the production manager. We'll do this later, sans visitors. Buh-bye Sasha. We'll miss you. Oh wait, we decide that we'll talk staff at the end. Okay, Sasha, you can stay, but be quiet, and try not to make a mess.
  • Pooh Bear has been talking to “the lady.” Blair says walk in there and “say you are PW.” Ross says to say you are “production workshop,” rather than “PW.” Pooh Bear looks really tired. Reese is preparing for her reading. She's warming up.
  • The week after we get the production staff, we'll pass the budget. Which means that a budget proposal needs to come along with the design presentation.
  • Alana: “Immer is too cool for school.”
  • Performance Dates - Thursday through Saturday? Mikey says: “The only awkwardness will be Friday night.” Immer says: “Pooh bear is kinda awkward too..” Moving out day is the 21st. We'll talk about this more when she's got a PM. We decide not to decide until she's got a staff..
  • Pooh will send the email that he's sending to the designers to Ross. That's how he said it.
  • Posters will be in the SAO by 4:30.


  • Kathryn Wallem and Jed Resnick are both proposing, as perhaps, is Krista Knight.
  • Austin may be proposing. And maybe some others.
  • If we continue to get this many proposals, maybe we should move the due-dates for scripts back a few days earlier.


  • We don't have the MF money yet.
  • Moving in on Monday.
  • We're going to see about borrowing mainstage screw-guns.
  • They want to put up a swing. We don't care. We offer many helpful suggestions. That are entirely unhelpful, in this editors opinion. We're still talking about it. Now we're talking about playground swings. I have 248 pages of my thesis to edit tonight.
  • Sasha gets offended for no apparent reason. Possibly cause one board member accidentally mis-read the words “MF” as standing in for “Motherfuckers,” rather than “Musical Forum.” This is so obviously a simple mistake that there is no reason to take offense, Sasha.


  • Nothing this week because of tech.
  • Liasons
    • Jeff Wood - Pooh Bear
    • Bia - Bia
    • Rachel Golub - Blair
    • Michelle Oing - Sarah C.
    • Jed (not that one) - only if there is alcohol.
  • Maya: “Not only did I forget about checking on that, Phil was out of town for the week.”
  • The upspace media “blitz” is this week. We're “coming out.”
  • Start thinking now about doing Upspace, cause Tess, Immer and Bia will all be gone… Next week we might remember to assign that.
  • We'll wait till we hear from Phil on alcohol. And we'll figure it out next week.
  • Maya: “I'll go every day until Phil is back.”
  • Tess: “Don't go every day if he's not going to be back until Wednesday.”
  • It was funny at the time, but somehow not in retrospect.


  • Ross: “It is still surprisingly empty.”
  • Reese: “I feel embarrassed including it in the e-mail.”
  • Pooh Bear: “Its like we still don't have friends.”
  • Maya: “I found a 16-inch stud last week, and I'm going to hang things off of it”
  • That conversation just took a turn for the perverse.
  • On the day her thesis is due, Maya's going to talk a lot about the jobs she's working on. She's doing something. I don't know. She's talking a lot.
  • We refer back to the minutes.
  • Maya: “That's not a quote! That's a vast mis-statement of the words I used! This is libel.”


  • Pooh Bear: “The guy is still away -”
  • Cries of fuckface. We're getting giggly. It is getting late.
  • Reese: “Can this guy come in for show and tell, or something?”
  • Reese is having a good night tonight! She is clearly warming up for her dramatic reading.


  • Brian: “I'm the calendar strumpet! So, Mikey, can you do the calendar?”
  • Hmm….
  • Can we set first slot? Will we have time to choose second slot before first slot is done? Maybe we'll decide this next week, and we'll provisionally tell people the third or fourth weekend of classes…
  • Ross' beard is so manly, and he's been wearing these lumberjack shirts too. I just want to put him in a tractor. I guess that's a mixed metaphors. Lumberjacks don't really use tractors, do they?
  • Reese: “you're getting very mountain man, Ross”
  • We are setting the calendar next week. Brian will e-mail out a few proposals mid-week, and present the relative merits of each on Sunday.



  • Maya's talking about Phil again. She is lying. She just forgot about it. The paint room door lock is broken again (like my computer).
  • We have ants in the downstairs space.
  • Mikey: “it would be great if someone with the knowledge of whether or not these were carpenter ants could check this out.”
  • Maya: “I'll do it. What are carpenter ants?”
  • Hmmm…
  • Maya will give us a full report on this next week. We'll give SM's harsh instructions to empty the fucking trash.
  • Garland: One of the things on the fire checklist is to make sure that the exit doors open easily, and the one in the downstairs space that opens directly to the outside is quite sticky. That is not, however, legally a fire exit. According to Maya. Who is studying law, in her free time.
  • Pooh Bear: “That's our secret fire exit for board members.”


  • Justin: “Uh, budget? We submitted the uh,… the thing… to um, Cash McMoney.”
  • What to do about you know what? We discuss at length? Not to do with the SAO. Codename: “Peter.” Our 16 inch stud. Ross wants to be a 16 inch stud. On a tractor.
  • Ross: “I do not!”


  • Justin: “That is happening, but I haven't done anything yet cause I'm a lazy ass.”
  • Let's make an effort to keep track of what we need when we're putting them up on Tuesday.
  • Justin will spend the next four years on this before he does anything - PW style.
  • Immer makes a comment and Justin gets pissy because he does not have a sense of humor. I suppose he won't take that well, either…


  • Maya: “I have not done anything this weekend.”
  • This is what I mean about PW style.
  • Garland: “Can you send the contract out to us?”
  • Maya: “I haven't done anything. Some people said they'd be on the subcommittee, but we didn't do anything.”
  • Garland and Brian will duke out the job this week.


  • Hannah: “I can come to -”
  • Ross: “Done and done, that was my business.”
  • I'm so confused.
  • Let's set a time for the barbeque. The activities fair ends at 1:30, so we'll do it at 1:30. The 20th of April. 1:30-4:30.


Pooh Bear:

  • Let's get two more CD players. We decide to get one CD player instead.
  • Someone says: let's get the CD player now and discuss the rest of our purchases later. Instead, we discuss many purchases and then re-discuss the CD player.
  • Eventually, we decide to get the CD player now and discuss the rest of our purchases later. No wonder we're so efficient.

Sarah: Going abroad in Ecuador for next semester.

Hannah: Ran into Nate Goralnik and wanted PW to endorse him. We don't endorse candidates.


  • Needs to do some recording. So he went to the sound closet. There were a ton of wireless mics, but he couldn't find any regular mics.
  • So it sounds like four wired mics walked.
  • Ross will report it to his bosses.


  • Liason for SOTG. They want to borrow a platform or two from the shop.
  • Also, they've had four costume designers quit on them. All for the same show. That's kinda amusing.
  • We decide to lend costumes, cleaned on the way back.

Bia: Did anyone ever put up any grant posters?

We decide to raise our equipment deposit to $100. Inflation works.

the PW board is: Matt Biagini, Maya Bruhns, Sarah Campen, Brian Christian, Ross Cowan, Adam Immerwahr, Alana Jacoby, Tess Lantos, Hannah Lewis, Todd Lipcon, Garland McQuinn, Blair Nelsen, Michael Perlman, Elliot Quick, Alex Rosenthal, Kaya Schmandt, Reese Smith, Justin Spiegel, and Emily Drumsta (on leave).


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Taken by Immer, htmlized by garland.

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